Gliding the limits

johnboy 24 August 2010 8

The Centenary of Canberra (“Canberra 100” for those in the tent) is running a digital media competition.

Entries are sought that explore the gruelling history of the border survey, and show us how you now interact with and explore the border regions and the limits of the ACT.

Above is Nic Welbourn’s hang gliding exploration of the borders.

Those still wanting to get an entry in have until 4pm 31 August.

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8 Responses to Gliding the limits
Limp Jimmy Limp Jimmy 1:47 pm 25 Aug 10

Air Traffic Control can’t see us and nobody breaches airspace, that would be rather illegal.

The soaring launch at Lake George is right under Canberra airport approach path, but you can fly up towards Collector from there, where you can get higher, then head Canberra (or get caught out by ‘pub suck’ and have to land next to Gundaroo Pub)… sweet!

beep beep 11:16 am 25 Aug 10

Very cool. I guess you’d have to watch the Canberra control zone from Pig Hill. There’s only about 1200 feet from the top of the hill before you’re in class C. I wonder if ATC see you on their radar.

You know what they say.. the only kind of pilot that doesn’t drink is the autopilot.

Limp Jimmy Limp Jimmy 8:37 am 25 Aug 10

Landing options are good yeah. The thing about free flight is always being within an easy glide of a safe landing zone. It’s nice not having a loud motor always blaring too — the air sounds like music

The Coree (and some air-to-air) shots were from a powered trike (… there is a landing option at the base of the mountain but it’s a place I’m told is best to avoid. Pretty rugged country. Otherwise, there’s really nowhere safe to land for quite a way. Hang gliders launch from Pig Hill, thermal up to cloudbase, then generally head north, east or south.

One of the nice things about free flying is being able to land right next to a pub. “Where the hell did you come from mate??” Beer and life both seem to taste better after flying 🙂

beep beep 10:21 pm 24 Aug 10

Fantastic video. I don’t know what music Deref wanted. AC/DC probably.

I’m curious though. Where do you land after flying past Coree? It all looks pretty heavily forested. I fly powered aircraft and now I’m seriously considering hang gliding. I like landing options where possible too.

Limp Jimmy Limp Jimmy 5:22 pm 24 Aug 10

Deref said :

Good idea, and it would have been a good video without the doof music. Had to turn the sound off to make it tolerable.

Each to there own and all that.

Tijuana Cartel are in fact AWESOME!!!! They are so very far from being a doof-doof band, anyhoo. Check their stuff out at

Deref Deref 4:52 pm 24 Aug 10

Good idea, and it would have been a good video without the doof music. Had to turn the sound off to make it tolerable.

Limp Jimmy Limp Jimmy 2:34 pm 24 Aug 10

I thought hang gliding would just be this intense high-adrenalin, kinda-dangerous thing (according to it’s historic reputation)… but I was so wrong! Turns out it’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE DREAM. It’s the same dream many of us have as children. And flying right next to 2 metre wide eagles and such… well, that’s almost impossible to describe.

You don’t need to have any special skills, strength OR nerve to fly a hang glider. True. Hang glider wings can’t collapse in flight (while paraglider wings certainly can and do!) and they are certified for about 3 times the g-forces of a general aviation plane! People who do the one week course are generally normal people who have dreamt of flying like a bird, most then continue hang gliding as a life-long pursuit. The course costs $1500, and you only do it once in your life. If you want to find out about learning to fly, email me: n i c AT c o r i n b a n k DOT c o m

Canberra is actually one of the best cities in the world for flying!!!!!

PM PM 1:59 pm 24 Aug 10

Wow – how does one get started in the sport of hang-gliding?

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