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Hmm (kicks dust)..want to sell your Midnight Oil ticket for Friday concert?

By Larfin - 13 March 2009 31

OK, yes, shame on me. Got too caught up in the humdrum of life to get my ticket to the Oils in Canberra on Friday night [tonight].

However, given I grew up on their albums, and missed the chance to catch them live whilst they were together, plus the fact that I’m now a fully occupied dad of 2.5 kids under 5 and rarely get out, perhaps there’s a GenY’er who’s just going along for the curio show who could take it or leave it.

If you could leave it,.. then I’m interested in getting in touch to grab a ticket.

Will save me harassing people on the way in if I can’t find a scalper.  God knows it took me long enough to get the leave pass to get out in the first place. Go on, you know you’d rather be somewhere else…

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Hmm (kicks dust)..want to sell your Midnight Oil ticket for Friday concert?
Thumper 1:03 pm 13 Mar 09

Nah, probably heading over to the Old canberra Inn…

I was really hoping for US Forces but i reckon Mr Rudd may have said something about that.

Tonka 12:58 pm 13 Mar 09

Are you going again tonight thumper?

I’ll be there. Maybe we can have a drink beforehand?

Yep P&P was great with the brass. Ditto for Best of Both Worlds.

I would be very hard pressed to find a fav. Generals maybe because it was so different.

They’ve said they’re mixing up the sets over the two nights, so I can’t wait to hear what they come up with tonight.

Thumper 12:27 pm 13 Mar 09

The support act was a comedian. Not sure of his name. I was drinking the compulsory pre-show beers when he was on.

So was I…

How good was ‘Power and the passion’ with the brass?

Tonka 12:17 pm 13 Mar 09

Hey Nambucco,

Cheers for that. I actually used to write for BMA & Canb Times way, way back in the day.

I’m a bit rusty at the reviews but I tried.

I doubt BMA have much use for an old fart like me ha ha.

I would be happy to do a proper review of both nights for them if they’d print it.

The support act was a comedian. Not sure of his name. I was drinking the compulsory pre-show beers when he was on.

They’ve used a comedian as an opening act before.

Steady Eddie opened for them on the 20,000 watt rsl tour. That was funny.

Steady Eddie is just wrong. Funny but wrong.

julz 12:06 pm 13 Mar 09

The support act is Penny Wong.

justbands 12:00 pm 13 Mar 09

> Anyone know who the support act is?

Isn’t it a comedian? Not sure who exactly.

folkie 11:58 am 13 Mar 09

Anyone know who the support act is?

Nambucco Deliria 11:55 am 13 Mar 09

You should write for BMA, Tonka. Good reviewage.

scootergal 11:46 am 13 Mar 09

Anyone got a ticket for me as well? I tried to get one t his week after my ‘friend’ invited me. He already has tickets and my future romance depends on me going….(not really but I had planned on making ‘the move’)

Tonka 11:32 am 13 Mar 09

Here’s my crack at a review… please note extreme bias on my part, as I’ve been a dedicated Oils fan since about 1982.

Short review… this show was outstanding, really outstanding. I saw the pre- Wave Aid Secret Show at Manly the night before the Wave Aid gig and thought that was pretty special, but the Oils were simply great last night.

Long review – read on.

Songs not in the order the oils played them.

I had some nerves about this gig because the word around the Oils net-nerd fans was that they hadn’t actually rehearsed together before this show, and we were actually going to be seeing their first rehearsal in 4 years on stage.

Any fears were wiped away with the first 30 seconds of opener Redneck Wonderland. It was played maybe a little slower than usual, but the Oils obviously still have the fire in the belly and it rocked hard.

The show had plenty for both the casual Oils fan and the long term faithful. Power & the Passion, read about it, only the strong from 10 – 1 were all played with fun and gusto, as was forgotten years from Blue Sky (after the slightly stalled intro). Dead heart and beds are burning were also fun and well received.

For the older fans, they really grooved their way through ‘Generals’ from the Red Sails album. I’ve never heard it played that heavy or groovy before. Wow. That was a jaw dropper. ‘Brave faces’ from Postcard was awesome as was Bullroarer from Diesel and Dust. The songs from Capricornia (sunshine, golden age, luritja way, overpass were all played well and welcomed by the faithful). ‘In the valley’ from Earth sun etc had just Pete and Jim onstage and was played in a really heartfelt and beautiful way. River Runs Red from the the Blue Sky album was also awesome.

In spite of the lack of rehearsal I maybe noticed maybe one or two little mistakes through the whole set. Pretty damn good after a four-year break. Sorry i don’t have the whole list of songs, but I was too busy enjoying myself to take notes.

Notable omissions – US Forces, Short Memory, Warakurna, Armistice day, Lucky Country.

Hopefully we’ll hear at least some of them tonight, though there are perhaps some sensitivities with Pete’s current employer etc…

I’m really glad I was at this show. It was fantastic just to hear the Oils live again and I’m counting down the minutes until tonight’s show.

Those who thought about it and didn’t go, now would be a good time to kick yourself.

Make sure you do a good job of it too… you really missed out last night.

I did see scalpers (I hate scalpers!) last night… so some people may be lucky in getting tickets for tonight.

As I said… I can’t wait for tonight.

Local music site Faster/Louder has photos of the show.

Hope this was informative.

toadstool 10:28 am 13 Mar 09

Yeah, bloody fantastic! The oils have not lost it. I reckon they sounded the same as 10 years ago. One of the best live Australian rock bands of all time. Only wish they played longer, but two encores is pretty standard these days. Wish I could go again tonight!

Primal 10:27 am 13 Mar 09

It was friggin’ magnificent.

And I’ll swear that it was the Governor-General sitting in one of the walkway seats just in front of where I was at the back. I mean who else would wear a pants suit to an Oils concert? (To her credit, she was up on her feet and bopping along by the end!)

Thumper 9:55 am 13 Mar 09

Absolutely brilliant!

justbands 9:30 am 13 Mar 09

I’m not giving up my ticket for anybody sorry! 🙂

> Anybody see them? Surprised not to find a review up here.

A mate of mine from Sydney went last night & sent me this review:

“You’ll love it!!!!”

seekay 9:26 am 13 Mar 09

Anybody see them? Surprised not to find a review up here.

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