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Gardening – What to do when to get what?

By johnboy 25 October 2008 30

By popular demand here’s a story about spring planting here in Canberra.

Over to you guys and girls.

What’s Your opinion?

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30 Responses to
Gardening – What to do when to get what?
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jessieduck 12:18 pm 23 Mar 09

caf said :

According to legend only the wicked can successfully grow parsley. Guess we know something about you, ant 😉

I bet he’s left handed as well- GASP!

caf 12:09 pm 23 Mar 09

According to legend only the wicked can successfully grow parsley. Guess we know something about you, ant 😉

realityskin 11:42 am 23 Mar 09

ant said :

Anyway, it’s well time to get your winter stuff in and growing before the cold nights slow them down.

Such as ?

ant 11:22 am 23 Mar 09

I like mint. My mad mint is really trying, but the moisture levels stymie it. Parsley went nuts though and took over. I keep hacking it back and using it for mulch, which doesn’t seem to bother it at all. I think it’ll keep going all winter.

Anyway, it’s well time to get your winter stuff in and growing before the cold nights slow them down. It’ll cool down fast, I reckon, after this current heatwave.

jessieduck 10:58 am 23 Mar 09

My mint pretends to have a sick day once every 5 weeks and then looks great the next day- best little plant ever.

ant 10:58 am 23 Mar 09

I got back into Oz in the first week of March, and was surprised and annoyed to be told that it was already too late to sow seeds of winter crucifers! Damn. So I went to Rodney’s and got some of those cheap punnets of cauli, broccoli, brussels sprouts and also some red onions and celery.

This is a tricky time, as one’s veggie garden is still firing on many cylinders with all the good summer stuff. I was able to clear a spot in one half of one bed (took the corn out, it was finished) and planted out half my winter stuff, and have been poking in seeds in the spaces of things like carrots, onions (dicey but interested to see what happens there), rocket, pak choy, real spinach, radishes (great bang for buck, they had leaves in 3 days!), beetroot (very reliable), and chives.

Now I’m looking hard at the tomatoes, and where a branch is fading away, I’m cutting it off and hanging it up so the remaining fruit will ripen. This is opening up the garden a bit so I can see what’s there, and slowly clearing room for more winter veggies.

the leeks have been amazing this year, I should harvest the lot as they are a tad tough, but am not sure what to do with them all. I love poaching them, or putting them in soup, dunno if I can freeze them. Maybe poach them and freeze them?

The chillis are still going hard, plenty of flowers on them too. Going to have a go at pickling them as they do in the US, I have a recipe. Kind of similar to the old el paso jalapeno pickle, but my jalas are a bit more motivated.

Trying to persuade the pumpkins to put out flowers. I have a nasty feeling that by now, they should have set fruit. So i’m going around with a calligraphy brush every day, doing the pollen, and force feedign them potassium and phosphate stuff.

realityskin 10:34 am 23 Mar 09

My lettuce pumped, they are 3 foot tall !

caf 10:32 am 23 Mar 09

You can’t keep Rosemary down if you try, around here. Sage grows well too.

sepi 10:26 am 23 Mar 09

Garden update – my spring vegies were a bit mixed.
Is it just me, or is it this dry weather.

And is there anything I should be planting now?

Winner – cherry tomato – next year I’m planting a heap of these. The one I had grew to about 1.5m in all directions and had hundreds of gorgeous tomatoes.

Big tomatoes – healthy big plants, lots of tomatoes…mostly eaten by something – bugs with red spots? Disappointing.

Lettuce – all died.
Zucchini – died.
Cucumber – died.

Rhubarb – great, but died back when I forgot to water it.

Coriander – good then went to seed.
Mint – great.
Parsley – great.
Oregano – great.

Pumpkin – bit too successful – currently about 8m square and still going. Keeps growing pumpkins, that then turn yellow and soft too early. Still about 4 big ones on there.

What went well for others this year? I need easy plants to grow!

peterh 9:54 am 28 Oct 08

btw, georges liquor in phillip is selling tomato plants again, didn’t see the price, I think that they are cheap, considering that they seem to sell more and more each year, I have bought a couple in years past, the fruit are very tasty.

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