Hit and Run Near Parliament House

che 2 July 2007 11

ABC Online has this story on Peter Costello’s Chief of Staff Phil Gaetjens being hit by a car that then drove off from the accident beside Parliament House on Friday night. Police are looking into it and I’d surprised if the driver has already turned themselves in.

Any thoughts that the driver might have been from going from an end of financial year piss up?

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11 Responses to Hit and Run Near Parliament House
spin462002 spin462002 7:18 am 10 Jul 07

How is Phil anyway? The media seems to have gone quiet about him. Is that a bad sign? I hope he is getting better. Hospitals can be dangerous too, especially if you aren’t well.

viking princess

ant ant 11:03 pm 03 Jul 07

asp, you are talking through your backside. This bloke has had a huge effect on the strong economy we’ve all been enjoying for years. he’s a bloody good hockey player, and someone who also puts it back by serving the hockey community, for years. He’s also a very straight-shooter. It’s definitely to Costello’s credit that he was able to recruit him, and keep him for so long.

Sammy Sammy 9:12 am 03 Jul 07

666 are reporting that a driver has been charged, after a damaged car was located in a river at Bredbo, following a tip from a member of the alleged offenders family.

asp asp 2:21 am 03 Jul 07

Strange to cross in such a dangerous place. Not great visability at times. I normally use one of the pedestrian underpasses. You know, the ones that stop you from getting hit by cars.

I must say though, there is a stereotype that accountants do drugs. Particularly the hallucenogins. He was trained as an accountant wasn’t he?

But seriously, he has a family and sounds like a good bloke. You would have to be pretty loyal to stick with Costello and his grin for a decade. I hope he recovers.

Pandy Pandy 9:39 pm 02 Jul 07

Are you sure about that staffer thing?

I bet it was someone with blue rego plates.

ant ant 8:26 pm 02 Jul 07

Rotten, rotten thing to happen. Gaetjo’s got a heap of friends in Canberra and with good reason. He has been heavily involved in hockey for years, giving a ton of time and effort. Seems he’s had a lot to do with the good state of our economy too. I hope they catch the driver, there’s too much of this nowadays, people running away from things they’ve done. And it’s always the best people who suffer.

bigred bigred 7:48 pm 02 Jul 07

bet they don’t catch him. From memory they are still looking for the perpetrator of that hit and run on Northbourne a few years back.

cranky cranky 12:57 pm 02 Jul 07

What chance the hittee was also returning from an end of financial year function?

swissbignose swissbignose 8:59 am 02 Jul 07

I believe that Parliamentary Staffers are treated differently to Public Servants – so the new Workers Compensation guidelines probably don’t apply.

Aeek Aeek 8:52 am 02 Jul 07

He might have been covered by Workers Compo before, but Finance put an end to that. Ironic.

Meconium Meconium 8:23 am 02 Jul 07

Near the Canadian High Commission… weird place to cross the road, and the bend on State Circle there has no lights.

Hope Gaetjens is all right, I’d be surprised if the driver gets away with it.

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