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Hot Burqa parade

By kimba 21 February 2007 20

For those gals and guys who get turned on by a Burqa mark this one in your diary.

The Migrant Resource Centre will be hosting an Islamic Fashion Parade at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre (that’s a mouthful) on Tuesday 29th Match from 11am.

Not sure if men are allowed to attend.

Imagine the swimsuit section!

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Hot Burqa parade
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Gentleman Farmer 9:44 pm 21 Feb 07

Modest Islamic swimwear exists, there’s one Australian designer around who invented the “burqini”, which looks basically like that running suit Cathy Freeman wore at the 2000 Olympics but with a skirt bit added.

(I’d wear one, without the hood, it’s easier than trying to rub sunscreen everywhere and having to reapply it every couple of hours!)

…some of them should.

emd 8:35 pm 21 Feb 07

Well if you want to get technical about your isms…

Not all Catholic women wear maternity clothes, as a comparison. In fact, in some mostly-Islamic countries, women don’t cover their head at all.

Pandy 8:28 pm 21 Feb 07

Bonfire might I say that there is only one winner in a race.

All white?

might I also say that the Islamic woman who entered the recent Ms World contest was blasted by her faith for not dressing in a “modest” way.

GnT 8:12 pm 21 Feb 07

Might I say I was also offended by the closed-minded comments at the start of this story, but I think others’ responses says it all. I’m looking forward to reading a review of the fashion parade on RiotACT!

Hasdrubahl 7:22 pm 21 Feb 07

Hmmm….maybe my wives can earn some $$ by modelling some of this fashion. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what body-size they are.

Danman 4:47 pm 21 Feb 07

LOL bonfire – you cunny funt 😛

west01 – some of the most attractive women come from the middle east – and shock horror they dont all wear burqas.

You are a small pathetic person trying to ridicule a not for profits organizations attempt at providing cultural diversity in Australia – hoping that people of your ilk will realise that not everyone of middle eastern descendancy poses a threat to your ideal Utopian 4th Reich Aryan state

Now go back play with the kids and let the adults talk in peace.

bonfire 3:38 pm 21 Feb 07

we are all one race – the human race.

‘children are the futue of the world, teach them well and let them lead the way….’

join in folks!

‘we are the world….’

terubo 3:27 pm 21 Feb 07

Thanx, astro, as I say it all depends on work…

Thumper 3:27 pm 21 Feb 07

Well said astro…

astrojax 3:10 pm 21 Feb 07

‘asian’ is not a ‘race’, either, west01… but derogatory comments about ‘asians’ is usefully called racism.

i think danman is rightly railing against racism in all its insidious forms, and saying ‘oh, it’s just a joke, lighten up’ is NOT acceptable. as my dad always said, ‘it’s nice to be nice’, so i won’t go into the matter of open minds…

and terubo, it’s at 2nd Floor, 180 London Circuit, Civic… see you there, then?

sheer 3:09 pm 21 Feb 07

West01, there is a marked difference between remarks that are humourous, and those which are bigoted and derogatory. Maybe you should take your advice and open your own mind. Either that or piss off – I’m happy either way.

west01 2:55 pm 21 Feb 07

Danman- may I remind you that Islam is not a race-neither is “Straylyanz”- perhaps you should obtain an open mind and appreciate, though probably foreign to you, an offkilter “Straylyanz” sense of humour.

terubo 2:46 pm 21 Feb 07

If free from work encumbrances, I’ll go.

-If only I knew where this Theo Notaras place is, that is…

Danman 2:36 pm 21 Feb 07

Yeah and all “Straylyanz” wear stubbies faded blue wife beaters and thongs while suckin down a cold tinnie of VB.

Piss your racist attitude off – moron .

Maybe if you had enough of an open mind and went you will be surprised that its not all Burquas and ak47’s.

Thumper 2:28 pm 21 Feb 07

Give it a break….

What do you scream out in an Iranian nightclub?


RandomGit 1:29 pm 21 Feb 07


Mr Evil 1:25 pm 21 Feb 07

Hey, they make some really nice fashion accessories though; the AK-47 goes nicely with most items.

west01 12:43 pm 21 Feb 07

Islamic fashion- an oxymoron.

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