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Goodberrys/Jigsaw and frozen Custard v. Ice Cream

By johnboy - 31 March 2005 50

As a couple of owner/operators of the Goodberrys/Jigsaw group have been good enough to comment and clarify on the issue of their name change (and related product issues) I thought it worthwhile drawing further attention to their comments.

Particularly those of Cameron Walker here and here, and also Banvie here.

For what it’s worth I have done some research (*GASP* shurely not at RA???) and the addition of eggs would appear to be the salient difference between ice cream and frozen custard by any reasonable standard. Having done quite a few food science courses, the comments about the reduced air % allowing warmer temperatures (less headaches) sounds more than plausible.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Goodberrys/Jigsaw and frozen Custard v. Ice Cream
Anonymous 2:14 pm 01 Apr 05

I don’t really think it’s a problem. If people are so fragile that they can’t bear to have someone call out a number… they need to get over themselves. It’s not a restaurant, Anon 2, so why would you expect restaurant service there?

Anon 1

Cameron Walter 2:10 pm 01 Apr 05

Of course in the above example I did mean to say order #42 will be ready before order #41… Apologies.

Cameron Walter 2:09 pm 01 Apr 05

Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore your comment Ralph, simply posting at the same time.

We’ve looked at various pager systems – unfortunately orders aren’t always ready sequentially – ie. Customer # 40 might order Nachos, three hot dogs and a Milkshake, whereas Customer #41 might order a small concrete. Order #41 will be ready before #42, which means we’d have to jump back and forth with the “pager” or “number machine”.

We are investigating various ways around this, and hopefully we can come up with something in the near future.

Cameron Walter 2:06 pm 01 Apr 05

There are two Anon’s posting, my response above was directed at the “over rated over priced rubbish” comment.

I do however thank the other Anon and Bodhichitta for their feedback as well πŸ™‚

Ralph 2:03 pm 01 Apr 05

You could use those pagers.

Cameron Walter 2:00 pm 01 Apr 05

Thanks for the feedback Anon. As both Banvie and I have stated previously, we are more than happy to receive any and all feedback with regards to service within our stores. If you feel that our current order number system, or to use your terms “sit down and we will yell at you”, isn’t suitable, perhaps you have an alternative to suggest?

The last thing we want is for customers to feel as if they’re being yelled at, but our system is designed so that people are order to complete their order with speed, then sit down and relax until it is ready.

Anonymous 1:59 pm 01 Apr 05

Me too (and I am the anon of the first two anon comments, btw, not the last one). I’ve always had very good service there. And the stuff is very nice. I’m very disappointed that the one in Dickson is closing down! But it always smelt like a hospital – like disinfectant. Still, the concretes were yummy!

Bodhichitta 1:45 pm 01 Apr 05

Really Anon? because everytime I have been there Ive recieved great service. Prices are pretty reasonable and the stuff is much nicer than the crap ice creams you get around.

Anonymous 1:33 pm 01 Apr 05

Goddberry’s or Jigsaw. Just over rated over priced rubbish. And what about the service. Simply sit down and we will yell at you. oh yeah real restaurant rules stuff.

David Heidelberg 12:33 pm 01 Apr 05

Unfortunately the incidence of egg allergy, particularly in children, is at such a level, I believe that this product may be unsuitable for much of the target group.

Me, I love it!

Cameron Walter 10:59 am 01 Apr 05

It’s more than likely that another Jigsaw brand will receive more recognition than ours to begin with, as the new brand for Goodberrys is less than one month old. Given time and the right marketing, I have little doubt that Jigsaw Creamery will receive the same recognition here in Canberra that Goodberrys enjoyed – irrespective of similar names in completely different industries.

Anonymous 10:52 am 01 Apr 05

Except that it means that when people hear ‘Jigsaw’ they will more likely think of the clothing store than they will think of the ice-creamery (sorry, custardery!), just like when people hear ‘McDonald’s’ they think of the restaurant not the kidswear store. My point was just that the brand name is already well known for something else.

Cameron Walter 9:47 am 01 Apr 05

Thanks for your supporting research johnboy – John Hargreaves would be impressed πŸ˜‰

As for the name confusion… I imagine that the relationship between us and Jigsaw Theatre Company or Jigsaw clothing will be much the same as the relationship between McDonald’s and McDonald’s Kidswear or VIP Home Services and VIP Pies: nonexistent.

Anonymous 9:42 am 01 Apr 05

what about Jigsaw the women’s clothing company?

edlang 11:46 pm 31 Mar 05

How is this going to affect the Jigsaw Theatre Company? I saw someone wearing a Jigsaw company polo shirt the other day, and at the time I thought he was a stage tech, not a frozen food tech.

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