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Hooray for REDEX?

By johnboy 29 April 2009 54

[First filed: April 28, 2009 @ 14:05]

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has expressed joy at “the REDEX trial”.

    “Rapid transit routes are the first step towards the modern, sustainable transport system that Canberra has needed for too long.”

    “The two qualities that bring people onto public transport are frequency and speed and the Greens are determined to make improvements in both areas.”

    “We congratulate the Chief Minister for taking this on, and we will continue to work with the Government towards a sustainable transport plan.” Ms Bresnan said.

Sooo… What is this REDEX thingy?

UPDATED: Hooray! The Chiefly Mr Stanhope explains all!:

    Commuters can expect a bus every 15 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes during off-peak times on high demand weekday routes when the ACT Labor Government trials new rapid transit buses,Chief Minister and Minister for Transport Jon Stanhope revealed today.

    The Budget will provide $1 million for the new service, REDEX – Rapid Express Direct, to be trialledin 2009-10 between 6:30am and 7pm on weekdays during school terms.

    Mr Stanhope said passengers and businesses would benefit from better transport access to town centres and the Parliamentary Triangle.

Commencing in October.

ANOTHER UPDATE: For the Liberals, Zed is furious with what he sees as the Greens giving a free pass to Labor:

    “In the media yesterday, Mr Stanhope claimed that proposed REDEX service, that has only two separate routes connecting major hubs, has met the obligations of a guaranteed bus frequency of 30 minutes. This was one of the promises made by Jon Stanhope to get himself re-instated as Chief Minister.

    “However there seems to be confusion between Labor and the Greens with Greens Convenor Meredith Hunter saying this was only ‘one step forward to get closer to a 15-minute frequency but also a 30-minute frequency during the day’.

    “It is clear that two routes is not the whole network and this does not meet the goal of 30 minute frequency for all bus routes. Mr Stanhope said this element of the agreement now ‘meets obligations’.

Umm OK Zed… but moving forward what do you think of this proposal and what would you do differently?

What’s Your opinion?

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Hooray for REDEX?
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Ian 6:46 pm 30 Apr 09

I feel obliged to point out that the acroynm REDEX does not match the name Rapid Express Direct (that would be REXDI or something like that). REDEX suits Rapid Direct Express.

However, I suspect the naming of a new (retro?) bus service this requires a redefinition of “rapid”, “express” and “direct”.

Sgt.Bungers 10:57 am 30 Apr 09

If the ACT GovCo really wants people to start catching public transport everywhere, they need to stop suburban sprawl… not so simple in Canberra as pretty much the entire city is suburbs.

From my travels around the world, I can happily say that although Canberra’s road network has it’s flaws, it really is one of the best in the world. Build one of the best private transport networks in the world, then try to force people onto inferior public transport that can take anywhere up to 10 times as long to get somewhere, it’s not going to work.

I do mean 10 times as long. Back in the day, I used to live in Holder, had a girlfriend in Weetangra. At 16, I was too young to drive to her place, so had two options, ride a push bike through Coppins Crossing, about an hour, or catch a bus, which on weekends took up to 2.5 hours. Car, 15 minutes.

That said, some ACTION routes are great, especially in peak hour. I now live near the Curtin Shops, catch the 732 Xpresso to the city, it takes around 10-15 minutes in the morning, and around 25 mins in the afternoon. Considering I save over $10 a day this is brilliant. However, there are only three of these buses each day each way, so I’m limited regarding what time I can get into and leave work. Miss these buses and I have to take route 2, which zigzags though Deakin, Yarralumla, Deakin again, Parilament house, Barton, then finally the city. Half an hour on the bus each way vs 10 minutes in a car.

As other’s have said though, more than half an hour to get to where they’d like to go, and people will continue to shun public transport.

Unless the Government somehow comes up with many billion dollars to build a fast, comprehensive, cheap to use, underground rail network with trains every 2-5 minutes, then public transport in the ACT will continue to be a semi-viable transport solution for when your car is being serviced.

sepi 10:36 am 30 Apr 09

Yes, yes yes!

In Canberra’s cold weather, who wants to stand around at bus stops.

Drive to a nearby park’n’ride, and catch a bus that goes frequently to the major centres.

EPIC would be a great spot for one.

ant 10:28 am 30 Apr 09

I keep saying this, but well-placed Park n Rides would work better. Park n Rides in a paddock near population centres, with useful buses then ferrying the people to popular emmployment locations (Russell, Barton, Civic, etc) woudl be more effective and get people on those buses.

ant 10:25 am 30 Apr 09

Doh, they were 203s, not 404s. Dunno why I thought that. Although the 404s were plenty tough too.

Skidbladnir 9:43 am 30 Apr 09

The cat did it said :

A Redex Trial? I look forward to fleets of restored Peugeot 203s ferrying Canberra commuters …

Hooray, so I’m not the only one who thought a fleet of restored cars.

Skidbladnir 9:41 am 30 Apr 09

While they’re not quite in the same class for trademark issues, why are we covering our natural gas powered buses in advertising for international companies that produce oil, oil additives and lubricants?

(IE: These guys, Redex, who sell oil derivatives in the australian market).

The cat did it 9:04 am 30 Apr 09

A Redex Trial? I look forward to fleets of restored Peugeot 203s ferrying Canberra commuters …

bd84 10:14 pm 29 Apr 09

Agreed that he shouldn’t have let the work experience kid write the press release without proof reading. However he does have good point in that the two routes don’t mean the government have complied with the Greens’ requirements of 30 mins buses, it’s only 2 hardy useful services.

Though they may come in useful for people who want to go to/from russell or barton to one of the town/group centres, otherwise the route is useless. The people catching this service will have to disembark at an interchange and wait around in the cold to catch another service home. ACTION is only going to gain patronage if the services are fairly direct from their place of work/school to their home. Making the routes 30 minutes apart is not going to get more people onto buses when they don’t go where people want to go in a reasonable time. Also, realistically every route shouldn’t run at 30 minute intervals if there is not sufficient patronage to justify it, it’s just a waste of money.

NickD 6:58 pm 29 Apr 09

…though at least it wasn’t full of typos like my above post!

NickD 6:57 pm 29 Apr 09

PM said :

Zed didn’t make the promise, as far as I’m aware – he doesn’t need to pretend he’d deliver the same thing if he were in charge. He’s holding Stanhope to account, and rightly so in this case.

Zed is probably going to need to gain the support of the Greens if he wants to ever form Government, so he does need to explain how he’d work with them on issues like public transport. His press release is hopelessly written by the way – the sentences are repetitive and there’s no much for a journalist to copy and paste into their article.

Ryan 6:54 pm 29 Apr 09

Umm OK Zed… but moving forward what do you think of this proposal and what would you do differently?

And that’s why I didnt vote liberal. They never seem to offer any viable alternative.

bd84 said :

How on earth is this an express service? The buses may come every 15 minutes, but the scenic route that it will take will take at least an hour, if not more.

Perhaps it will be like the old commuter express services that were axed in Network 98, where they only picked up and set down at marked stops (Generally every second one in the suburbs) and did not pick up between interchanges.

gun street girl 5:46 pm 29 Apr 09

SheepGroper said :

gun street girl said :

So essentially what they’re offering is a re-jigged version of a service they dismantled years ago, only not as good as the first version was. Great idea!

I don’t think we’re supposed to remember the old service existed, just praise our Glorious Leaders for improving our wonderful service still further.

All hail 333 Redux.

AG Canberra 1:54 pm 29 Apr 09

I catch a bus from Chisholm to City West – and this takes 45 minutes (approx 25 minutes more than driving). Any measure that can get me there faster and I’ll cheer loudly.

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