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Immigration Bridge proposal fails

By niftydog - 30 March 2010 23

Finally the folk behind this have come to their senses and will now be pushing instead for a monument within the Parliamentary Triangle. I wonder if the next proposal will be as ambitious as this was.

While immigration is certainly something to be celebrated, I’m not sure that a static monument is going to encourage people to recognise it any more than we already do. If anything it seems to condense 220+ years of successful  immigration down to some kind of transient event in the countries history. It also seems single out immigrants, which is rather odd in a country where 25% of us are immigrants, and nearly all the rest are relatively recent descendants thereof.

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23 Responses to
Immigration Bridge proposal fails
bd84 9:36 pm 31 Mar 10

Common sense finally succeeds.

shiny flu 6:32 pm 31 Mar 10

I’m just glad it’s not going ahead. IMO it would have really been a bridge to nowhere on the lake. Or possibly a great way to see the algae blooms up close.

Maybe if they built immigration bridge into our gaol, as a representation of the warm fair-go dinky-di Aussie welcome of asylum seekers.

NickD 6:27 pm 31 Mar 10

Since when is a monumental bridge commemorating immigrants a ‘lefty’ idea? It seems like a rather conservative concept to me, particularly given that there’s a been long-running bipartisan support for mass immigration since the 1940s.

moorey 5:14 pm 31 Mar 10

The immigration bridge would have opened up that side of the lake to people that want to walk/run/ride – an extension to the popular central basin “Menzies walk” route. I can’t see why so many people are opposed to it.

ricci 4:09 pm 31 Mar 10

I noticed that well-known “Leftie”, Liberal Senator Garry Humphries was a great proponent of this useless bridge. Just shows how out of contact he is with his constituents; like all the other ACT Government representatives (McMullan, Ellis, Lundy).

A Noisy Noise Annoys 1:04 pm 31 Mar 10

What a stupid idea it was. It seems that every so often we have lefty groups pushing for monuments in this city for causes dear to their bleeding hearts. Who can forget that ridiculous proposal for the giant red fan smack dab in front of Old Parliament House to commemorate 100 years of womens’ sufferage. It almost got up, too. The frightening thing is that if the Howard Government hadn’t been in office at the time and instead Keating or Rudd had been PM we would now be forced to suffer that ugly gargantuan monstrosity.

la mente torbida 12:52 pm 31 Mar 10

well said niftydog…let’s not forget the evening lessons and weeknight racing as well…if you want a bridge, it’s already there..called Commonwealth Ave (just add plaques)

Skidbladnir 12:03 pm 31 Mar 10

While the Griffin Plan had a bridge there, it called for a vehicle bridge similar to the one that was there as late as the 1940s, but bigger.
But an Immigration Bridge was a shit idea.

By the way, they’re busily trying to mask the fact the project took a major hit, over on their website:

What is the meaning behind the name Immigration Bridge Australia?

The name Immigration Bridge Australia refers to the metaphorical bridge that all immigrants have crossed in coming to Australia to start their new lives here. By coming to Australia, immigrants have crossed from one life to another, in the process creating strong links between Australia and the rest of the world. It is these links and this important journey that we celebrate through the name Immigration Bridge Australia….

(Not at all a “Because we registered a dozen different entities with the ATO and ASIC and can’t change them now…”)

niftydog 12:00 pm 31 Mar 10

luther_bendross said :

Yeah. Bridges are always getting in the way of a good view. What a load of codswallop.

Yes, such an attractive thing it was with those graceful buttresses and the cleverly concealed disabled access, and not in the way of the lovely view of the hills at all!

luther_bendross said :

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen what looks like the Sydney to Hobart in LBG on a Saturday morning, so many yachts.

Perhaps that’s because races take place on Wednesdays and Sundays. There’s also school groups and beginners out there practically every day in the warmer months. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean anything.

troll-sniffer 11:00 am 31 Mar 10

Despite the dogged determination of those who support an immigration memorial of some sort I have serious reservations about its appropriateness overall.

The original immigrants don’t seem to be getting any kudos from this campaign. And yet their journeys would have been vastly more difficult than the ones endured by the ten pound poms and the like.

Given that Australia has the worst record in the world of species decimation (the original inhabitants of 40,000+ years ago don’t get off lightly either according to recent research) should we be erecting a memorial with a one-sided agenda?

The great news is that this un-necessary eyesore and hazard will not now be foisted on our lake by this group of self-promotionists. Perhaps they could go and talk to the aboriginal embassy folk and combine to produce something of true value?

p1 10:50 am 31 Mar 10

I think that an immigration tunnel under the lake would be cooler. Plus, we could ignore it most of the time, thus adding to the symbolism.

luther_bendross 9:21 am 31 Mar 10

Thumper said :

Immigration bridge proposal fails

Good. What an eyesore it would have been.

Yeah. Bridges are always getting in the way of a good view. What a load of codswallop.

And as for the poor people from the yacht club who were worried about their yachting space being limited: good point. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen what looks like the Sydney to Hobart in LBG on a Saturday morning, so many yachts. Wait no. I can count it, and it’s zero.

This seems like another instance where Canberra = Shelbyville.

sloppery 9:01 am 31 Mar 10

Excellent. What a stupid idea.

Thumper 8:24 am 31 Mar 10

Immigration bridge proposal fails

Good. What an eyesore it would have been.

trevar 7:12 am 31 Mar 10

I still think an immigration bridge would be useful between Indonesia and Australia. I’ve never been inclined to migrate from the southside to the northside, but Indonesia is a little more enticing than Belconnen.

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