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Humphries wants ads on the ABC

By colsim - 10 November 2005 24

Gary Humphries has called for advertising to be allowed on the ABC

From the ABC news website Ads touted to fund ABC drama

Ummm – Tool.

[ED – Senator Humphries media release is also up. Personally I don’t mind the way ads work on SBS (good for toilet breaks) and if the ABC produces another quirky bloody game show instead of something of lasting value I think I’m going to scream]

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Humphries wants ads on the ABC
Spectra 5:49 pm 10 Nov 05

I would highly reccomend John Doyle’s (aka Rampaging Roy Slaven’s) speech at the Andrew Olle Media Lecture this year to anyone who didn’t catch it on ABC2 a few weeks back. You can get a copy in MP3 format (as well as a full transcription) at
It’s a far better discussion than I could ever hope to give here (or anywhere) about just how important the ABC is to this country. Take a listen.

colsim 4:30 pm 10 Nov 05

You know Maelinar – apparently there’s a joke in Asian diplomatic circles

What do you call someone who speaks two languages?
What do you call someone who speaks three languages?
What do you call someone who speaks one language?

Worse things in the world than speaking more than one language – and I’d say with this country being so heavily English focussed, there wouldn’t be too many people surviving day to day only speaking one.

(In addition to which, SBS has gradually been dropping content in other languages in prime time in the chase for ratings – I do like the programming they have on but given the original sbs charter to serve those parts of the community not represented on mainstream tv, it’s not hard to see what happens when ratings play a part.

terubo 4:07 pm 10 Nov 05

Going a bit far, kimba; I’d settle for “Stateline” – initially, anyway.

kimba 4:05 pm 10 Nov 05

That’s a very balanced report annie. You should be the new anchor the 7.30 Report!

terubo 4:02 pm 10 Nov 05

In fact, it would be possible to introduce advertising to the ABC without damaging the integrity of the News & Current Affairs Division; especially if it was crystal-clear that the revenue was going ONLY to the general TV Division (for more drama etc). That way, News/CAff would be quarantined from the undesirable effects of advertising.
Interesting, BTW, that Kimba feels SBS is more ‘independent’ than the ABC…

Thumper 3:59 pm 10 Nov 05

As far left as the ABC is, it at least balances out the commercial channels such as Channel Ray.

And they have some really cool programs on. Then again, so does SBS.

annie 3:57 pm 10 Nov 05

There’s been a lot of argument lately about the independence of the ABC.

You’ve got one camp convinced Aunty is full of pinko bloody lefty commos and is therefore biased; while others think the ABC is above reproach and the last bastion of independent media in the country.

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

As far as their journalistic activity goes, I think they do a very good job of reporting accurately and without too much subjectivity.

But I don’t think you’re ever going to completely get rid of bias in a reporter anywhere, and the accusations it’s a cauldron of left-wing bias may be a little unfair. You can’t accuse someone of being subjective just because you don’t agree with what they have to say.

Yet I wouldn’t agree that introducing advertising is going to weaken their independence principles: it IS possible to turn out a thorough and balanced news service (as well as other content) in a commercial environment.

And the ABC has become more commercial lately: there’s been a definite push for ratings in the last few years, because the ABC needs to justify its existence.

I’ll stop raving now.

terubo 3:55 pm 10 Nov 05

If it wosn’t for learning the langwidge from the subtitles, I still wouldn’t be able to spek Englidge. More furrin movies with the subtitle, I say!

Maelinar 3:36 pm 10 Nov 05

What model is that ? Play a whole heap of foreign language movies so that the other half of the population in Australia can live in their shells of English incompetence ?

kimba 3:21 pm 10 Nov 05

Really, the ABC is “independent”. I find this notion rather amusing with their blatant left wing bias. I’ll never forget the night Kerry O’Brien was in tears when his beloved ALP had lost another election.

Perhaps if the ABC were a tad more independent they would attract a lot of mainstream viewers and thus funding.

I think the SBS model is very good.

Spectra 2:22 pm 10 Nov 05

The interruption to programs is not, in spite of what some people think, the real issue. The issue is that the ABC is by far the largest independent media outlet in the country. Once you start taking money from people with vested interests, that independence goes out the window. In addition, suddenly your income is tied to your ratings, and you start to churn out season upon season of cheap, crap, inexplicably high-rating reality shows to draw in the viewers.

In fairness, SBS seem to have managed to do alright so far, but the real question is, how can you be sure it will stay that way once commercial interests are a factor?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:07 pm 10 Nov 05

Well, if they were to start having ads between programs I wouldn’t mind, as long as it was limited to half the break, with the other half dedicated to promoting ABC programming and ABC News updates…better yet, how about program sponsoring instead of ads…”This local drama brought to you by A, B, C, D, E & F, The ABC thanks these companies for supporting Australian programming”.

It would also mean that I would no longer have problems with them being in commercial radio ratings surveys, and I wouldn’t mind them advertising on commercial television like they do when radio ratings survey time comes around.

Personally I think commercial radio ratings should be either commercial stations only, or ALL the stations, including community stations which are currently excluded…but that’s another story.

ssanta 2:03 pm 10 Nov 05

How can a Govt asset advertise private industry without creating havoc with probity issues.

Mr Humphries, please re-read what your job is, and this time try to stick to it.

Thumper 1:25 pm 10 Nov 05

Actually, two comments.

F*ck off!!!

Thumper 1:25 pm 10 Nov 05

Only one comment.

Mr Humphries, you Sir are a tool.

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