Human Rights at Quamby gets some attention but little action

johnboy 3 August 2005 9

Bear in mind that in jurisdictions which have real Bills of Rights, if it is found your rights have been breached, court injunctions will immediately remedy it. In contrast we have the ACT’s piss weak bill of rights which is all about embuggering the population without constraining the power of our executive government because they wouldn’t like it.

So first we have a media release from Katy Gallagher about the breaches of human rights at the ACT youth detention facility Quamby. It was followed by another effort promising to build a better facility sometime in the future.

Liberal heart-throb Zed Seselja has weighed into the decate with a media release questioning the government’s committment to it’s own laws when they become inconvenient.

Hey, it’s only kids…

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9 Responses to Human Rights at Quamby gets some attention but little action
johnboy johnboy 9:12 pm 04 Aug 05

Human Rights Act enacted the bill of rights.

We have the right to be listened to sympathetically by the Human Rights Commissioner.

Handy for those who don’t have a mum I guess.

Thumper Thumper 5:27 pm 04 Aug 05

Actually I’m not to sure what roland the Thompson Gunner is on about either….

bonfire bonfire 5:05 pm 04 Aug 05

now im confused – human rights act, bill of rights…

pointy hat goes on.

i’ll be back.

Roland GRNS Roland GRNS 4:20 pm 04 Aug 05

Comment from Foskey > says Human Rights Act analysis useful but Government response is weak. Youth Coalition of the ACT argues the audit is confronting, and ought to guide development of the new facility. Human Rights ACT is at >

Maelinar Maelinar 4:16 pm 04 Aug 05

Computer says noooooooooooo


johnboy johnboy 4:00 pm 04 Aug 05

Bonfire, the legislation is here.

Basically it requires the government to intervene in every aspect of your life while offering you no protection from the government at all.

If you think the gubbmint knows best then it’s bonza.

Thumper Thumper 3:49 pm 04 Aug 05

Do you feel oppressed?

It doesn’t really matter if you are or not just jump up and down and scream loudly.

That way you’ll get some attention and the Bill of Rights will instantly spring into action led of course by the “Grave concerns’ man.

Or something like that…

bonfire bonfire 2:43 pm 04 Aug 05

i went looking for the human rights act, and could not find it online.

any urls people ?

im curious to know how im being oppressed or enabled.

maybe i’ll be allowed to breast feed in public ?

although i might be a little heavy to sit in a lap (little britain reference).

Thumper Thumper 10:43 am 04 Aug 05

But hey,

Most people realised long ago that the Bill of Rights was just a Stanhope touchy feely hippie hippie joy joy kind of thing.

It has as much bite as guinea pig with braces.

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