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How Cancelling Leave is a Bonus

By che - 28 December 2007 36

ABC Online have this story on the PM cancelling the leave of senior public servants so that he can get things running his way faster. Now I’ve got no problem with that idea, but the story is how this cancellation of leave is a bonus to Canberra retailers and restaurants.

How do you come up with that sort of spin?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
How Cancelling Leave is a Bonus
astrojax 5:38 pm 29 Dec 07

“Come on, lets be honest. A big percentage of public servants are overpaid for the amount of work they do.”

right, vandam, where is the evidence? what sort of ‘percentage’ are you talking here – 10%; 30%? Or do you imply even more? on what basis do you make such ludicrous claims? what do you know of a great percentage of PSs and their work load?

or is this just throw-back myth rehash? i think the latter. and ferret is on the money – while there are some quite excellent EAs, most PAs are on power trips.

silly story, though, started the thread.

Thumper 4:21 pm 29 Dec 07



Sorry Mr Ferret…

Frankly I work my guts out, no holidays for this little black bunny, to much work to do….

Growling Ferret 3:56 pm 29 Dec 07

PA’s the hard workers? I’ve never heard anything so off the mark… PA’s are the one place where there are too many ‘should be retired’ old cows on power trips

‘Don’t you know who I am? I work for Chief Bigwig and that makes me important’

No lady, and I don’t care… Half of them are excellent, and the other half should be euthanised and not voluntarily

vandam 2:22 pm 29 Dec 07


Come on, lets be honest. A big percentage of public servants are overpaid for the amount of work they do. The hardest workers of the PS are the PA’s. They do all the crappy jobs that the executive don’t want to do.

Though you are correct in saying there are some out there that bust their ass. Problem is like most businesses, they are far and few between.

Growling Ferret 1:11 pm 29 Dec 07

We were lucky – a scheduled 3 day outage to implement a new SAN (due to the unbelievable growth in storage requirements…) could not be moved so everyone got the break due to no network availability!

Thus, no email, no Blackberry, and limited access to the shared folders.

Thanks Volante, from everyone affected 😉

el ......VNBerlinaV8 11:28 am 29 Dec 07

Agreed ant. Too bad if they’d already paid for trips away, eh?

ant 10:35 pm 28 Dec 07

Why do people assume that the senior people in the APS don’t work? I assure you, most of them work their arses off. Getting them to take holidays is like pulling teeth. Getting them to ditch their phones and blackberries is impossible.

I honestly don’t understand why people think they sit in banana chairs all day? What is the basis for this belief? It’s really asinine. Of all the SES I know, there’s one AS who is a complete joke and waste of space. The rest are talented, hard working people who feel guilty if they aren’t at their desk 24/7.

You 6:13 pm 28 Dec 07

Sounds good to me. I’m not a public servant 😉

caf 3:14 pm 28 Dec 07

The “story” is just reporting the words of one Chris Peters from the ACT Chamber of Commerce.

BeyondThought 3:02 pm 28 Dec 07

Headline, 28 December 2006:
Scruge Howard Cancels Christmas

Headline, 28 December 2007:
Rudd gives Canberra businesses ‘unexpected bonus’

…think about it, you know it’s true.

Hasdrubahl 1:58 pm 28 Dec 07

Perhaps the story implies that SES types don’t do much work anyway, and spend most of their time in shops & restaurants?

boomacat 11:56 am 28 Dec 07

About time they did some f*cking work, welcome to the real world pubes.

Thumper 11:46 am 28 Dec 07

It’s the ABC, you’re not likely to get an anti Rudd story about him cancelling leave.

toriness 11:34 am 28 Dec 07

i think it’s just like the article says – people on leave over xmas and nye tend to leave canberra for the coast or head interstate to see family and friends, so if their leave is cancelled they are in town therefore more likely to spend their cash here

GB 11:32 am 28 Dec 07

Well, it will be a ‘bonus’ for restaurants. But where is the “Rudd steals family holidays” story?

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