Fyshwick’s bus graveyard final stop for fleet relics

Ian Bushnell 25 July 2019 30

End of the line: buses awaiting disposal at Fyshwick. Photos: George Tsotsos.

This is where Transport Canberra’s old orange buses go to die, before being disposed of.

The ‘departure lounge’ in Fyshwick is home to about 30 buses aged between 20 and 28 years old that have seen better days.

The buses have attracted the attention of passers-by who have been wondering why they are there.

Transport Canberra said the Government-owned site on the corner of Canberra Avenue and Lithgow street where they are stabled was previously vacant land.

The buses, which also do not comply with disability requirements, had reached the end of their serviceable life and been replaced by the modern fleet of Euro VI diesel buses, it said.

The ‘departure lounge’ in Fyshwick.

A spokesperson said the buses were kept there so they did not crowd operational depots already under pressure.

“The fleet has been increased recently to provide additional services in the new network. A new depot facility is currently being scoped for Woden,” the spokesperson said.

But until the Woden depot is built, buses are being parked in layovers near the former Woden police station.

Transport Canberra did not say how long the buses would be at the Fyshwick site, saying it will continue to be used to ‘transition vehicles from in-service to disposal’.

“The buses are moved through the area as they are decommissioned from service,” the spokesperson said.

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30 Responses to Fyshwick’s bus graveyard final stop for fleet relics
Edward Bobsled Edward Bobsled 8:10 pm 29 Jul 19

Sure let’s give the homeless a reason not to get back on their feet give them a warm bed and a place to go every night, sure let’s incentivise something for the homeless but this is not the way...

Sophie Stoddard Sophie Stoddard 2:54 pm 29 Jul 19

The little ones they used for the city loop were cute tho.

Bernadette Fitzgerald Bernadette Fitzgerald 7:59 am 29 Jul 19

Maybe these could be fitted out for the homeless??

Evelyne Carne Evelyne Carne 4:58 pm 28 Jul 19

Good idea Shaz but someone will think of a way to say it's not feasible or too costly

    Shaz Shaz Shaz Shaz 5:09 pm 28 Jul 19

    Evelyne Carne it can be paid for from the CEO sleep out,which gets ALOT of donations (millions):)

russianafroman russianafroman 4:25 pm 28 Jul 19

Mobile homeless shelters must be one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard in a while. I guess people don’t these buses are being parted out for a reason, this reason being that they don’t work anymore, they’d be constantly breaking down because they’re decades old. Is it really that hard just to build homes for homeless people? Better yet, build an extra wing within the AMC for people drug and mental health issues until they become functioning members of society. These old buses are far too small to house anyone decently and with privacy. They have terrible weather protection, it’s either freezing cold or a 1000 degree hot box with no air-conditioning. Despite this, some individuals think cramming people with mental illness and drug problems into old, smelly, horrible claustrophobic conditions like this would be a great idea.

Wade Bermingham Wade Bermingham 3:53 pm 28 Jul 19

Car companies don't have to supply parts after 20 years there'd be a few kept for spares there

    James Forge James Forge 11:18 pm 28 Jul 19

    20 years? obviously you have not owned a Ford. Some parts you are lucky to get after 10 years.

    2008 BF Falcon sedan tail lights are no longer available for instance.

    Michael Harper Michael Harper 12:22 am 29 Jul 19

    Well to be fair the FG started in Feb 2008 so the youngest BF sedan is now 11 years old. I believe the law says they have to keep parts for cars up to 10 years old. So you could probably get a tail lamp for a BF wagon.

    Wade Bermingham Wade Bermingham 10:14 am 29 Jul 19

    Probably always been 10 could have been one of those things the government changed "for the good of the consumer"

Julie Arnold Julie Arnold 2:37 pm 28 Jul 19

Mobile homeless shelters or services PLEASE.

William William William William 12:39 pm 28 Jul 19

Some were sold some years ago few converted to campers seen one at fyswick caravan park. Few at pickels auctions. But they wanted too much for them ???$$$%

    Karl Hock Karl Hock 11:25 pm 28 Jul 19

    yeah i think if they were to sell them, they would big $$$ for them. You could possible find one converted already for less

    Simon Whittaker Simon Whittaker 9:52 am 29 Jul 19

    Some were sold years ago from $1500-$3000... talked to a guy who made one into a mobile home..

    William William William William 10:01 am 29 Jul 19

    Simon Whittaker my neighbor. Brought one for $12000 with spares , turned in too a camper,

Bethany Williams Bethany Williams 12:21 pm 28 Jul 19

They should be repurposed for homeless people to sleep in.

Xavier McKenna Xavier McKenna 11:49 am 28 Jul 19

Does anyone know if they could they be available to buy and repurposed?

Leo Menssen Leo Menssen 11:20 am 28 Jul 19

When will Action stop using dirty polluting diesel buses.

    Karl Hock Karl Hock 10:46 pm 28 Jul 19

    you know all the "diesel" buses are converted to CNG before entering serivce

    Leo Menssen Leo Menssen 11:05 pm 28 Jul 19

    Karl Hock Thanks I didn't know.

    Karl Hock Karl Hock 11:10 pm 28 Jul 19

    Leo Menssen http://actbus.net/canberra-turns-on-the-gas/

    they have been since 1994

    Leo Menssen Leo Menssen 11:10 pm 28 Jul 19

    Wonder when the buses are going electric?

    Leo Menssen Leo Menssen 11:11 pm 28 Jul 19

    There was talk about electric buses.

    Karl Hock Karl Hock 11:26 pm 28 Jul 19

    they already have one northside,

    Karl Hock Karl Hock 11:27 pm 28 Jul 19

    Leo Menssen https://www.serree.org.au/knowledge/news/article/?id=two-electric-action-buses-and-one-hybrid-bus-to-hit-canberra-streets

    Karl Hock Karl Hock 11:29 pm 28 Jul 19


Shaz Shaz Shaz Shaz 10:42 am 28 Jul 19

2 words

Homeless people

Vickie O'Malley Vickie O'Malley 10:36 am 28 Jul 19

Still a lot around.

Tasha Krahe Tasha Krahe 10:19 am 28 Jul 19

why can't they park them near where homeless people sleep, at least they would be out of the wind and rain

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