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High times for Belconnen with approval of Republic development

Ian Bushnell 20 March 2018 43

The Republic will be the largest mixed use development in the ACT. Images: Supplied.

Construction of Canberra’s largest mixed use precinct, including the city’s tallest building, will start immediately after the approval of Geocon’s $1 billion Republic development in Belconnen.

Geocon Managing Director Nick Georgalis said the Republic – at Section 200, on the corner of Cameron Avenue, Eastern Valley Way and Emu Bank – would be the largest mixed use development in the ACT, include a 113-metre high tower, and be delivered in three stages.

He said it would contain 1213 residential apartments, an Abode hotel, a retail centre including a supermarket, and more than 500 public car spaces in addition to parking for residents.

Stage One (Republic and Dusk) was 70 per cent sold and expressions of interest for Stage Two would be invited in April.

“The 113-metre tower will look completely different to anything else in Canberra with a 100 per cent glazed facade. The amenities are spectacular and the views will be breathtaking,” he said.

Fender Katsalidis – the architects responsible for NewActon, Melbourne’s Eureka Tower and Hobart’s MONA – are behind Republic, which will also have terrace houses, an amphitheatre, Melbourne-style laneway stores, boutique office space and climate-controlled wine cellars.

There will also be a wellness centre with lap pool, spa, sauna, snow fountain, yoga and meditation; concierge service and a children’s wonderland with a library and recreational activities, and a landscaped sky park.

“We’re delighted that the ACT Government shares our vision on this project, and of the scope for exciting well-planned development in town centres,” Mr Georgalis said.

“No one can accuse Canberra of being boring or stuck in the past with this type of project going ahead.

“The national capital has changed today with this vision set to become a reality, and its a taste of things to come.”

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High times for Belconnen with approval of Republic development
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5:09 pm 22 Mar 18

I never thought moving out Canberra before, after this I will start to look for another town. Canberra is doomed.

JorgeMoita 5:01 pm 22 Mar 18

This government is really destroying our beautiful Canberra, overpopulation is the real global problem why do we need it here? I wonder how much these politicians are being paid by property developers.

10:49 pm 21 Mar 18

Yay, more apartments 👍☹️

7:11 am 21 Mar 18

Let's keep putting people in places that will accumulate less wealth at the cost of future generations. Semi detached housing increasing 50k every year but increase in apartment value is 5k. Let's keep putting people in positions to not own a home in the umbrella of sustainability BS.

1:34 am 21 Mar 18

Any sunglasees shops with yellow frames?

11:30 pm 20 Mar 18

Oh well at least it is Geocon building it. We are sure it will be of the highest quality and and a great place to try to get some sleep in.

11:13 pm 20 Mar 18

In the ghetto...

I love this song 😊

9:24 pm 20 Mar 18

Is there anything geocon haven't built?? Better stand the test of time...

9:10 pm 20 Mar 18

Do Geocon believe that they can actually fill this monstrosity? I'd be a bit sceptical of investing in the current real estate market.

8:50 pm 20 Mar 18

Pfft! Only 113 metres. We need taller towers dammit! Taller!!!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!

7:54 pm 20 Mar 18

Omg there are so many apartments already in Belconnen that can’t rent for decent rent, so many landlords that have taken a huge rental hit over the past decade as there are just too many units. Where the hell are another 1000 odd people going to come from that want to live in a unit in Belconnen. Belconnen is ruined and the ACT government should be ashamed continually approving more and more units.

    10:09 pm 20 Mar 18

    Given that Republic is a ten year project, and Canberra is growing at a rate of nearly 5,000 people a year, I don't think it'll be hard to find a tenant or two.

    10:13 pm 20 Mar 18

    Well we will see how many of those 5000 are going to want to live in a tower!!

    12:12 am 21 Mar 18

    You have to compete with other rental properties in the market. If nobody wants to rent your apartment then it means the price is too high compared with what other people are offering.

    3:01 am 21 Mar 18

    Simon Krix oh I'm sure they are not going to have an issue the first couple of years it's there. It will be the new apartment everyone wants.... For a couple of years till the next one goes up, they the owners may find people don't want to pay as much for last year's apartment

7:44 pm 20 Mar 18

Maria Crowley oooh fancy

Lucy Baker 6:29 pm 20 Mar 18

And no light rail in sight…

5:49 pm 20 Mar 18

Good bye ol' Belconnen.. here comes Suburban over development... good to see Belconnen has the infrastructure to cope with all the towers and suburbs going up at a warp speed rate.. So looking

forward to it becoming an over populated hell hole like Sydney and Melbourne..

5:30 pm 20 Mar 18

The quality I’ve seen from Geocon is poor

5:10 pm 20 Mar 18

More work for BP

4:25 pm 20 Mar 18

Of course

John Moulis 4:11 pm 20 Mar 18

So where are patrons of the Belco Labor Club going to park now?

    rsgs 6:29 pm 20 Mar 18

    The Labor Club has already started construction on a new building adjacent their current clubhouse. It is mainly a parking structure for their club and patrons but also has a gym and a hotel built into the structure. I thought I had saved a copy of the DA but had not, so if you google “Belconnen Labour Club Redevelopment” you will find a Canberra Times article with details and renders.

2:26 pm 20 Mar 18

Wow, how exciting, the tourists will be flocking to see and experience that! Bugger the bushland and surrounding hills and mountains, we've got underwhelming buildings in sterile surroundings where not even selling a kidney will get your foot in the door of a purchase.

    6:43 pm 20 Mar 18

    Building higher density developments means we wont have as many sprawled out suburbs replacing bushland. Plus the shops, amenities and public space will bring some much-needed activity to Belconnen town centre. And apartments start at $312,900 according to allhomes - that's a lot less than the average house price in Canberra.

    7:13 pm 20 Mar 18

    Carl Francia

    8:30 pm 20 Mar 18

    I agree with Carl, it's time Canberra's infamous and torturous urban sprawl stopped and we capitalised on existing infrastructure and population centers. That means not being afraid to build up for once. Furthermore if Belconnen starts to looks like less like a dilapidated eye sore and more like a thriving community and town centre. Canberra cannot stay stuck in a 1990s quagmire.

    8:53 pm 20 Mar 18

    Until we decide we need more land for high density housing, and oh look at all that bush land lying there totally unused ...

    6:10 pm 21 Mar 18

    Dave Phillips that study is a bit flawed. Their sample was small and the high rise residents were older, wealthier and had very different lifestyles to the suburban comparison. They also didn't factor in that higher density living uses far less land, which is what I was talking about in my comment.

    Andrea Worlds are colliding!

    6:32 pm 21 Mar 18

    From Macro Business, "Nevertheless, the assumption that urban density necessarily delivers better environmental outcomes does need to be challenged. If done poorly – such as via the proliferation of poorly designed high rise dogboxes (as is the case in Melbourne) – then environmental outcomes are likely to be poor.

    But the same can be said about many of the detached houses being built on the fringe, which tend to be built to the boundary, have no eaves, poor aspects, and little tree or grass cover (creating a heat island effect), thus also creating poor environmental outcomes.

    Of course, Australia having some of the most expensive land costs in the world does not help the situation, since it encourages developers to cut costs on construction in order to maintain some semblance of affordability."

Belconandonandon 1:53 pm 20 Mar 18

Looks like a positive development. The extra people, amenities, shops and public space will be good for Belconnen town centre – it really needs some more activity outside of the shopping centre.

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