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By dusty - 23 March 2007 26

A little bit of reverse Canberra bashing in todays SMH.

Worth a quick read.

Warning: do not fall off chair!

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
johnboy 12:16 pm 23 Mar 07

Such a pity it’s ACT Government policy to reduce your car usage and cram you onto their crappy busses.

snahon 12:12 pm 23 Mar 07

25-35min drive to city from a ‘rural residential’ in peak zone is almost impossible to beat – and a cruise from my once-upon-a-time 1hr drive back and forth every day πŸ™‚

TroyWilliams 12:08 pm 23 Mar 07

A 15 minute drive / 25 minute ride from the suburbs to work is hard to beat, and almost impossible in any other capital (city dwellers excepted) … one more thing that makes Canberra better.

GnT 12:04 pm 23 Mar 07

I walk (yes, walk not drive) from home to work everyday, and it only takes me 15 minutes – I bet very, very few sydneyites can say that. Our childcare centre is only 20 minutes walk away, and there are about 5 parks for the kiddies to play at with a 20 minute walk radius of my home.

Sammy 12:01 pm 23 Mar 07

4 mins to work for Mrs Hasdrubahl

0 minutes to work for me most days, on the days I work at home, which is most.

Hasdrubahl 11:15 am 23 Mar 07

4 mins to work for Mrs Hasdrubahl. Sydney sux, bigtime.

Danman 11:05 am 23 Mar 07

Daily grind for me involves leaving home in gunghalin at ~0620/0630 – 10 to 12 minute run into civic – park for free and walk to work.

Going home is just as good – dodge peak hour on both ends of the day.

Pretty cruisey.

Non_Sequitur 10:22 am 23 Mar 07

It’s nice to see an upbeat story. We moved here 15 years ago and have experienced everything that has been listed in this story. I wonder if it will recieve any comments in the SMH?

Indi 10:16 am 23 Mar 07

Well I think it’s good to see someone can stop looking down there nose. I find most ppl who knock Canberra tend to be small-minded and wrapped up in their own self-importance…oops, forgot that’s how ppl used to act when I was in Syd.

neanderthalsis 10:06 am 23 Mar 07

Well, the 15 minutes to work is about right for a good days run in. Although anyone who thinks Canberra has no traffic hasn’t done Canberra Ave at 8:30; admittedly it is nowhere near as bad a the Ipswich motorway in Bris, my once daily nightmare.

She was right about the looks you get when you tell people back in the QLD that you now live in Canberra. They automatically think you are either a Public Servant or a leper.

nyssa76 10:01 am 23 Mar 07

The writer probably moved to the “outer” sides of Canberra – where new daycare centres are opening all the time. Most likely the Gungahlin area.

I live 15 mins from where I work – traffic isn’t too bad to boot (compared to Sydney). Children’s daycare and school are close to home.

Louise, it’s really where you live and how close to work you are in Canberra that makes the difference.

Irrespective of the writer’s political persuasions, it’s nice to see someone NOT bagging out Canberra.

threeze 9:34 am 23 Mar 07

I think the person who wrote that is as confused as I am now having read that.

louise 9:32 am 23 Mar 07

Where is this 80 cents/hour parking, where is the instant daycare, where is the 5 minute walk to soccer, and where on earth is the no traffic and 15 minutes to work?

It’s not the same Canberra i live in.

Sammy 9:16 am 23 Mar 07

Though I would assume SMH would perform due diligence.

Sammy 9:15 am 23 Mar 07

Note that the article is a reader submission. It could’ve been written by a Stanhope staffer.

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