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GDE = Total Failure

By Tempestas - 11 March 2008 45

Now that the southbound side of GDE is open all the way through to the parkway – I used it just like I have on other days I drive, and its now slower than it was with the diversions.

It would seem that all the entry ramps from the Barton highway to Parkes-way need to be changed if there is to be any traffic flow.

On turning onto GDE from the Barton highway I was able to merge into traffic that slowed to 25k/h speeding up to 40 before Ginninderra Exist Ramp, back to 10km/h for the entry ramp (PS the C%^$ in the silver Magna with LPG – merging one for one, does not mean waiting for the people in front of you to merge so you can speed up and get three cars in front) all the way to the Belconnen exit ramp, from there it slowed to a mobile car park until after the Aranda entry ramp and Civic traffic turned off.

So either the design was completely wrong (two lanes obviously an oversight of epic proportions) of there is something else going on, perhaps my friend in the magna took the civic exit at Belco to push in again at the Aranda entry ramp.

The previous Carnell/Smyth/Humpries Govt who approved the planning for this are obviously tools, the current Stanhope/Corbell/Hargreaves lot are equally culpable for doing nothing about fixing the disaster that will take another 3 years and probably $100million more.

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
GDE = Total Failure
Danman 1:15 pm 11 Mar 08

Leave earlier – if you can – and dodge the worst of it.

Oh and Ngunnawal to Weston Ck 25 minutes on the speed limit. Thats a world of difference from going down northbourne, adelaide avenue then cotter road.

I leave Ngunnawal at 0720 most days and get to my undisclosed free parking in civic 15 minutes later.

At Between 0800 and 0930 this drive will take 30 to 40 minutes.

Even when I get stuck at work and caught in the evening rush hour, i still get home in a reasonable amount of time.

Growling Ferret 1:00 pm 11 Mar 08

Put it down to first day nerves as everyone saw where the road went. And mongaloids who can’t merge… and I am talking to those who came from Belconnen Way/Aranda on to the GDE

niftydog 12:56 pm 11 Mar 08

I was hoping to find a traffic nirvana this morning, but like Tempestas said, it was actually worse.

So, if Glenloch is flowing well, then where’s the delays? Is it just nongs who can’t merge at speed?

meher baba 12:42 pm 11 Mar 08

Sounds like a mess. I’m particularly worried about the “exist lanes” and the “exist ramp”: they sound very peculiar.

Talking about mongrel drivers in magnas, volvos, camrys etc., I encountered a total mongrel this morning while walking across the zebra crossing outside the John Gorton Building. This small-d**ked character, who drives a somewhat decrepit-looking stretch limo sporting the numberplate “KINGPIN”, thinks it a grand idea to rev his engine and creep forward menacingly at pedestrians using a crossing on which they have right of way (and who were, I should emphasise, in no way dawdling).

Has anybody else encountered this jerk?

paddytrick 12:22 pm 11 Mar 08

Got to work in 20 minutes this morning, awesome. Everyone stop complaining.

SINNER ACT 12:08 pm 11 Mar 08

i hate this disater at peak hour. especially when stupid canberra drivers (not everyone) go that bloody slow in the morning when there are merge lanes and these people are the ones causing accidents. speed up people! also i think it should be 100km but ultimately it needs 2 lanes.
oh and nobody can take over the volvo drivers NOBODY!

DawnDrifter 11:43 am 11 Mar 08

fk the GDE… when are they ever going to duplicate ATHLON DRIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 2×2 lanes thanks.. Its been the most annoying fkn drive to work for the last 7 years and its getting worse by the day… 2 lanes everywhere except when you get onto athlon between tuggers and the roundabout – yet they can spend millions on a useless solution on the other side of town… yes it is all about me

Holden Caulfield 11:28 am 11 Mar 08

No DT you’re wrong, Camry is the new Volvo. I know it is wrong to stereotypem but it is friggin uncanny how many Camry drivers are complete nongs.

Duke 11:28 am 11 Mar 08

Drove from Mitchell to Woden in around 15 minutes on the weekend, but I still avoid the GDE during peak hour.

The idea of a single lane is simply diabolical!

DT 11:04 am 11 Mar 08

Magna drivers. The new Volvo drivers.

p1 10:37 am 11 Mar 08

Drove from Barton Hwy to Belconnen Way the other day behind a car doing a leasurly 70km/h without another car in sight.

Prehaps they wanted to take their time and enjoy the public art?

paddytrick 10:35 am 11 Mar 08

Got to work in 20 minutes this morning, awesome.

justbands 10:34 am 11 Mar 08

I’ve been through there a couple of times now…no problems. Has sped the drive from Gunners to Weston Ck up by 10 minutes or more for me.

Tempestas 10:26 am 11 Mar 08

Strangely the Glenloch bit, was where the traffic actually flowed, once the Civic traffic took its exist lane to Parkes way the traffic sped up.

Aurelius 10:20 am 11 Mar 08

What was it I said last week?
That the government had looked at the abortion that was the Glenloch interchange and found new ways to screw it up, and that’s the changes we were getting?
Seems like it was so.
Is it just me who refuses to take any path that will go via the Glenloch, for fear of getting stuck there for weeks in the neverending traffic jam?
I thank the gods I don’t have to commute through it.

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