19 July 2010

I am getting thirsty! Is there any more news re Zierholz Brewery in Belconnen?

| nanzan
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In March I asked about Zierholz Brewery opening another store in Belconnen (in addition to their one in Fyshwick) – which I had read about in the Canberra Times.

It’s now July and we have a new PM and there are still no decent beer paddles on offer in Belconnen!

Does anyone have the low down? Are they still going to open up at UC – or perhaps at Emu Bank – or maybe, just maybe, at Gungahlin even??

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Has anyone been to Zierholz at UC yet? Has it in fact opened yet? If so, is it a similar set-up to their cafe and brewery in Fyshwick?

Anyone like to proffer a review of the place?


nanzan said :

Does anyone happen to know what is happening with Zierholz Brewery at UC? I thought they were opening in July 2011…but July has come and gone (and now August too almost)….

Just to see if RiotACT still works like it used to, and to see if there are any UC people out there listening, I will ask again:

What’s happening with Zierholz at UC – has it opened yet…is it about to open? Is it going to be like the site at Fyshwick?


Does anyone happen to know what is happening with Zierholz Brewery at UC? I thought they were opening in July 2011…but July has come and gone (and now August too almost)….

Now that Siren has opened in Gungahlin perhaps the situation is not as desperate as it once once…but it would still be fantastic to see another branch of Zierholz out this way.

A mate and i went there a couple of weeks ago and admittedly only had a Cheese Kransky roll with sauerkraut. But it was outstanding and hit all the marks.

Beer was good too, pity I had to drive

Haha, you can see now that abbccc is a food critic…a Matt Preston with a taste for chicken. Don’t be a pineapple mate and try to Led Zeppelin in the future.

abbccc said :

maybe you’re trying to cut costs, I won’t speculate.

Actually, that sounds exactly like speculation

Xstoph, you really shouldn’t feed the trolls – this is a to-and-fro kinda place and without your reply others would have stepped in (just as they did) and argued for the food at your restaurant (as they did) and the positive reviews would have outweighed the one negative (as they did)

Thoroughly Smashed9:39 am 20 Jul 10

Mr Evil said :

Don’t you just love it when all these newbies suddenly appear out of the woodwork to bag something out and spread nasty rumours. They p#ss me off nearly as much as the other newbies who appear on RiotACT to just so ‘accidentally’ name drop products and services…….

And what’s with them all being so creepy on top of everything else? (See above…)

Ok Christoph, here’s the deal. In the near future, I am going to go back there and order my chicken schnitzel. If it is how it was last time, I will take a few photos. I will then go to Coles, buy and cook up a frozen chicken schnitzel, take some photos and post them both up here for comparison. If the schnitzel and other meals have improved, I’m happy, I’ll eat my words and announce it here and I will be returning regularly to ZH as we used to. Your new staff are very nice – it’s just that the food quality has dropped – maybe you’re trying to cut costs, I won’t speculate.

So then you can see if I’m full of it, and you get the chance to bring back a few of your previously committed regulars. Fair deal?

, I’ve ordered a 5 Litre self gassing keg filler (and kegs of course) from Germany which we hope should arrive in a couple of months or so,

Bugga. Christoph, we are returning from Germany in a month and “had” space in a shipping container that you could have used, that would have come direct to Canberra. Ah well, “scheiße passiert”.

beeshive said :

Food has gone significantly downhill, no question.

I have to totally 100% DISAGREE with this – was there earlier in the month and the food was absolutely amazing. I’m not saying it was on par with a $40 main from a fancy resturant, but it was better than I expected and the price was definitely favourable, I’d head back there for a lazy Sunday afternoon in a heartbeat.

If any rioters haven’t checked it out, it’d be in your best interests to!

Everyone’s experience and expectations are different, of course, but every time we have visited the food, the drink, and the service have been amazing.

We have always been particularly happy with the way the staff have made our very young son feel welcome there – and us too!

So Zierholz, get ye into Belconnen (and then Gungahlin) – when you can.

I did bring it to the attention of the staff in a polite way actually and they said they would pass it on to the chef. Didn’t improve my next meal though. So I guess you’re saying the food is awesome and I am just an ignorant anonymous ex-regular customer with bad eyes and no tastebuds. Got it. Sorry for bothering.

Don’t you just love it when all these newbies suddenly appear out of the woodwork to bag something out and spread nasty rumours. They p#ss me off nearly as much as the other newbies who appear on RiotACT to just so ‘accidentally’ name drop products and services…….

Keep up the good work, Christoph. Canberra needs a few more bars like yours to drive the Toohey’s New, VB and Carlton Draught yobbos out of town. 🙂

Woody Mann-Caruso8:49 pm 19 Jul 10

No complaints here, and two thumbs up for the stout.

Last time I was there, food was pretty sweet.

I’ll arrange a group outing on Friday and we can put this “truckstop” theory to the test.

Another previously dedicated customer.

Food has gone significantly downhill, no question.

People who are dissatisfied usually spread the word. If you see satisfaction you weren’t paying attention to the regulars.

Christoph Zierholz7:05 pm 19 Jul 10

Ok I’ll bite.

Hey…. abbccc…? You know my name but I can only guess yours. I just love the anonymity of the interweb as it lets everyone be a food citic and a beer judge, no qualification or other experience necessary. We’re all ten foot tall and invincible at keyboard’s length I guess.

If you want to know the ins and outs of staff and management changes in my business – this is not the place so come by personally and not only will I tell you what I know and think, I’ll also give you the other parties’ phone numbers so you can get every side of the story – after all that is the only way you get the whole picture. Fair is fair.

My advice to you as a consumer and person generally – if you are in an establishment and feel that something is not to your satisfaction then you should immediately bring it to the attention of the staff/management of that establishment rather than go away dissatisfied and sit around waiting to have a whinge some website… I may be one of those arrogant restaurant owners but if you come to me on the day with your complaint at least I have a chance to investigate, and if true, substantiate your claim and rectify the alleged problem but if all I see is this kind of swipe by some anonymous poster that goes blatantly against what I see personally everyday then I am unlikely to feel compelled to do anything much other than suggest to you to next time get your schnitty somewhere else that also stocks Zierholz and then we all win.

Aside from your little critique, we are pleased, no, thrilled actually, with the great number of positive responses we have been getting from patrons about the food, service and beverages we offer and are genuinly excited about the new team that have let us realise many improvements.

As an example, it was just a few weeks ago when acclaimed wine and beer writer Chris Shanahan came in on a Thursday (well, might have been Wednesday) night with his wife and daughter to first and foremost taste the new Oatmalt Stout for his CT Column but they had dinner for the first time and said that they were very impressed and would definetly come again as they live nearby. Well, it wasn’t just a courteous statement as Chris was in again that Saturday with the remainder of the family for lunch. Oh yes, and if you read the CT then you will know that he didn’t mind the stout either.

Nanzan, yes, UC is the go. We’re excited to be working with UC Live to set up the new venue and all the opportunities that brings. We’re even considering using the brewery there to run a brewing course! Gungahlin too is high on the list for another venue but all in good time, my motto has always been that ‘if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well’ so one thing at a time.


Hey Christoph, what happened to all the staff at ZH Fyshwick walking out a few weeks ago? Hey got to say that while your beer there is still excellent, the food is worse than truckstop food now. I had chicken schnitzel there the other day and I’m sure it was a frozen meal from Coles. Hope you get them to pick up the game there. Used to be the best place in my area for a meal and a beer. Cheers.

Thank you Christoph.

So, no sneak preview about the Belconnen location then?

Great news about the network spreading throughout the city, especially new brewery locations!

The burghers of the glorious Gungahlin district are a particularly thirsty and hungry mob – so can I dare to hope that a Gungahlin location might be on the cards too? Perhaps somewhere with pond views, or in the throbbing town centre? I am sure the Gungahlin Community Council can help you find a suitable and profitable location.


Christoph Zierholz10:03 am 19 Jul 10

Patience my friend. In the words of a once famous NZ model, ‘it won’t happen overnight but it will happen’.

One thing I’ve learned in business is that everything always seems to take twice as long and costs twice as much as you think.

We’re hoping to commence fit out soon but are at the moment still in the planning phase.

In the meantime, other than just sitting on my hands and drinking beer all day, I’ve ordered a 5 Litre self gassing keg filler (and kegs of course) from Germany which we hope should arrive in a couple of months or so, and once commissioned we will look to sell our beer through hopefully most local bottleshops. I am sure johnboy and co will sacrifice their time and palates for a road test once we have the first lot kegged off…?

Once that and Belconnen is sorted, we’ll turn our attention to other possible sites for more venues, each of which is to have its own in house brewery, idea being that we make the local Canberra beer available across the city.

Hopefully though we can also win more support from other establishments in the meantime so you can enjoy the beer(s) wherever you go. The latest actually since last week is Rydges Lakeside who’ve put on the Porter so (shameless plug follows) maybe you can book yourselves in for the truffle dinner later in the month and see how it compares to the matched wines (http://tiny.cc/x3dpe), and in Belconnen, the Labor Club have the Amber Ale on tap for now.

Cheers and Beers

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