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Images of Canberra – The Road Ahead has a big pole, but a very small sign

By johnboy 31 July 2009 27

I noticed this while tramping around the lake yesterday.

Someone decided bike paths need special dinky signs warning people of things which are easier to see than the sign itself did they? Gosh it’s like being on a real road! How twee!

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27 Responses to
Images of Canberra – The Road Ahead has a big pole, but a very small sign
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anonymous gungahlian 3:43 pm 23 Sep 09

Ive seen those signs on the bike path crossing Challis Street, Dickson too (before a zebra crossing). I think they’re rediculous (is that how you spell it?) eh… If you are cycling or walking along there and you dont realise that there is a road ahead, you deserve to get hit by a car. I cant believe the government is wasting tax payers money on stupid things like these for gumbies who dont have the common sense to make sure they dont walk straight out onto a road without looking.

willo 2:31 pm 03 Aug 09

haha….how silly….i bet some goose in the planning authority thought that if the poles were 20ft high the signs would be safe from grafitti?… this town is a laugh a minute…..

KB1971 2:22 pm 03 Aug 09

Pelican Lini said :

This ridiculous and gay looking sign is a perfect symbol of the ruination of this town by our insanely bicycle-centric CM.
God, I loath cyclists with their lycra and their helmets and their water bottles.
They have bike paths and now half of our roads, and nobody ever uses them.
I tell a lie, eight months into the year, I have seen three cyclists using the cycle lane on a road and one extremely annoying cyclist near Parliament House one night, who ignored the half of the road already devoted to his bike path and decided to ride in front of me on the bit of road left for motorists.
The halving of motorists’ road space for stupid bicycle lanes no one is using is the biggest menace facing our community ’til the looming zombie holocaust.
Ferchrissake roads are for motorised vehicles – we have the numbers — not for cycling nutjobs, who can use an already extensive network of cycle paths.
Talk about the tail wagging the dog in the name of a deluded vision of cycle utopia.
Ain’t never gonna happen (’til the petrol runs out).

Pelican by name, pelican by nature……..

Hells_Bells74 11:59 pm 31 Jul 09

That just about wraps it all up for Canberra, we can all sleep in forever now. There is no hope.

Ryan – it was established in an earlier-in-the-month post that they are most definitely expensive to our hopeless one.. signs that is.

Aeek 10:47 pm 31 Jul 09

Ryan said :

except ‘Tuggeranong Town Centre’ was replaced with ‘Town Centre’.

That’s one thing I hate about Canberra, Town Centre, which one is it this time?
Not exactly helpful if you are in between.

Aeek 10:44 pm 31 Jul 09

if you want silly signs, how about around Commonwealth Bridge. The cycle lane is painted green so there is a Cycle Lane sign in case you miss that and a (paraphrasing) Look Out for Cyclists in case it doesn’t occur to you that you might encounter cyclists in a cycle lane.

Thumper 7:51 pm 31 Jul 09

Thumper, surely you’re not woefully blind to the deeply political, highly important and often extremely politicised themes surrounding signs and symbols in both Western and non-Western Culture??

Um, yes… i think … 😉

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