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Immigration’s New Dress Code

By Pandy - 20 May 2006 32

As reported in todays CT.

The reason that they are bring in a dress code is nothing to do with a staff survey that did not have a question about attire. The reason is that the new honchos mostly come from Centrelink where they have had a dress code since 1999. They are cloning themselves. There was a perception that people wearing jeans were not projecting themselves as professionals.

Anyway the dress code is not a draft: It is due to be launched with great fanfare on 1st of June.

What is stupid, is that men cannot wear polo shirts, you know with a collar. Try getting through you day installing IT equipment wearing (optional -yeah right) a tie. Come to think of it, I plan to wear my classic 1960s rocket engineer attire of short sleeved white shirt, black tie, pocket protector and horn rimmed galsses. Oh I also plan to wear my ugg boots.

UPDATED: The ABC has picked up the story.

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32 Responses to
Immigration’s New Dress Code
Thumper 8:21 am 22 May 06

Personally, I wear a suit to work. Not that I have to, but because I want to.

And Fridays where I work are classed as casual Fridays where jeans, loud shirts, whatever, as long as its neat, is encouraged.

Not good for the staff morale DIMIA….

boomacat 10:32 pm 21 May 06

What was that stuff the Palmer report was saying about process rich and outcome poor?

I’m sure that Cornelia Rau, Vivian Solon and the 5 people that lost their lives in the torres strait because Amanda “Jabba the Hutt” Vanstone and her cronies couldn’t organise a fuck in a brothel will be happy that DIMA is focusing on the BIG issues.

nyssa76 8:27 pm 21 May 06

Just ignore the job and focus on the damn dress code.

When the work isn’t done because people are quitting due to an archaic need to make everyone look the same – i.e. PS cloning – then something is wrong.

Bugger the dress code. Most people do have brains and do know the difference between work wear and piss-up wear.

vg 7:24 pm 21 May 06

Why don’t people simply do what they’re told? Is it that hard. If your management tells you that there is a dress code then you abide by it. If you don’t like it then quit. Sure there might be bigger issues in the wind but until your position in the organisation is such that you can direct the dress code then they aren’t your problem.

Its all about appearing professional. You may be the best pube in the world but if you dress like a clown you’ll be treated accordingly.

LurkerGal 5:20 pm 21 May 06

I will still wear jeans on a Friday. And I will still use my “Your rights at work” cup AT WORK. I am not going to pretend I am not a member of the union. They don’t pay me enough.

MrX(orY) 8:52 am 21 May 06

Geez, not happy that Riot Act is the first place I hear about this!

I don’t mind for the fact that it will stop all the shorts and t-shirt brigade, but polos and jean? Considering we have a whole bunch of branded polos distributed every bloody year, it seems a touch stupid.

Although it is good to see they are addressing the big issues out of the staff survey… like the bunch of fuckmuppets we have in certain executive positions

nyssa76 12:32 am 21 May 06

You can still dress professionally without wearing a suit.

Just because Centrelink staff wear them doesn’t mean they actually do their job any better.

It’s like any Govt dept. They focus on the BS and not the major issues.

Here’s a thought, instead of wasting time on a bloody dress code, they should be focusing on what they’re actually paid to do….immigration for starters.

“Tough talk but I’ll you’ll still be holding your hand out for the next pay cheque. I’ll bet you weren’t as forthcoming in the interview.”

AD can dress however she likes, hell she can walk in with fishnet stockings and a mohawk for all I care. If she does her job effectively (which I assume she does) then who gives a f*&% what she wears?

transigo 5:51 pm 20 May 06

“i work for these pig fucking criminals…….”

Tough talk but I’ll you’ll still be holding your hand out for the next pay cheque. I’ll bet you weren’t as forthcoming in the interview. You would probably perform better if you worked for an organisation you didn’t hold in contempt.

I’m sick of seeing people come to work looking like they couldn’t give a stuff – the dress code is designed to kerb the worse cases of contempt. The public deserve a professional looking (at least) public service.

Mr Evil 5:31 pm 20 May 06

Well, some arseholes in the upper echelons of Immigration are obviously not busy enough if implementing a dress code is their biggest plan at the moment.

I’m sure Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon will be happy that polo shirts and jeans are out!

Absent Diane 3:31 pm 20 May 06

I personally dress in a suit… but if I want the option to wear what i want… I certainly fucking will…. man where is ben lee when you wanna beat the fuck out of someone…

Absent Diane 3:22 pm 20 May 06

i work for these pig fucking criminals……. expect a riotous attitude from at least one worker….

Nik_the_Pig 12:05 pm 20 May 06

what, no cardie?

Slinky the Shocker 12:03 pm 20 May 06

Plus, I am worried. As an immigrant who doesn’t have citizenship yet, I occasionally have to deal with DIMIA. I’d much rather deal with happy immigration officials that can wear whatever they want than with grumpy ones 😉
But seriously, last time I dropped by their counter in Braddon, I actually enjoyed a friendly, reasonably casual atmosphere in there. Who cares what they are wearing?

Danman 12:02 pm 20 May 06

Go to work looking like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. See how that goes.

Slinky the Shocker 12:00 pm 20 May 06

Waiting for Absent Diane’s comment on this 😉

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