Hospital pay parking to end

Sammy 25 May 2007 30

The ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has just announced on 666 radio that pay parking at Canberra and Calvary Hospital’s will end at 9pm tonight.

He acknowledged that the ‘pay-as-you-enter’ system had failed, and was wildly unpopular.

The Government has also committed $30 million to build a new multi-story carpark at the Canberra Hospital.

He would not commit on whether the new carpark would introduce a ‘pay-as-you-leave’ system.

More information later today when Katy Gallagher makes an announcement.

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30 Responses to Hospital pay parking to end
roccon roccon 2:42 pm 28 May 07

you have all been very naughty nurses. No parking for you !! regards, Team Stanhope

Rara Rara 12:36 pm 28 May 07

Well I got to work today and there is no longer any staff parking at Calvary – so we are back to fighting for a park! Sure get rid of paid parking but keep staff parking areas!

spin462002 spin462002 1:13 am 27 May 07

it’s all fine people,the paid parking is gone but the water will cost more shortly. I guess they will recoup their losses after all….and some….

viking princess

Special G Special G 5:24 am 26 May 07

They should leave the voucher machines there just to confuse people and collect the revenue from those stupid enoughto still pay. Cost bugger all and still bring in revenue.
Call it ACT Govt collecting small change so that you are not weighed down by it tax.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 11:10 pm 25 May 07

GnT: most health workers probably aren’t sitting in front of a computer all day. Because I already am, it’s no big deal to have another browser going and post a comment every now and then.

ant ant 11:00 pm 25 May 07

That pay parking was ****ing dreadful. I went to Calvary in October to visit a surgeon. Well, those guys are quite happy to have you wait an hour or more, and so I had to bolt outside and buy more vouchers. Waiting room was full of people doing the same thing. To the point where the reception girls would put you in one of the surgeon’s talking-to-him rooms, so he could zoom in, talk to you, then zoom to the next one, and you’d have to bolt from that and get another voucher (had to visit him several times).

What a crap system.

simbo simbo 10:42 pm 25 May 07

Futto, from memory the original problem this was meant to address was that office workers from Woden were using the carparking spaces at the Canberra hospital.

Which’d mean, yep, these would be the people who would be paying for parking.

So, nope, not quite as moronic as all that.

futto futto 10:31 pm 25 May 07

“Put in boom gates, legitimate hospital users (staff, patients, visitors) get tickets validated and park for nothing.”

dumbest comment ever. so if staff, patients, visitors don’t pay, all OTHER people will pay? who? tourists? jesus.

el el 10:22 pm 25 May 07

WTF? $65 000 to remove it? Jeepers, I’m in the wrong business.

canberra towie canberra towie 8:26 pm 25 May 07

The cost to set up the paid parking was about $85.000 and to remove it all again is going to cost $65.000 but I guess moneys no object eh ?
The A.C.T government is a joke well done Stanhope you screwed us over again !!

Maybe Stanhope should change his name to Nohope !!!

Danman Danman 8:12 pm 25 May 07

I think you will find that Hospitals only have Intranets and that if there is internet available – its only for a select few.

Can you imagine – TCH patient dead – Nurses say they only left for a minute to check their post on RiotACT 🙂

GnT GnT 7:43 pm 25 May 07

Interesting how many wives of riotact readers work at Canberra’s hospitals. So why aren’t the wives posting themselves?

Oh yeah, health workers don’t get a lot of spare time to cruise the net during work hours.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 5:54 pm 25 May 07

Thank you mr stanhope for wasting even more of my hard earned tax dollars.

May you commision a magnificent bronze statue of parking inspectors next.

Sammy Sammy 1:11 pm 25 May 07

hard to get a park for the afternoon shift as the morning shift cars are still there.

That’s easy to fix. Perform the shift hand-off in the carpark, as you swap car spaces 🙂

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 12:38 pm 25 May 07

Yes, there is staff parking at the hospitals. Unfortunately it’s the visitors/patients that are stuffed around by paid parking, and especially pre-paid voucher parking. mrswhorebags works in ED at Woden and has told me that plenty of times she’s called people in from the waiting room but they’re out feeding coins into a meter. Or the constant queries about “when am I going to be seen – I’ve only got an hour left on the voucher” etc etc. It’s not good when you ask a sick child “where’s your mum/dad?” “they’re out paying for the car” etc etc.

roccon roccon 12:21 pm 25 May 07

does that mean they can stop fining staff at Calvary for having expired parking passes ?? That idea was a real morale booster…..go TEAM STANHOPE !!

It was up the staff to remember when their pass expired. Not easy when you work permanent nights and you have to drag yourself in during daylight hours to renew it. Not an automatic process….

Swaggie Swaggie 12:09 pm 25 May 07

Jeez a ray of common sense!!!!!!!

mattress mattress 11:57 am 25 May 07

One of the benefits of pay parking at Calvary hospital was that evening staff were always able to find a car park. I guess the phone calls from angry evening staff will start again on Monday.

MrM MrM 11:30 am 25 May 07

Staff at TCH have their own designated parking areas, but as MrsM (who works there) informs me, it’s often quite hard to get a park for the afternoon shift as the morning shift cars are still there. So the new multistorey carpark looks like a good idea.

Thumper Thumper 11:23 am 25 May 07

They put in extra speed cameras only a few weeks ago, if I recall…

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