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How Cancelling Leave is a Bonus

By che 28 December 2007 36

ABC Online have this story on the PM cancelling the leave of senior public servants so that he can get things running his way faster. Now I’ve got no problem with that idea, but the story is how this cancellation of leave is a bonus to Canberra retailers and restaurants.

How do you come up with that sort of spin?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
How Cancelling Leave is a Bonus
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VYBerlinaV8 11:15 am 02 Jan 08

No problemo… all these Holdens are starting to freak me a bit too!

wonsworld 1:42 am 02 Jan 08

sorry VYBerlinaV8.. My bad, too many freaking Holdens

wonsworld 1:39 am 02 Jan 08

Mael… I got the idea from this post…

Actually, I consider the laziest personnel I have ever encountered to be contractors.

Dimwits mooching off the government teat …

Did I not read that right??

el ......VNBerlinaV8 10:35 pm 01 Jan 08

I think wonsworld confused the two of us VY. FWIW I don’t have any dislike of contractors either – but I certainly see plenty that get >$100 an hour in the APS. I think the highest rate I’ve seen was a 3 month project management contract for $275,000. All IT based stuff however, so the lack of IT professionals in Canberra means they can more or less name their price.

VYBerlinaV8 9:43 pm 01 Jan 08

What the hell makes you think I dislike contractors, wonsworld??? I’m one myself, and yes I get big $$. I don’t contract to a govt dept, though…

wonsworld 5:21 pm 01 Jan 08


I think this says a lot about Rudd

Mael & VY Berliner.. I am one of those contractors you consider to be a dimwit moocher. Pfft to you. I don’t cost anywhere near $100 an hour and I certainly don’t get that kind of pay. I only know of a few managers in my team who might cost anywhere near that. NONE of us mooch and all of us work bloody hard.

In fact, if we do spend more time in meetings than we should, it is due to the blockages to the proposed programs we are trying to implement coming from some APS staff who don’t want to move into the 21st century. And these are the very people who contracted us to make those exact changes in the first place. Go figure?

I am sure that there are people in all aspects and walks of life who glide through the day doing as little as possible. I think broad generalisations to say its one specific group or another is the easy way out.

VYBerlinaV8 4:37 pm 01 Jan 08

Astrojax, I must admit I have separate boxes in my mind for people in retail, and professional salespeople (who sell services, IT stuff, software, etc).

Trying to tie people’s pay to their actual effort is very difficult. Pay is, in reality, tied to the supply/demand for given skillsets. That’s why there can be people with similar education but different skills who earn vastly different incomes. Personally, I think one of the public service’s biggest weaknesses is the fact that people are paid largely the same at each level. Why not reward the high performers to retain them, and to encourage others on to greater efforts? If people are happy with where they’re currently at, that’s great, but there are many people who would like a better framework for progression in the PS, I think. Of course, I say this having never been a public servant in my life!

The Rabble 3:39 pm 01 Jan 08

“no body realises that he……………”

Vandam give us some credit – do you really think no one on Riotact understands the machine that is public administration?

Snaps to the person who wrote for his speech while presenting “Poet of the Year” at the Glassworks. Mr Stanhope boasted to have just signed off on lots of new buses just so poetry could be displayed on them – I laughed.

Mind you I did think we were talking Federal politics.

vandam 3:09 pm 01 Jan 08

Astro, Well I’m glad your happy with the CM wage. I’m not saying it’s an easy job and I wouldn’t do it, but no body realises that he has all these lower paid workers making the recommendations and doing the paper work. He get’s paid to front up to the media and the public.

I agree with you in that some people earning ‘good’ wages probably deserve more. eg your first year copper on the beat (doing the same as a 5 year copper) is earning a poor $33K.

The point is, there are some lazy ps out there getting paid more than they deserve, whilst there are others that work their asses off and deserve more than the are getting paid. Maybe an idea of performance based measures could be a good thing!

astrojax 11:07 am 01 Jan 08

berlina, ya oughta spend a bit more time at the mall – not so many $100K+ salespeople in myers, dj’s, sunglass hut, and so on from what i can make out…

and vandam, yes, i am quite content with the CM’s wage; if anything, he might perhaps have a case for getting more. i think you are mixing up the concepts of ‘physical exertion’ and ‘responsibility’ – why, for instance, do you think high court judges get the dollars they do, and do you seriously think that, in among a society where some members have billions of personal dollars that they shouldn’t maybe have a case, also, for earning more?

envy is a curse, y’know…

el ......VNBerlinaV8 3:21 am 01 Jan 08

And *not* cost $100+ per hour.

Mælinar 1:06 am 01 Jan 08

Actually, I consider the laziest personnel I have ever encountered to be contractors.

Dimwits mooching off the government teat when a perfectly good public servant could do the same job, and be more reliable…

VYBerlinaV8 12:17 am 01 Jan 08

Salespeople poor?!?!? Most salespeople I know pull down several hundred thousand a year.

And many of the senior public servants I know are hardworking and talented – it’s their labor-catchphrase underlings who represent most of the lazy, useless public servants I’ve met across many federal government departments (and no, it’s NOT a minority).

jemmy 7:56 pm 31 Dec 07

I’m comfortable with Stanhope’s wage.

Oh, you mean for him? I thought you meant me. Boom, boom!

Seriously, though, before you criticise Stanhope you should walk a mile in his shoes. Then, you’re a mile away and you’ve got his shoes.

I am on fire.

sepi 6:18 pm 31 Dec 07

Any salepeople are always free to apply for jobs as PAs if they want to. Now is a good time to apply to the PS, as there are lots of jobs going. (Get in quick in case the new govt starts making some cuts).

The Rabble 2:26 pm 31 Dec 07

Headline, 28 December 2006:
Scruge Howard Cancels Christmas

Headline, 28 December 2007:
Rudd gives Canberra businesses ‘unexpected bonus’

…think about it, you know it’s true.

Beyond Thought.

I actually like that sort of biase (I’m obviously not alone in this).

In 2006 Howard had not just swept into power – he was just being a sad bastard.

In 2007 Rudd does have to actually turn a lot of things around.

Go Canberra!

Senior public servants may be unable to find anywhere open to spend their dollars though – it’s a ghost town out there!

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