Gilmore Youths unleash NIGHT OF TERROR!

johnboy 11 May 2009 14

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The Canberra Times brings word that the southern suburb of Gilmore has descended into a post-apocalyptic landscape reminiscent of Mad Max with one resident “reduced to tears” and another amazed by the absence of fatalities:

    Gilmore residents say they were terrorised for two nights at the weekend by a pack of youths brandishing planks of wood, throwing rocks and wielding home-made weapons.

    Neighbours in ”normally quiet” John Close in Gilmore felt under siege as a house and a car were targeted by the violent mob.

No-one called the police or took a photo of this brave new world?

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14 Responses to Gilmore Youths unleash NIGHT OF TERROR!
Herne Herne 12:19 pm 22 Mar 10

As a resident of John Close, Gilmore, I would like to state the following.

My son and I witnessed the event from start to finish on both nights.
It was caused by a couple of Australian youths who flicked a lighted cigarette into a van as it drove past them. This happened outside my house in John Close!!! The youths were confronted and immediately used their mobile phone to contact friends who lived in the next street (Alice Jackson) This then escalated into a fight where one resident of John Close received a knife wound just above his eye! Rocks and bricks were also thrown and another resident was injured in the shin by a thrown rock or brick. The Police were called and attended. The following night approx 20 youths attacked the same family again. This time the family concerned had a few friends there for security purposes. Again another large fight broke out but this time the Australian youths who instigated all this came off worse. The Police were called again and took statements. The fight appeared to be racially motivated at least on the second night. One house in John Close was actually entered by a gang of youths – home invasion style….Since that event John Close has remained relatively quiet and peaceful the way it used to be. This is a guide to what happened and I have no wish to go into further detail nor name persons involved.

MOONIE MOONIE 11:34 pm 13 May 09

I’m behind – but my S-I-L mentioned this tonight and is of concern as lives in the area – these links/stories don’t mention details – can somebody explain what happen – sorry to be behind the times.

Cameron Cameron 7:33 pm 11 May 09

To be accurate, of the sixteen houses on the street, six of them were government. At least they were when I lived there as late as 1995.

xyro xyro 5:27 pm 11 May 09

possiby the government housed majority of John Close bugging the non government minority….I can;t imagine its a nice place to live at the best of times!

Cameron Cameron 3:34 pm 11 May 09

Unreal. I used to live in John Close. Best thing about it was the fact that it was such an unconventional cul-de-sac with a massive gravel traffic island in the middle of it – perfect for sweeping a cricket pitch into and building car bases throughout it.

Presumably it seems to serve as a nice little base of operations for youths terrorising the neighbourhood…

farnarkler farnarkler 11:57 am 11 May 09

Pity Martin Bryant and Julian Knight weren’t there to quieten things down.

timgee2007 timgee2007 11:20 am 11 May 09

Jeez – 2.30am? Pity the residents didn’t have their 5-D cell Maglites handy to go outside and, er, “see” what was happening!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:53 am 11 May 09

CT doesn’t really do themselves any favours by putting tiny snippets of crap reporting like this online, and then saying “Buy the paper copy, it can only be better than the online one!”

Anyway, methinks there is more to the story.

Trunking symbols Trunking symbols 9:46 am 11 May 09

“John Close”? I used to know a guy at school named John Close. Remember Chris Close was a Qld rugby stalwart.

trevar trevar 9:38 am 11 May 09

Not to make light of what’s actually going on, but who in their right minds would think it is news to report that someone has cried?!?!? The rest is informative and worthwhile, but seriously, what kind of reporter can’t find anything more useful to say than that someone cried!

It is a yet more fitting irony that CT reports on these Night Brawls, and then says “for more, pick up a copy of the Canberra Times”! Maybe with our overpriced dead tree copy, the CT will donate a small proportion of their profits towards encouraging more brawls…

willo willo 9:33 am 11 May 09

the story on bottom of ct’s front page makes it sound more like just the one household.

justbands justbands 9:33 am 11 May 09

Perhaps they did call the Police & were asked by them “Yeah, and what do you expect us to do about it?”, the standard response lately.

ant ant 9:22 am 11 May 09

According to the little snippet on the CT website (they think we’re going to scuttle out and buy the paper, yeah if it was 50 cents like it should be!), more than one household was affected.

I’d certainly be phoning the police, reckon most people would, so it’ll be interesting to hear the rest of it. Anyone got a dead tree copy of the CT?

willo willo 9:18 am 11 May 09

be interesting to find out a bit more about this one, two nights in a row? the residents living in that particular house have sure pissed someone off!

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