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Images of Canberra – Ugly New Building in the Heart of Civic

By johnboy - 17 July 2005 28

Another of Samuel’s recent efforts is this view of the alarming new structure gone up where once we had perfectly usefull car-parks in Civic.

Ugly Development in the heart of Canberra

Look closely, in a desperate attempt to mask the bog-ordinariness of the building, they’ve whacked an even uglier screen in front of it. Those are GIRDERS that have been welded onto a lighter structure to provide the artistic “effect”.

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28 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Ugly New Building in the Heart of Civic
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:19 pm 18 Jul 05

Speaking of town centre buildings, I really dislike that Sky Plaza thing in Woden….it might look better when it’s painted, by I’m not counting on it.


xman 11:53 am 18 Jul 05

Agree on the awards bit! I guess my point was that perspectives can be different. Your ugly is my interesting.

Dysfunctional should never be allowed. This is the ongoing argument with the Cameron Offices in Belconnen. Allegedly an outstanding example of the ‘brutalist’ style of architecture, the architect is still fighting it’s demoltion. Wants it heritage listed in fact. Sadly it’s dystfunctional and it would take a fortune to reverse that state. Whatever it’s value as art, as a building it’s a failure and should go. (IMHO)

Agree that Canberra has some superb stuff, but on the whole our Town Centres are bland bland bland.

Thumper 10:02 am 18 Jul 05

Possibly so, but to simply make an ugly building so that people comment upon it is not a reason.

I’m sure I could come up with something so ridiculously horrible and disfunctional that it would win an award.

It doesn’t make it good.

Besides, Canberra does have a lot of superb architecture although most of it is on the southern side of the lake.

xman 9:49 am 18 Jul 05

It looks well dodgy, but like Vic, I’ll wait until its done before passing judgement.

Having said that, be it in art or architecture, I always appreciate anything that evokes a reaction. Positive or negative.

Sadly Canberra is a city whose buildings are usually so similar that that no reaction at all is forthcoming.

Smackbang 9:40 am 18 Jul 05

It’s not as ugly as the Canberra Centre carparks next door. But we’re used to them. And we’ll grow used to this new youth centre too.

And no, Samuel, this frame is not supporting the building, it is just a design feature.

GuruJ 9:11 am 18 Jul 05

I believe Canberra is adopting the Melbourne modern school of architecture (yay?), eg:

Red Poles
Federation Square

Thumper 8:38 am 18 Jul 05

That is, without doubt, truly ugly….

terubo 5:52 pm 17 Jul 05

When the building settles into the poorly-compacted clay, then the girders will be in perfect alignment.
It takes a great deal of architectural skill to second-guess the lousy work of some of the builders around here….I know, it’s happened to my house.

Vic Bitterman 2:11 pm 17 Jul 05

It’s different, that’s for sure.

I’ll hold off my final judgement until it’s all finished though.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:54 pm 17 Jul 05

I just hope it isn’t supporting the building as it looks like it’s about to topple over from the other side.

“Monstrosity” is about the most I can say for it.


gingermick 10:18 am 17 Jul 05

Um. May I say ‘crap’ again?

johnboy 10:12 am 17 Jul 05

Yup, and then they use that knowledge to do the best they can with what the client is willing to pay.

So make your own judgments about the “Quality” of this project.

gingermick 10:10 am 17 Jul 05

Do people actually go to Architect School so that they can ‘design’ such crap?

Fiona 9:36 am 17 Jul 05

Gah it’s amking me dizzy.Let;s hope it’s not on anyone’s walk home from their favourite nightspots

johnboy 9:24 am 17 Jul 05

Girders 5 and 6 (from the left) appear to be leaning towards each other too.

Wonder if that’s intentional?

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