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Holy Grail owner ignorant of Downs Syndrome

By Pandy - 2 April 2008 50

I am totally outraged that Ian Meldrum the owner of the Holy Grail businesses was reported on page 3 of the Canberra Times today:

“You can’t have a Down syndrome person serving tables-as cruel as it sounds-because you can’t have someone dribbling saliva over people who are eating.”

Is this Ian guy for real or just drunk when he said that?

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Holy Grail owner ignorant of Downs Syndrome
wagons 11:14 am 02 Apr 08

Great idea AussieGal83! I might do the same.

AussieGal83 10:53 am 02 Apr 08

I just wrote a long letter to the Anti-Discrimination Commission reporting this fool and his comments. I hope they investigate.

Meanwhile, I think I may send emails to all the pollies asking them to discontinue their patronage.

CanberraResident 10:45 am 02 Apr 08

HHmm, this ar@e crack Meldrum has been in the news a lot lately. Front Page Saturday CT had a story about him getting a character reference from some politician for a drink driving court appearance.

BTW, it’s “Down” not Downs.

Karma will get Meldrum; I have no doubt.

FC 10:30 am 02 Apr 08

“harsh but fair…”
Do you even know anyone with Downs Syndrome? Cos the people I know who have Downs Syndrome certainly don’t go around dribbling everywhere.

barking toad 10:29 am 02 Apr 08

And that’s just the pollies that binge there!

Mr Evil 10:25 am 02 Apr 08

“… can’t have someone dribbling saliva over people who are eating.””

Maybe he should tell his patrons that: half of them are dribbling morons.

wagons 10:20 am 02 Apr 08

I don’t think it is a bigger ‘bias’ – you really have to be pig-ignorant to think that way. I also don’t think that many people love the Holy Grail – it is a cheap souless place that you drop into if other places are too full.

Mælinar 10:11 am 02 Apr 08

The customers he loses will be outweighed by the customers who continue their patronage. He’s just representative of a bigger bias – don’t shoot the messenger and all that.

AussieGal83 9:41 am 02 Apr 08

What c*nt. I’m so going to throw eggs and dead fish at HG. Mother fucker!

Stung 9:41 am 02 Apr 08

harsh but fair ..

RandomGit 9:35 am 02 Apr 08

There’s a general antipathy to special needs people there, to be making such an ‘urban myth’ comment. Which is, of course, just as bad if not worse.

What a shallow fuckwit.

wagons 9:20 am 02 Apr 08

Yep, agree, will never go to the Holy Grail again. If the owner can be so ignorant and discriminative – he certainly cannot get his head around managing a decent business. Popping it straight into the Zefferellis category.

FC 9:04 am 02 Apr 08

I think that this guy needs a little education..
I know where I won’t be eating from now on.

Thumper 8:47 am 02 Apr 08

dribbling saliva over people who are eating.


Since when do these guys dribble?

Ian Meldrum needs to get his head out of his arse and get into the 21st century.

The only thing that needs to be addressed is whether or not the person can do the job competently.

realityskin 8:37 am 02 Apr 08

.. sounds reasonable to me.

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