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Government Making Sense – World Soon to End

By fnaah 4 July 2008 25

In a rare display of inspired common sense, the Stanhope Utopian Committee is apparently considering the notion of allowing Canberrans to ride the bus for free.

The ABC, as always, has more.

Fingers crossed.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Government Making Sense – World Soon to End
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minime2 11:01 pm 07 Jul 08

Re # 18 “dishonest” in calculating real costs car-v-bus??

The comparison is money out of the wallet each day/week, not the deeply self-serving retoric of the likes of NRMA who include depreciation in the ‘real’ running costs of a car. Bullsite. That is like calling the capital gain value on a house you bought cheap years ago ‘profit’ or money in the hand. You keep the house there is NO extra money Bullshite. Depreciation is something you have to wear and ‘pay emotionally and mentally’ at purchase. if you keep the car ‘forever’ then there is no lost value! Real cost is what comes out of the wallet.

Gungahlin Al 3:54 pm 07 Jul 08

“In peak period, buses are packed now. Make them free, and you’ll have chaos.”

Paperboy your argument is deeply flawed. Yes if you made it free tomorrow without planning and a build-up of infrastructure and staff it would be. But no matter what you think of the government, they would not be stupid enough to do that.

100 new buses? About $50 million. Add staff and everything else…still chicken feed next to the road and parking construction and other savings that taking the resulting thousands of cars off the road that would flow from it.

And add in the massive dint on greenhouse emissions to boot.

You have to remember that – like sewer and water pipes – you can’t design roads for average daily flows. You have to design them for peaks. And in Canberra the sheer volume of office workers means that an otherwise fantastic road network is completely clogged during the extraordinary peaks. A better public transport system would target those peaks as the highest priority.

Hence all of my previous discussion about hub-and-spoke solutions, which I note you’ve slid right on by…

ABC129 11:18 am 07 Jul 08

Don’t forget the insurance and registration costs of your car too. Round figures $500 per year for rego and another $500 for insurance, you’re looking at an extra $20 per week on top of your car costs which makes it neatly on par with bus travel at $200 per month.
That’s only if you get rid of your second car entirely though. What about the costs of paying off the car’s $19,000 purchase price too?

jakez 10:01 am 07 Jul 08

As I said in Norvan Vogt’s carbon trading thread, it’s not the bus fare that keeps me off buses, it’s the extra time that riding a bus costs me. If I can’t get to work or wherever on time or at a reasonable time, then the extra cost of driving a car becomes worthwhile.

Make buses roughly equivalent to driving a car in terms of my time, and I’ll start catching buses more.

skaboy12 9:54 am 07 Jul 08


After some research and contacting various places it would appear that the car is not only cheaper but also has better emissions.

The accepted average CO2 emissions for a new diesel bus is around 85-95g/km per person provided that the bus is full.

The emissions for my car is 52g/km per person with 3 people in the car.

Another win to my car.

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