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Huge pay rises all round the Assembly

By johnboy - 2 June 2005 21

The Chief Minister has interrupted his busy calendar of serious faced media conferences discussing the indonesian embassy to slide out a media release on the minor matter of stonking great pay raises for all and sundry in the ACT Assembly (although they will all still be eligible for public housing).

I particularly liked the shrill tone of self justification from lines like this:

The salary of the ACT Chief Minister is still lower than that of every other State and Territory leader bar one.

And the population of the ACT is… ? Why yes, much the same. Grow the revenue base and maybe we can afford to pay you more dude. You do know the money has to come from somewhere right? It’s not just Ted being an old woman.

Personally I’d like to see higher pay for MLA’s. But I’d like to see a more honest case made for it too.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Huge pay rises all round the Assembly
Thumper 3:06 pm 03 Jun 05

I most certainly didn’t vote for Stanhope and I think my views about him have been widely written on this website regarding SES, RFA and bushfires.

Not mention other things.

However, it would seem that brave bushfire leaders are remembered, even when they do a complete 180 degree turn in latter days.

I totally agree with VGs comments although I do accept that the Canberra public voted him in and thats democracy. it may not be perfect, but its the best we have.

As for four year terms, that simply sucks….

vg 2:38 pm 03 Jun 05

I do, but I didn’t vote for Stanhope or Labor for the exact reasons that we have seen post-election. The disgrace that is the holding up of the bushfire coronial will be seen in history for what it was, a reason to stop it’s findings before the election. Stanhope et al will be roundly lambasted for their pathetic performance during the Territory’s biggest crisis. His incompetence is demonstrated more and more every day and, to top it all off, his biggest announcement of late is an International Arboreteum (spelling?) right in the middle of a drought. Nice one Johnny.

LurkerGal 2:29 pm 03 Jun 05

You do realise that “Canberra” means you too, VG?

vg 2:02 pm 03 Jun 05

and you voted for it Canberra!!

Evictor 1:56 pm 03 Jun 05

one of the Tribunal Members, Ms R. McRae is a former assembly member herself. Back in the mid 90’s Roberta McRae was a Labor MLA – chair of the house if memory serves as well.

Another case of jobs for the old boys.

bulldog 12:14 pm 03 Jun 05

too late to close the gate after the horse has bolted! How long until the next election?

Plenty of better ways to spend the money now rather than self-congratulatory backpats for work poorly done!

DT 12:11 pm 03 Jun 05

Thumper, I agree entirely. I meant to ask if anyone knows who those Tribunal members are?

Indi 11:10 am 03 Jun 05

I guess there is an argument that if you don’t think the pollies have earnt the payrise (ie. have not been productive), then the ballot box will be the way to deliver the message…

Thumper 11:07 am 03 Jun 05


My comment is how ‘Independent” is independent?

And I’m not on either side of the political fence on this issue. Both are as bad as each other.

For instance, Deb Foskey getting a pay rise. hat the f*ck for?

Brendan Smyth? Hargeaves? (No new ESA building even though it was recommended and promised and meetinged and committeed and….)

Frankly, we have a city of 300K, not a state with millions. They are a jumped up council but try and act like they belong with the big boys, which they don’t.


bulldog 9:15 am 03 Jun 05

My only thought is that they wanted to take advantage of the Federal Govt’s tax cuts for the battling CEO’s and Execs.

In regards to the PS getting screwed every time; try the Private Sector! Granted, I am PS, however I have been so for only six months, and in that time it has become apparent to me that 80 percent of the PS would not and could not make a go of it in the private sector.

And none of this will be helped by the Fed’s new (and disgusting) labour laws they are trying to squeeze past the state and territory leaders!

DT 8:43 am 03 Jun 05

Thumper – ACT pollies’ pay rises are determined by the “independent” Remuneration Tribunal. Their website lists its members as Mr A. Kerr, Ms R. McRae and Ms Jill Greenwell. They meet every year to determine pay increases for MLAs and holders of statutory officers, so those affected don’t even have to ask for one.

I’m just wondering whether Richard Mulcahy will be lifting his game and actually providing an effective opposition, or handing his payrise back . . .

He put this media release out a few days ago (note last par):


Author : Richard Mulcahy MLA

The best offset the ACT Government could secure through public sector wage negotiations, was through electricity savings from lights being turned off over the Christmas and New Year period on days given off to public servants, it was revealed in ACT Estimates Hearings today.
Stunned by the revelations, Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Richard Mulcahy said “this underlines the complete incapacity of Industrial Relations Minister Katy Gallagher to put the interest of taxpayers ahead of unions in terms of wage negotiations.”

“Clearly the Government is incapable of securing any substantial trade offs as part of the negotiating process.

“Unfortunately the Government is a captive of the union movement in Canberra, despite the fact that only 18% of the population holds union membership.

“At the end of the day, wages represent one of the most significant outlays in the budget, and to hear that their only major negotiating win was through electricity savings from days given off is bewildering.

“It appears quite obvious that the ACT Government is struggling to defend it’s poor handling of wage negotiations on behalf of the taxpayer.

“Any increase in wages warrants securing some sort of productivity gain before an increase is granted.

“Productivity improvements should always be sought when wages are negotiated, especially as the Territory is now living beyond its means,” Mr Mulcahy said.

Ralph 8:37 am 03 Jun 05

That’s why I always put in the bare minimum.

Thumper 8:19 am 03 Jun 05

VB drinker,

I agree. The public service gets screwed every time. We are expected to work longer hours, take on more responsibility, more work load, and yet I have never once seen anyone get a pay rise for being over productive. In fact all that happens is upper management seem to look upon it in this light, ‘Well, they did it this time so I guess they can do it again’.

It’s a case of beware how much you do over a period of time because what is the extraordinary soon gets seen by upper management as being the ordinary.

And it is interesting that we saw the Comrade slash 200 odd public service jobs as well as run the budget into serious deficit.

And for that he wants a pay rise.

I’d like to find out who voted for this, or was it one of those independent decisions made by an outside consultant who’s brief was to prove that all ACT politicans deserve a pay rise, thus taking any responsibility for the pay rise away from those who actually recieve it.

I would suggest the latter.

johnboy 8:43 pm 02 Jun 05

And note their pay rises are linked to whatever the rest of the political class of the nation is hooked into.

Vic Bitterman 8:38 pm 02 Jun 05

What a sickening and disgusting waste of my hard earned taxes.

Any pay rises for the govt dept where I work, can only come from ‘productivity gains’, and are never, ever, ever linked to CPI. We get squeezed ever harder and harder each year to get a ‘pay rise’. None of this ‘independent remuneration tribunals’ and such guff. And each year our real wage erodes with CPI, which the pollies are happy to flout for their own causes. But not ours.

I guess Gordon Gecko was right after all.

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