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Grassby memorial for Civic

By kimba - 23 March 2006 22

Went and watched Page8 last night, it was an exceptional production.

I also met someone there who is sculpting a statue of Al Grassby. Apparently the statue will be placed in Civic Square. I didn’t hear anything about this and was wondering what others thought about the idea – perhaps controversial or is it a deserving tribute? I understand the people in Griffith, NSW howled down the suggestion for a memorial in that town.

Personally, I knew Al and liked him but there must be many others people more deserving of this accolade. We don’t even have statues for Menzies or Curtin in our fair city!

Sadly, I can’t help but feel this is just another politically correct exercise by the Stanhope government.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Grassby memorial for Civic
Thumper 9:12 am 24 Mar 06

Well Fuck my brown dog….

That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

When the Stanhope Government finally falls over do we the chance to go and topple the statue?

Grassby was arrested 20 odd years ago for his mafia links and it would appear that there was political pressure to drop the case. He was also linked to the disappearance of anti drugs campaigner Donald McKay and was also alledged to have recieved bribes to smear the name of McKay’s wife, which he did.

Hardly the character to be held in esteem with a statue.

But then again, he was the self appointed ‘father of multiculturalism’ and therefore a darling of the bleeding hard leftists who seem hell bent on changing history.

Kerces 8:47 am 24 Mar 06

Someone kind at the CT put in a call to John Hargreaves’s office for us. They said the ACT Government commissioned the statue after Grassby’s death and it will be put in the foyer of the North Building which apparently contains a new multicultural centre (anyone know about this?).

The CT says the statue, by artisit Peter Latona, will be cast in bronze, depict Mr Grassby with his arms outstretched and welcoming, and will have an acrylic multicoloured tie.

Thumper 8:22 am 24 Mar 06

Maria that is utter rubbish.

Grassby wasn’t the great multicultural saviour, he was a Whitlam era lackey with a penchant for loud suits and dodgy past.

Multiculturalism was alive and well long before Grassby came on the scene, it just wasn’t an official government policy.

A statue of Grassby would be obscene.

maria 12:20 am 24 Mar 06

Grassby is rightly regarded as the father of multiculturalism – and the value that all migrant cultures bring to Australia whether they arrived here 200 or 2 years ago. Good to see he’s being honoured. He’s an Australian who was committed to making this a better place for all of us.

Androyd 10:00 pm 23 Mar 06

Whatever happened to Craig Duby? Think of him every time I swim at Civic pool under the Duby-dome.

bonfire 4:42 pm 23 Mar 06

rex connor

Cynthia 4:26 pm 23 Mar 06

If we are going to put up statues to venal incompetents then Craig Duby should be next.

DT 1:47 pm 23 Mar 06


Thumper 1:34 pm 23 Mar 06

Al Grassby,

Is it April 1 already?

The guy may have been innovative and a breath of fresh air but he was also crooked as brown dog’s hind leg.

How the hell does a relative nobody with a shady past like him get a bloody statue?

Please tell me this not a Stanhope initiative.

Simon? Anyone?

LurkerGal 12:02 pm 23 Mar 06

Well, I guess I’m loony left. But then, it’s also what I get paid for.

barking toad 11:52 am 23 Mar 06

It didn’t suit any of us Lurker. And didn’t achieve anything – except give a fuzzy warm feeling to the loony left.

LurkerGal 11:45 am 23 Mar 06

Probably more unfortunate you were appointed Ethnic Liaison Officer than you realise. Don’t think you are suited to it, somehow.

barking toad 11:43 am 23 Mar 06

In another life, during the time of Gough’s reign, I was unfortunately appointed “Ethnic Liaison Officer” in a government department, one of the many loony policies of the time.

I, and other unfortunates, had to then attend a seminar dealing with our new titles at which we had to suffer a couple of hours of multicultural diatribe from Al while having our retinas burned by his tie.

This pointless exercise, which didn’t even come with free booze (or any for that matter) only had some sanity restored by another speaker, an indigenous chap whose name escapes me but he had a background in education, who argued that the whole exercise was an example of racism in reverse and would probably do more harm than good. A wise man.

If the mayor deems it appropriate to erect a statue in Al’s honour I trust it is quickly cloaked in birdshit to honour his bad taste in dress, his only claim to fame.

Ari 11:14 am 23 Mar 06

Will sculpted Al be wearing a tie?

johnboy 10:55 am 23 Mar 06

Well to be fair they’re working on the menzies and curtin statues.

I had a bit of a soft spot for Al myself, having helped him once in parliamenthouse when he lost his way.

On the other hand his relationships with “colourfull businessmen” were a real worry.

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