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GDE and Jerrabomberra Hilton to blame for road decay?

By johnboy - 19 September 2006 50

Bill Stefaniak has been out for a drive with Steve Pratt and they’ve put out a media release decrying the ongoing decay of our once fine roads.

Bill and Steve blame a failure to draft a replacement to the five year road plan which ended last year, also the poorly contained costs of the Gungahlin Drive Extension, and finally the money being spent building the new prison (floridly described as the “Jerrabomberra Hilton”), for why there isn’t cash to fix the holed and pitted surfaces of Canberra’s roads.

(These are all good points but as Bill and Steve want to lock more people up wouldn’t it be best to stop paying a fortune to NSW to house them?)

In any event I can’t see it getting better until the car hating cyclists are purged from the ACT’s transport bureaucracy. Increasingly bad roads actually work towards the policy goals of the Stanhope Government as near as I can understand them.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
GDE and Jerrabomberra Hilton to blame for road decay?
johnboy 9:35 am 20 Sep 06

The ACT roads are getting worse at a worrying rate.

Are you suggesting that because the opposition are crap we should just lie back and let the Government do as it pleases?

Unbeliever 9:27 am 20 Sep 06

I love a good bitch fest – can anyone here do better? Then step up please. I’d love a competent alternative to vote for at the next ACT elections.

The ACT has fantastic roads, leave the ACT, travel the country and for that matter the world and you’d soon appreciate that fact. Cocooned, self-obsessed, spoilt Territorians – How I love thee.

Thumper 9:10 am 20 Sep 06

But hey, we are going to provide five star accomodfation for our prisioners so who are we, the public, to complain?

Thumper 9:09 am 20 Sep 06

Indeed Ferret,

every time it rains it seems that the potholes proliferate like bunnies in spring.

Adelaide avenue is a disgrace.

Growling Ferret 8:56 am 20 Sep 06


The roads all over Canberra have gone to crap – Adelaide Avenue South opposite Deakin playing fields is a 300m stretch of potholes, the Parkway going north before the Cotter Road bridge is a minefield, and there are plenty of other examples. After the rains last month, there were some massive potholes that appeared overnight – the drought is saving the roads from being torn up even quicker…

VYBerlinaV8 8:47 am 20 Sep 06

BTW – I’m also a semi-regular cyclist.

VYBerlinaV8 8:46 am 20 Sep 06

I’m surprised how wide the lanes are around Canberra. I think making the lanes (including the slip lanes and shoulders) a bit narrower so you could fit 3 lanes in would be a good idea. Not only would it mean the same road can carry a larger traffic volume, but it would force people to be a bit more careful, so they didn’t wander between lanes. We seem to live under a regime that tells us if we don’t speed we’re somehow completely safe, but it just isn’t the case – encouraging accurate driving could be a step in the right direction.

Pandy 10:10 pm 19 Sep 06

Yeah and Tony Gill the chief huncho of Roads, is a cyclist.

Coincidence that bike lanes are appearing everywhere around the ACT? Just look at the disgrace that they did to the end of Hindmarsh Drive in Weston Creek.

shauno 9:31 pm 19 Sep 06

We should have a bet on when the first “Do Not Pickup Hitch Hikers” sign appears

miz 7:36 pm 19 Sep 06

Well I’m annoyed about the extra set of traffic lights (so huge and bright it’s like aliens have landed) and the reduced speed zone, from 100km to 80km, on Monaro Hwy near the gaol.

morto1980 6:22 pm 19 Sep 06

The roads here are still pretty damn fine. The only place I’ve seen that even approaches the poor quality surface of King Georges, Princes Hwy or Paramatta roads in Sydney is a short 5m stretch on Russell Dr. that is looking a bit tired. Not to mention that our lanes seem 1.5 times as wide as those in Sydney.

I guess I’ve not driven to Belco, Tuggers or other outer suburbs recently though… Is it really that bad?

johnboy 5:57 pm 19 Sep 06

I’m not blaming cyclists, I’m a cyclists myself

I’m blaming zealots who think that buses and bike paths are an acceptable mass transit system for the people of Canberra which would succeed if only motoring can be made sufficiently unpleasant.

joeyjo 5:53 pm 19 Sep 06

I don’t think you can blame cyclists for road decay. Try looking a little closer to home…

johnboy 5:25 pm 19 Sep 06

But, hey, we’ve got a bill of rights we can drive on.

Only if we pay a pile of Sydney silks for their opinion of the compatibility of the purpose of our journey with the Bill of Rights, wait for them to deliver a report on that compatibility to the Government, at which point the Government might choose to ignore the report.

barking toad 5:21 pm 19 Sep 06

Chris Uhlman (sp?) had an article on the state of our roads and the reduced funding in yesterday’s crimes.

The patch ups of the past years (and they’ve been reducing) can’t last. Reconstruction will be required and the mayor has a bare cupboard.

Shifting car lanes and installing bike lanes with lashings of green paint to “protect” cyclists hasn’t been wise expenditure.

But, hey, we’ve got a bill of rights we can drive on.

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