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Good News, Bad News

By Maelinar - 12 December 2005 11

Hi guys, while doing some searching on the innernet, I came upon a Riot Act extract that has been translated into Vietnamese.

From what I gather, it’s all about our stance regarding the protest previously…

The bad news, other than not translating it yet, is that it’s got a map and an arrow to Canberra on it.

So if you’re being tailled by a black car with a fistful of people all dressed in black in it, they probably want to have a chat over a cup of tea.

What’s Your opinion?

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11 Responses to
Good News, Bad News
Mr Evil 7:43 am 14 Dec 05

Hanoi Jane’s far too busy having her arse and face lifted to be worrying about the plight of the people of Vietnam.

Thumper 9:57 am 13 Dec 05

Nothing from jane Fonda?

johnboy 9:34 am 13 Dec 05

As for which Vietnamese read the article the answer is both.

It got passed around yahoo accounts and we got a stack of referals and hits from viet language sites in the USA.

We also got several hundred hits from Hanoi.

Maelinar 8:32 am 13 Dec 05

No luck as yet K, though I think that the guys name is mentioned again in the website that we were trying to find out who he was.

Unfortunately it’s all Vietnamese to me…

terubo 9:11 pm 12 Dec 05

First thing I’d like to know, is the source. Expat Vietnamese community in Oz, or them what live (and govern) in the ol’ homeland?

Kerces 6:28 pm 12 Dec 05

Can anyone find an free web Vietnamese to English translator?

Maelinar 3:17 pm 12 Dec 05

The RiotACT – influencing international politics since Johnboy got out of his sleepingbag. Now in Vietnamese.

Any of our fine readers able to post the extracts and a translation ?

bonfire 3:09 pm 12 Dec 05

google languages doesnt do viet. i hope i havent been misquoted and used as a propaganda tool by the reactionary imperialist paper hyenas.

Mr Evil 2:31 pm 12 Dec 05

Don’t be silly; as if the regime would misquote anyone! 😉

I’m a bit miffed because I don’t think they’ve included my quote about wasting money on crappy events whilst having the hand out for foreign aid to help protect themselves against the bird flu.

kimba 2:16 pm 12 Dec 05

Wow…….my Vietnamese is soooooo good. I hope I wasn’t misquoted LOL 🙂

Mr Evil 1:46 pm 12 Dec 05

Bring it on! The ANZACS gave the NVA and VC hell in Phuoc Tuy during the Vietnam War, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem doing so again on our own turf.

Wow, I’m (in)famous overseas now!

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