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Immigration’s New Dress Code

By Pandy 20 May 2006 32

As reported in todays CT.

The reason that they are bring in a dress code is nothing to do with a staff survey that did not have a question about attire. The reason is that the new honchos mostly come from Centrelink where they have had a dress code since 1999. They are cloning themselves. There was a perception that people wearing jeans were not projecting themselves as professionals.

Anyway the dress code is not a draft: It is due to be launched with great fanfare on 1st of June.

What is stupid, is that men cannot wear polo shirts, you know with a collar. Try getting through you day installing IT equipment wearing (optional -yeah right) a tie. Come to think of it, I plan to wear my classic 1960s rocket engineer attire of short sleeved white shirt, black tie, pocket protector and horn rimmed galsses. Oh I also plan to wear my ugg boots.

UPDATED: The ABC has picked up the story.

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Immigration’s New Dress Code
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smoulder 1:20 pm 26 May 06

this is for ABSENT DIANA – are you going through menapause or something?? What type of person works for people they consider ‘criminals’? heres a novel idea – GO WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE !!!!!

Indi 3:36 pm 23 May 06

that’s ok AD, I wasn’t either – it’s just well it had to be said in a polite manner.

Absent Diane 2:43 pm 23 May 06

Im not going to push the line on the pearl comments

Mr Evil 7:58 am 23 May 06

They’re not pearls: they’re the teeth out of all her victims!

Indi 4:49 pm 22 May 06

I’m of the view that pearls should always be optional…

Mr Evil 3:09 pm 22 May 06

Her forearms are nearly bigger than my thighs!

Absent Diane 2:25 pm 22 May 06

fuck she’s hot

Pandy 1:45 pm 22 May 06

Well is this appropriate dress for chicky babes working in IMMI?

Absent Diane 1:21 pm 22 May 06

its ok.. my attire already fit in.. .except my friday clothing…..

AD = junkmayle true true… but if I had the chance to wear fishnets a short skirt and a mohawk at work that would be great…. I get to in my other job

bulldog 1:12 pm 22 May 06

AD – should probably clarify afain that you are a HE not a SHE. Bad luck about the uniform too buddy.

Personally I would welcome uniforms for a variey of reasons;
1 – No awkward same shirt and/or tie moments with colleagues you don’t like.
2 – Subsidised clothing – hey I’m not complain about that. That is under the proviso that these will actually be subsidised…
3 – Less decision making in the morning –
when somebody else can do the thinking before 8.00am I’ll let them.
4 – Claim extras on tax – and don’t foregt to try and extort as much as possible out of them for it. If the Federales want you to look like part of the team – they’ll have to pay for it one way or another.

erewego 1:03 pm 22 May 06

dearie me, surely its not such a big deal this dress Code – DIMIA is an important place, with staff taking responsibility for monumentus decisions affecting others. Im sure there would be a lot of understanding if you were to point out, on the instance of it coming up, that your work is very valuable, whilst discussions about your attire are less productive, and shove foolish manager-type down elevator shaft.
Actually I think all DIMIA staff should be forced to wear prison orange.

atnasS 11:52 am 22 May 06

As fasr It work goes. Wear a shirt with no tie. Regardless of what the dress code is, it is actually against serfchoices for IT and tech. stff to wear clothing that can be caught up on cables, clips etc.

Or wear a jumper over your tie.

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