Help Light up a “boring” City!

asp 22 June 2007 10

Some collegues of mine anted to spread the word about an exciting event tonight.
Light up the city and help charity, all while throwing little LED lights on magnets.

Projekt(ion) [pronounced ‘pro-jekt-shun’], is a collective art collaboration group that promotes and encourages street art/performance.

Basically, we just want to cause some chaos, light up peoples nights, and add an interesting and alien spark to the city of canberra. There are so many young and talented artists out there, who struggle to get even slightly noticed in this small monotonous city.

When: Tonight 7:30

Where: Civic Skatepark

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10 Responses to Help Light up a “boring” City!
asp asp 9:14 pm 23 Jun 07


TAD TAD 8:16 pm 23 Jun 07

but they look kewl….

asp asp 6:38 pm 23 Jun 07

I agree GregW. And $300 to make those throwies (I was told) is rather steep. If I had $300 to throw away, I’d throw it the way of the Salvos, or the RSPCA. God know that way the RSPCA took a hit in funding from the government in the 06-07 budget, they could really use it too.

GregW GregW 12:25 pm 23 Jun 07

Word of warning..

These things are typically terrible for the environment consisting primarily of 10mm LED’s a resistor and a lithium coin cell, which are one time use, non rechargeable items. It is not uncommon for people to get littering fines for using throwies…

Picking them up afterwards still results in a large amount of heavy metal waste somewhere, and the associated pollution in making them..

bighead bighead 10:03 pm 22 Jun 07

I saw something there when I went past…I was thinking to myself…’what the hell is that?’ So now I know…Looks good.

TAD TAD 7:06 pm 22 Jun 07

This is the boston “incident”

asp asp 5:32 pm 22 Jun 07

Just a quick note. Everything after the first two sentences of my original post is from the “Projektion” MySpace page. I am not actually affiliated with the organisation, just helping to spread the word.

I am not personally involved in tonights event, but the plan is for people to have about 10 of these throwies each, and to throw them at the skate park so they become attached to the metal. I beleive it is to be videos and will probably be on YouTube in no time.

I am also informed that the organisers will be askeng for donations that will go to charity, I don’t know which charity though.

Danman Danman 4:26 pm 22 Jun 07

Ahh LED throwies…

Little hint RE making these – I recently had to replace the batteries in my wireles camera remote.

4 dollars a unit at dick smith.

An Ebay seller (you do the homework – Im not going to tell you) sells them for 6 dollars a sheet of 50 and about 2 dollars postage – Bargain i reckon…

apehammer apehammer 3:52 pm 22 Jun 07
Sammy Sammy 3:33 pm 22 Jun 07

For anyone interested, these things are called LED throwies.

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