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Huge sea change in ACT Education, compromise comes for economy.

By johnboy - 21 July 2005 21

As noted in an earlier story the Government has, without consultation or taking the policy to an election, decided to do away with community schools. The Canberra Times has more detail here.

Tonight on ABC News came the confirmation that “Middle Schools” (grades 6-8, think junior high) are going to be part of the seperated groups within the new mega campuses.

This is a huge change to the manner of education in the ACT (good luck getting the kids to school and back without a car too).

Bear in mind that when Katy Gallagher bongs on about the extra facilities they can offer in these concentration camps she means facilities she doesn’t have the budget to fund in smaller, discrete, community schools.

On the bright side it shouldn’t be too late to reverse this by the time the next election rolls around.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Huge sea change in ACT Education, compromise comes for economy.
bulldog 8:44 am 25 Jul 05

Back onto faiing kids in Primary School; I seem to remember that it wasn’t unusual to have kids repeating years in Primary School if their work wasn’t up to scratch. Isn’t this failing them?
I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. In fact it would definately assist children who need extra time to develop skills that will be vital in ensuring they can continue to learn in High School etc.

I believe we should be ensuring first and foremost that eduaction takes precedence over the touchy-feely garbage which now seems to go hand in hand with education. The kids are there to learn, it should be a parent’s responsability to ensure that kids are reminded that they’re special.

johnboy 2:47 pm 24 Jul 05

I have no knowledge of ms gallaghers recreational substances of choice, I was referring to the drivel she spouts.

Thumper 11:09 am 23 Jul 05

Did I say that? No. But once you get to high school, too bad, no more molly coddling namby pamby touchie feely bullshit.

If they fail, then they fail. There is a big bad world out there who couldn’t give a toss.

I totally agree with your last paragraph.

Andrew 5:55 pm 22 Jul 05

Thumper… Are you saying we should be telling 6 year olds that they failed? I am all for failing lazy (dare I say stupid?) kids in high school, but K-6? I know exactly what you mean with the mass of 18 year olds (and there abouts) who have a very tenuous grip on the english language and still have passed year 12!

Let teachers tell the truth about students abilities, and support teachers (through resources and better conditions) to actually teach students not just baby sit 5 days a week.

Thumper 1:39 pm 22 Jul 05

I was thinking more along the lines of education stuff ups.

Think Fran Hinton case.

And there are some others in which she has conveniently passed the buck but for the life of me I can’t recall them at the moment.

I must have killed a few brain cells last night.

Spitfire3 1:25 pm 22 Jul 05

She has form? Do you mean that she isn’t an ethereal or gaseous entity?

Or do you just think she’s hot?

Thumper 10:54 am 22 Jul 05

Has anyone thought as to whether Gallagher has the skills to actually facilitate this without stuffing it up?

After all, she has form…

Maelinar 10:15 am 22 Jul 05

Applying my famous grocery store opinion to the subject;

‘Them biga supermarkets, they put us little shops outta business’

IMO the govt is taking what has the potential to be a good idea, and of course they are going to fuck it up, I’m a realist.

Where they could be delivering a comprehensive learning system, where teaching staff could pool their talents and provide superior services, they will end up creating a sardine factory of packed in students and over encumbered teachers where people will be barely legible let alone literate.

It’s funny that as a generation of ‘education matters’, we will have successfully bred the next generation of cleaners, window washers and low income employees.

simto 10:10 am 22 Jul 05

“Katy Gallagher bongs on”?

I’m assuming you’re meaning “Bangs on” here? Unless you’re making implications about why Katy makes the kind of creative policy decisions she does.

bulldog 9:37 am 22 Jul 05

Education levels are currently suckng; and to demonstrate how poor literacy levels are, have a look at the latest post RE monkey bikes…

I can’t see how bigger and schools could possible mean smaller classes, and as an outsider, I think that could be a real advantage in ensuring all kids are receiving enough help where they require it.

Furthermore, how is an ULTRA SCHOOL going to affect a teen’s sense of identity and self confidence during those precarious years? Am I the only one who thinks that too many fish in a pond is dangerous?

Chris 9:18 am 22 Jul 05

In 1979 as a single (poor wog) parent i accepted a job in Canberra because I had heard the schools were good. The little primary school my son attended within walking distance was first rate and he and I have many happy memories. This ‘mega-school’ idea is rotten and Katy deserves to be named and shamed for her part in it. Roll on the next election when I will be handing out how-to-vote cards and it won’t be for Labor!

johnboy 12:27 am 22 Jul 05

Nothing I’ve experienced in my life suggests that bigger schools will deliver better outcomes in the long term.

your mileage may vary.

shauno 11:48 pm 21 Jul 05

Take 150 million from the bus lane and give it to the education department. Jeese im smart I should be a politician. Hang on a minute maybe I should join up with Jim Murphy and start a new party. Shame i dont live in Canberra anymore. Actually that might be a good thing the way it seems to be going.

Thumper 11:40 pm 21 Jul 05


Sorry, that is bullshit. When I was teaching, and it wasn’t long ago, I had year 8 and 9 students who couldn’t form a single paragraph let alone write anything at all.

These kids had come up through a system that kept saying that you couldn’t fail, that it was all okay, that you were doing well, even if you did nothing at all.

These days I have contractors working for me. They cannot spell, they cannot write, and their grasp of the English language is laughable, if it wasn’t serious.

I left teching because it was a joke. You cannot fail anyone. You cannot tell them that they are useless and need to actually start doing something. You can’t even tell their parents that they are slack and if they don’t pull their finger out they are going to finish school with the literary and mathematical skills of a 10 year old, well, a ten year old from when I went to school.

It is an absolute joke. The kids that want to work will, and they will do well. The kids that cruise will get by. The kids who couldn’t be bothered still get passed and still get told that they are valued and are doing okay when in fact they are wasting their time, and everyone elses.

It is a tragedy. It is a poor reflection on our society when kids simply cruise along and no-one can tell them that they are going no-where.

You say that big schools will be able to provide all te resources needed. That is rubbish. They will provide te exact resources that the smaller schools provided simply because the government refuses to fund schools to an adequate amount.

Smaller schools would be fine if they had the funding. They don’t. And so who’s fault is that?

Not a hard answer really as the government is in control of the purse strings.

Gallagher has proven on countless occasions that she is quite frankly inept. Now she is proving it moreso.

Education in this Territory is a joke.

As for your comment about Brendan Nelson, if you are a teacher then you know that this is utter rubbish. The country cannot afford everyone to go in to private schooling, as much as it can’t afford everyone to go into public schooling.

Grow up and take a wider and much more balanced view about the whole issue. If you went to UC and studied teaching, then forget everything they ever told you. There is a big bad world out there and schools are not adequately preparing our kids to cope with it.

And I don’t even want to start about consultation because there wasn’t any.

Andrew 10:30 pm 21 Jul 05

A high school cannot be sustained with 184 students spread over 4 year groups.

Concentration camps? I think you’re going a bit far there, a larger school will have more resources and will be able to offer more choice to it’s students.

Many schools in other states run K-12 even, it’s just different for the ACT to see these kinds of schools.

While it may have been nice to have been told about this before the government went and decided, I don’t think there’s much hope for the smaller schools. It’s hard for teachers in smaller schools, they simply don’t have the resources (staffing and material goods) to provide a high level of education.

I am more concerned with what Dr Brendan Nelson is talking about federally, giving GRADES to students K-6 and ranking them! The constant reviewing and reporting on students takes alot of time for the teachers, and they then spend less time on actual teaching. Dr Nelson also wants teacher absenteeism to be a published document, what other profession does that? I don’t see too many documents pointing out how many days off public servants (named, individually) take off in a given period.

John Howard and Brendan Nelson want to 100% privatise education, I can’t see this being beneficial to communities.

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