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Goodberrys/Jigsaw and frozen Custard v. Ice Cream

By johnboy 31 March 2005 50

As a couple of owner/operators of the Goodberrys/Jigsaw group have been good enough to comment and clarify on the issue of their name change (and related product issues) I thought it worthwhile drawing further attention to their comments.

Particularly those of Cameron Walker here and here, and also Banvie here.

For what it’s worth I have done some research (*GASP* shurely not at RA???) and the addition of eggs would appear to be the salient difference between ice cream and frozen custard by any reasonable standard. Having done quite a few food science courses, the comments about the reduced air % allowing warmer temperatures (less headaches) sounds more than plausible.

What’s Your opinion?

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Goodberrys/Jigsaw and frozen Custard v. Ice Cream
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Maelinar 10:19 am 16 Jan 06

Watch out for the black ugy, he’s an alien.

Cameron, I’ve been to the stores twice now, and although there were hardly any other customers there, I didn’t mind being called out to pick up my concrete on both occasions.

As is the wait with any other fast food franchise (McD, KFC etc), there was a short delay in processing my order, and then I returned to the counter to pick it up, a perfectly acceptable method of delivery.

The idiot who thinks that’s an undesirable method of delivery aught to take a glimpse at the real world, where this is occuring on a daily basis.

I’d hazard to say that RIGHT NOW at KFC and McDonalds, at every plaza in Canberra, there is somebody waiting for their food, that’s what we in the real world call normal.

Anonymous (you know which one), get a life.

Jess 9:53 am 16 Jan 06

why do all the hot guys work at Erindale (Sam, Rory, the wog and the black ugy) you should share them around all the stores. You should also make them take their shirts off. My friend’s friend’s sister works at Jigsaw and she said that Rory has the best six pack and the hottest muscles you will ever see

Cameron 9:04 am 12 May 05

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, Erindale was sorry to see Sam go 🙁


rachel 5:18 pm 11 May 05

his name was Sam – i went to the erindale store this arvo and he was there
you shouldn’t have l;et him quit!
he is really nice and friendly!

rachel 5:16 pm 11 May 05

i went to the Woden store a few weeks ago and there was this really nice guy serving me. he was a bit short and had freckles (i think his name started with s?)
anyway, he was very helpful and you should give him a promotion

by the way, good luck with the name change thing

Cameron 8:48 am 26 Apr 05


Jigsaw is indeed a franchise and if you are interested in becoming involved please contact me on


gavin 12:59 am 22 Apr 05

i’m hoping that someone can help me. i was interested in trying to invest in a goodberrys store. but if they are no longer around. how do i find out more about jigsaw and is this a franchise.

Banvie 9:37 am 20 Apr 05

You can’t please everyone – and some people are never satisfied – and we are not a restaurant (the McDonalds example is a good one – so is Subway, KFC, Hungry Jacks) – and if someone decides the quality of our core product (frozen custard) isn’t worth the percieved inconvenience of waiting until your order number, name, order content is called, then they are not a JIGSAW customer. That is their choice. Of course we will look to improve our service systems – and our custard product, and our coffee (we have already developed our own blends of coffee and other solutions in the existing stores), and everything else we do in the stores. Thanks to everybody for feedback.

Cameron 5:20 pm 18 Apr 05

Glad to hear it redfish!

The good news for you is that Melbourne is the next port of call for Jigsaw, so keep an eye out down there for us 🙂

redfish 3:34 pm 18 Apr 05

For what its worth to you, Cameron, I live in Melbourne and make a point of dropping in every time I’m in the ACT, simply because your product is unique – to Melbournites at least! Took me a while to get a hang of the concrete idea, but its good fun and good value for the kids the 4 or 5 times a year that we’re up.


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