GDE = Total Failure

Tempestas 11 March 2008 45

Now that the southbound side of GDE is open all the way through to the parkway – I used it just like I have on other days I drive, and its now slower than it was with the diversions.

It would seem that all the entry ramps from the Barton highway to Parkes-way need to be changed if there is to be any traffic flow.

On turning onto GDE from the Barton highway I was able to merge into traffic that slowed to 25k/h speeding up to 40 before Ginninderra Exist Ramp, back to 10km/h for the entry ramp (PS the C%^$ in the silver Magna with LPG – merging one for one, does not mean waiting for the people in front of you to merge so you can speed up and get three cars in front) all the way to the Belconnen exit ramp, from there it slowed to a mobile car park until after the Aranda entry ramp and Civic traffic turned off.

So either the design was completely wrong (two lanes obviously an oversight of epic proportions) of there is something else going on, perhaps my friend in the magna took the civic exit at Belco to push in again at the Aranda entry ramp.

The previous Carnell/Smyth/Humpries Govt who approved the planning for this are obviously tools, the current Stanhope/Corbell/Hargreaves lot are equally culpable for doing nothing about fixing the disaster that will take another 3 years and probably $100million more.

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45 Responses to GDE = Total Failure
Tempestas Tempestas 9:13 am 03 Apr 08

3 weeks on and its still no better. The merging thing is the problem at Barton Hwy then Ginninderra Drv, Belconnen Way and Parkes Way.

I’m beginning to wonder if it was faster before they commenced, although the addition of at least two new sets of lights on Hayden drive in that time hasn’t helped the alternative. Oh well its only another 5 to 10 years of this before you know who is sober enough to get to work on the duplication.

Dear Canberra drivers, if you have to cross the broken white lines you have to give way. Its really simple, see broken white lines, wait for a gap. I know wait is such a hard word when you are precious and important, but nothing bad will happen honest.

montana montana 12:01 pm 28 Mar 08

well, going from mckellar to southbound there’s now 2 less lights: One turning left from caswell onto parkes way, then another going straight towards the parkway. so in that respect its probably faster, but with the slow down from merging lanes, the advantage is no so clear cut.

i dont know how they are going to add in the extra lanes (which they definitley need to do soon) without disrupting the traffic.

Mælinar Mælinar 11:25 am 28 Mar 08

Isn’t there more lights now than there were 4 years ago, equating to less straight through unmolested traffic ?

These idiots running the show would get knocked out by Anthony Mundine in a boxing fight.

montana montana 11:19 am 28 Mar 08

evryone is being TOO careful when merging, hence the build up of traffic.

It’s bloody annoying going southbound onto caswell, turning right up the belconnen way ramp, merging with the other turning right lane, then merging again with the GDE lane.
Then crawling at 40km/h single file until you get to Glenlock, you then merge YET AGAIN with the folks coming up the new Southbound Glenlock ramp from parkes way.

Why put so many merging lanes in a city of drivers that don’t know how to merge properly?

Also im not so sure they can fit 4 lanes over the GDE bridges. It looks very narrow.

I must say though that during non-peak hours the drive from mckellar to philip is alot faster now. But im only camparing this to the last few months which has encountered all the road works. Who knows if it’s any faster than what it was originally 4 years ago.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 10:20 am 14 Mar 08

Same thing Tempe – the mongs from Belconnen have no idea how to merge and then the traffic backs up. Once they work it out then everything flows freely again.

All it takes is two idiots to slow the flow for everyone….

Tempestas Tempestas 10:02 am 14 Mar 08

tried it again this morning a fair bit earlier and although it was better, the speed dropped quite a bit and again came to a standstill after the Aranda entry ramp.

Said it before, but if you are in the lane with “Left Lane Ends Merge Right” you have to give way to the straight through traffic – who once they speed up will leave gaps for you to merge in. Works on other entry ramps on highways all over the world – honest it does.

Aeek Aeek 10:13 pm 12 Mar 08

Motorists would work too.

Mælinar Mælinar 9:44 pm 12 Mar 08

The Parkway was backed up this morning because of an accident near Glenloch.

There was also a number of coppers mopping up after an accident past BMT in between where you turn off to go to the Uni, and where you turn off to get to CIT.

Been living here for a number of years now, and I still haven’t the faintest of what the name of that road is though…

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:40 pm 12 Mar 08

The Parkway was backed up this morning because of an accident near Glenloch.

A roo jumped through the windscreen of a car apparently. Wouldn’t of happened if we were allowed to cull them – the roos, not the motorists…

caf caf 11:52 am 12 Mar 08

The Parkway was backed up this morning because of an accident near Glenloch.

Tempestas Tempestas 9:47 am 12 Mar 08

Took the bus this am -William Hovell/Parkes Way seems to flow better now there is not that silly turn off lane. The Parkway was backed up to Hindmarsh though, so looks like nothing much has got better.

Interestingly the Australian Road rules state that the on ramps with the broken white lines actually are supposed to give way to the straight through traffic – that certainly wasn’t the case yesterday.

swissbignose swissbignose 9:19 am 12 Mar 08

From what I was hearing on the radio this morning, a number of the arterial roads were running slow this morning. Cotter Road backed up to Coppins Crossing, the roundabout at Parkes Way/Kings Avenue was backed up down Kings Avenue, and Athlon Drive was also heavy.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:34 am 12 Mar 08

Driving in this morning at 7:40, GDE was backed up beyond the Barton Highway overpass – approx 7km tailback I assume.

I took Northbourne to avoid the frustration. Back to the back streets of O’Connor for this rat.

GDE road has hit peak load already – and is a disaster…

Duke Duke 8:21 am 12 Mar 08

There was an article in the CT today featuring a complaint from the NRMA which said GDE traffic gridlock is as bad as the worst traffic jams in Sydney.

While I understand that the Government wanted to get it partially operational for now, the second lane is not expected for another two years.

……and I had such high expectations for the GDE! I thought it would be magic, but the Government in all their wisdom found a way to f%$k it up.

JC JC 5:01 am 12 Mar 08

Duke the road surface is decided on by the classification of the road. Well normally. The road surfaces that have been choosen are silly, but yet again they were choosen that way when the design was done. One of the plans on the GDE website clearly shows the changes in road surface. IMI it all should have been hotmix, none of the sprayed on tar shit. Look at when the put that out in Jerra, it lasted about 6 weeks before it started to break up and if I recall is no longer there. The spray on shit is only ok for cheap temp roads, such as the back road from Federal Highway/Majura road to Gungahlin. Not for a permament road surface.

bigred bigred 9:56 pm 11 Mar 08

Saw a few Subaru Foresters with those silly auxilliary lights on tonight. Mmm come to think of it, they all seem to have them on. Must be a bit like those daytime running lights on older Volvos. They dazzle a bit, but in laissez-faire Canberra who really gives a hoot about anybody else?

bd84 bd84 9:24 pm 11 Mar 08

I think everyone got a bit ahead of themselves this morning thinking they could drive straight from the parkway onto parkes way when it’s the other way which has opened, the traffic was rediculous, but then it has steadily getting worse over the past 2 or so weeks.

I actually used the new southbound road onto the parkway tonight, admittidly I left work a bit late at about 6pm, and it was smooth sailing all the way.

It took me a while to figure out how someone would turn right from bindubi street onto parkes way, but then realised felix meant william hovell dr. I agree with him it’s been a lot quicker going that way, you get the casey stoners and michael schumachers going that way who think you doing 10km/hr over the 80 speed limit is still to slow on the narrow road and overtake dangerously at the first opportunity. reminds me stanhopeless should invest in building hard shoulders for the road for the cyclists with a death wish before someone (driver or cyclist) gets killed.

Anyway, I think you will find the original plan for the GDE was a 2 lane road each way, but it got cost cut by the current govt (and still didn’t make budget). Now they will need to try and fix the mess and build the other lanes in the next 5 years..

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:30 pm 11 Mar 08

I regularly leave Mitchell at 5pm and head out to Stromlo Forest Park for a bike ride and found the quickest way is to avoid Glenoch Interschmozzle (haven’t actually tried it now the new bit is open) but to use GDE until Belco Way and then head towards Belco and turn up Bindubi St and then right onto Parkes Way and left onto Coppins Crossing Road. Takes about 20 mins during peak hour. Probably take 2hrs next time with all the extra traffic from RiotActers…Going via Glenoch takes usually 1/2 hour to the minute.

Special G Special G 7:35 pm 11 Mar 08

Roads are generally built one lane each way and then duplicated later. It is a lot quicker to build two lanes than 4. Budget costs also factor in to this. This allows the road to be used then added to in a later financial year.

cranky cranky 7:21 pm 11 Mar 08

Tempestas comment above got me thinking.

Cost appears to drive all decisions when it comes to roadworks, so I had a look at the income derived from rego and transfer fees noted in the ACT Budget papers. These are listed at about $26.5M.

This seemed low, so I checked the ABS figures on the number of vehicles registered on ACT roads.
177,000+ vehicles were shown in 2002! Let me guess at 200,000 today. If I allow an average of $400 per annum for registration alone (no transfer taxes included), my calculator tells me the ACT Gov is pulling in about $80M per annum.

I’m sure my maths are probably open to criticism, and I would love to be proved wrong, but how can $80M be called $26.5M in the budget papers?

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