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Hargreaves rude, Pratt sensitive

By GnT 22 August 2007 17

Steve Pratt, liberal MLA and shadow minister for various things, is calling for a committee to be established to examine John Hargreaves’ “contemptuous behaviour”.

Now I’ve got no doubt Hargreaves is a bit of an arrogant bully, but is this the best use of our already overworked MLAs? Or is there a line that has to be drawn over the behaviour of our representatives?

By the way, all this is over some comments he made during a budget estimates committee earlier this year. Does anyone know exactly what he said?

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Hargreaves rude, Pratt sensitive
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Gungahlin Al 12:56 pm 23 Aug 07

I’m sure Hargreaves adopts this persona of overly overt blokiness deliberately because he thinks it goes down well on his home turf of Tuggeranong…which in its own way says heaps about the contempt he has for the people of his constituency I guess.

Maelinar 9:50 am 23 Aug 07

Poolroom; Bonfire got 2 compliments in a row. This is a week of records.

sepi 8:18 am 23 Aug 07

Unfortunately given that Canberrans tend to vote on name-recognition, this little contretemps will probably win them both more votes.

Thumper 7:57 am 23 Aug 07

Hang on Booma,

It’s Hargreaves that is acting innappropriately, not Pratt. And yes, having met hargeaves in a few forums, he does does act this way.

Fair enough, Pratt can be a whinging tosser, but it is about time someone told Hargreaves to pull his head in and start acting like a respectable member of society and elected official, not the loud mouthed oaf that he is.

madman 8:44 pm 22 Aug 07

LOL, I’m still laughing!!! You’re so random Bonfire!

boomacat 8:06 pm 22 Aug 07

ps – great comment bonfire, I laughed out loud.

boomacat 8:05 pm 22 Aug 07

Hargreaves’ actions are inappropriate, if he did indeed act as indicated in this article.

Nonetheless, Pratt is a hysterical wanker. Why doesn’t he just shut up, take it on the chin and get on with some real work? I can’t believe we pay this twat all that money to act like a tantrum throwing schoolchild. Surely there is something more important to do, the guy is a f’ing idiot.

Kramer 7:42 pm 22 Aug 07

Don’t these guys have to behave according to the public service act, or somthing like that?

VicePope 7:03 pm 22 Aug 07

It should come as no surprise that Hargreaves has been said to act like a bumptious oaf. Or that the Prattmeister is having a hissy. Or anything else that comes out of the swillbucket that is our Legislative Assembly.

We elected a significant number of monkeys. We should not be surprised when they throw bananas at each other. Ask yourself how many of these people you would pay if it was coming direct from your own wallet and the work really mattered.

sepi 5:20 pm 22 Aug 07

You wouldn’t get away with swearing, drinking and yelling at people in most public positions – why should he get to act like that?

fhakk 3:12 pm 22 Aug 07

What’s interesting though is that the Labor MLA Mick Gentleman has also voiced concerns about this. ABC mentioned a letter he sent to the speaker, as head of the budget estimates committee, concerned about Hargreaves’ behaviour.

Maelinar 2:11 pm 22 Aug 07

The cheese has rights !

Ozhair 12:03 pm 22 Aug 07

A crackerjack observation there, bonfire 😉

Thumper 11:58 am 22 Aug 07

His actions, manner and language leave alot to be desired.

He is an elected official.

He should be ashamed of his conduct.

And he should learn how to eat cheese properly.

bonfire 11:21 am 22 Aug 07

apparently he took a slice of cheese from the cheese wheel and put it in a sandwich, when as everyone knows, cheese from the cheese wheel is to be eaten with crackers only.

a special investigative sub-committee needs to be formed to look into future cheesewheel activities.

asp 11:10 am 22 Aug 07

“contemptuous behaviour”
And painting over the hard work of a community group who spent good money to create a public mural… that would be what? Non contemptuous?

As for accountability, that went out the door the day Labour won the last election, as it did at a Federal level to a large extent. It’s not like anyone made a concious choice to give them a majority, but that’s what has occured.

mojo filter 10:24 am 22 Aug 07

I understand the term “dickhead” was used along with a number of generally lower grade insults. Steve Pratt has probably heard worse but seems unhappy that they occurred in that particular forum. An Estimates Committee seems to be subject to the same behaviour protocols as a meeting of the Assembly itself.

Actually, what is of most concern in all of this is Hargreaves refusal to answer questions at all during the Estimates Committee hearing. What has happened to accountability?

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