Harrison planning win

johnboy 1 July 2011 5

path planning

Beejay76 has sent this on in with this note:

Pure genius at Harrison

‘Nuff said.

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5 Responses to Harrison planning win
beejay76 beejay76 3:45 pm 01 Jul 11

Gungahlin Al said :

Deja Vu. **examples of uselessness**

Yes! When they opened Franklin 3, up near Gungahlin, they kindly opened Manning Clark Crescent off Flemington. They then shut it again while they dug up a biggish stretch of newly laid road. Then, voila! open again! Only temporarily, however, while they shut it a second time and dug it up again. Third time open it nearly made it. They only closed half of it briefly while they dug it up. So then they opened it a fourth time and it would appear they finally managed to lay all the infrastructure. Hurrah!

It would have saved rather a lot of money if they’d just laid the infrastructure before the road, I imagine.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:12 pm 01 Jul 11

Deja Vu. When the school first opened, the rear entrance opened onto a barb wire fence. Kids were crawling through/over it every day.

After a week of no action I cut it away myself. Would need more than a pair of pliers to “fix” this effort…

There is far too much of this sort of nonsense happens in the ACT – on varying scales. How often do you see something built only to see it part ripped up a year later?

Just been meeting with a developer who told me that when Franklin was being built, they trucked a stack of fill off it over to Bonner. But then they needed it back in Franklin so trucked a bunch back. But then they had too much so trucked it back to Bonner. Then Bonner had too much so it went elsewhere, etc etc…

Down the street from me they are building the extension of Well Station Drive to Horse Park Drive. For several weeks we had a truck a minute (yes – think about it) including weekends shipping fill out of there to I know not where. Every house there was filthy and the noise… Then an apartment complex started construction at the other end of the road and digging out their basement. Where did the fill get taken? Straight past us back into the Well Station Drive site!

Thing is, we all pay for this nonsense. In higher rates, higher land prices, road damage, and disruption. When this sort of dumb project planning goes on in DMO it makes national news. When it happens with the LDA or other ACT Government agencies, we all just suck it up.

arescarti42 arescarti42 11:20 am 01 Jul 11

Interesting. I spotted a house up that way a few weeks back that has a rather nicely landscaped front yard, but the concrete path leading up to their front door has a street light anchored in the dead centre of it.

Some pretty amazing examples of lack of foresight around there.

Mothy Mothy 10:15 am 01 Jul 11

To be fair, the fence is a recent addition, replacing what was previously a wire fence. I think being next to playing fields, someone must have come a cropper on the previous, less visible fence.

And the photo has selectively chosen to shoot just to the left of the staged gateway (you can just see someone’s leg coming through the gateway on the right of the shot). It’s not like there is NO way through.

But yes, why the gateway wasn’t aligned with the path, one shall never know…

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:41 am 01 Jul 11

This is at the rear entrance to the Harrrison School no less. Pure stupidity.

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