4 June 2013

High Rise in Reid, yae or nay [With Poll]

| Barcham
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Rival Petitions are battling it out on the Internet!

You may remember yesterday’s story on a petition to ban a 15 story high-rise in Reid.

Today we’ve found the counter petition.

The ‘against it’ argument:

Minister Corbell’s planned 15 storey high rise, high density building redevelopment along Cooyong St and Ainslie Ave in Reid must NOT be allowed to proceed.
The suburb of Reid is NOT now part of the City Centre as stated by Minister Corbell on May 29 at the Committee Hearing for DV 308 (Cooyong St Urban Renewal Area).
High rise residential with associated commercial development should NOT be allowed to encroach on Reid which is a leafy garden suburb with many heritage homes.

I request that the proposed redevelopment in Reid be redesigned in sympathy with nearby residential housing AND with an 8 storey height maximum. Retail development should not be included.

The ‘for it’ argument:

The title says it all: there is a petition on this site objecting to high rise development in Reid. For those of us who think that a modern city needs higher density in order to improve environmental outcomes (less footprint, better transport, less water and heating use etc.) then please sign this petition.

For those of us who feel that fifteen storeys or more are appropriate, sign the petition.

For those of us who just plain can’t stand NIMBYISM, sign the petition!

High Rise in Reid, yae or nay!

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[Image by DonkeyHotey (CC BY 2.0)]

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Completely agree with #10 WVCC comments re density/transport etc
What most commenters don’t seem to realise is that the
High rise proposal for Braddon is not being opposed–this is what is opposite the Canberra Centre and this will replace the existing 8 storey flats. The block is large with wide roads nearby and few houses opposite–Gorman House is–.
The Reid proposal for high rise is on a block 1/3 the size which currently houses the Bega Court medium density social housing–3 stories high. Kogarah Lane is narrow-the houses opposite will have a wall of buildings 8, 10 and 15 stories rising from the Bega Court area within 20 Metres of their windows–blocking sunlight and destroying privacy. These blocks will also overshadow the Glebe Park children’s playground in the morning.
Please look at the DV308 Planning Proposal in detail before you make casual comments. It is important that the planners get this right–these buildings will be with us for the next 50 years, like the current 8 storey ABC flats which you all dislike so much!

To be fair, most of those who voted for surely did it mainly because of Inner Canberra property owner envy?

Though I was looking at the building on the Dickson Northbourne intersection today and counted 13 floors and thought it looked ok. It’s hardly a skyscraper…

“modern city needs higher density in order to improve environmental outcomes (less footprint, better transport, less water and heating use”

* Higher density : High Density doesn’t need to be High rise ,In fact many cities around the world are high density yet most buildings are five to six stories.
“It is arguable that no new building needs to be higher than 8 storeys to achieve high density compact cities for the future. This built form is not only more sustainable but reduces the need for excessive embedded and operating energy; for example: windows can be operable and used for passive ventilation and cooling; stairs become alternatives to lifts for the lower floors; and the reduced height helps ameliorate excessive wind effects at ground level, which is characteristic of much taller buildings.” Transforming Australian Cities 2009

*Better transport : This is about planning cities rather than just having high rise apartments anywhere. Though this location would be more about people walking and living closer to services rather than have better public transport. Also there is no increase in cycling rates.Most buildings encourage the use of private vehicles by having extensive parking areas (often lit continuously), but no storage areas for bicycles.

*Less water and heating use: Recent studies including the climate clever report done by Willoughby city council shows clearly that people living in High rise building used more energy and surprisingly more water than people living in low rise and town-houses. This has been backed up by studies by Energy Australia and the Victorian building commission.

Individual choices are the key here if you want to make a difference. Also there is a need for political will in the areas of transport and reducing private vehicle use

poetix said :

Please, Barcham, it’s ‘yea’. I don’t mean I’m voting, just correcting. If you think ‘yeah’, I’m sure you’ll get it right.

And if you are trolling, you are a very naughty boy, yea verily.

Here I was thinking that Barchamp was the Messiah but alas he’s just a very naught boy!

The Poll has Spoken! Build baby build!

Depends which part of Reid, what style and how it matches. I think it’s good to keep pretty things pretty but that it can be done without requiring that every building be the same as what came before. They just need to match. Where’s the DA with illustrations?

Surely anything would be better than the concrete mass that currently stands, mostly unoccupied on the corner of Ainslie Ave and Cooyong .. and wake up please Ainslie Avenue and Cooyong, across the road from the Canberra Centre bus station, IS part of Civic.

The ABC flats need to be bulldozed to the ground. Burned, razed, exploded. They can then build whatever they want in Reid.

Where is the “Move along, there’s nothing to see here” option?

Instant Mash2:45 pm 04 Jun 13

I thought he was going for ‘yay’, but I digress.

I think it’s a good idea. Certainly beats the current buildings.

Please, Barcham, it’s ‘yea’. I don’t mean I’m voting, just correcting. If you think ‘yeah’, I’m sure you’ll get it right.

And if you are trolling, you are a very naughty boy, yea verily.

Yae, keep the high-rise in Reid, then it’s Not In My Back Yard! 🙂
Bulldoze all those cold dark uninsulated heritage homes and build something that can keep the heat in on those cold frosty mornings!

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