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Insinkerators a Dunne deal

By Kerces 24 November 2005 7

Vicki Dunne is having a whinge because Planning Minister Simon Corbell today reversed a ban she had imposed on insinkerators, or in-sink garbage disposal units.

Mrs Dunne is opposed to the use of insinkerators because they waste water.

“The general rule of thumb is that in-sink garbage disposal units use about 55 litres of water a day or 20 kilolitres a year each. Water which could be better used elsewhere,” she said. This amounts to about 6 per cent of the Government’s estimate of average water useage a year.

Mr Corbell’s stated reasons for ending the ban, set in place last year, were that it is ineffective and unenforceable. Which seem fair enough to me.

Ok, so insinkerators use 20kL of water a year. Well how much do baths use? One bathtubful is approximately 500L, or half a kilolitre. So if you have one bath a week for most weeks in the year, and probably people with young kids would use a bath much more frequently than this, you are using as much water as an insinkerator. Water which could be put to much better use because you could be having a shower (water usage of one shower = very roughly 80L) and using the rest of the water for something else. So by this logic, I think all bathtubs should be banned because they encurage water wastage dammit. Why aren’t you banning baths Vicki?

In fact maybe we should all just wash using a bucket (water usage approx 10L) and a sponge. One bucket per family. And do the dishes in it afterwards. And give the scraps you would have put down your insinkerator to the chooks.

What’s Your opinion?

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Insinkerators a Dunne deal
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Nik_the_Pig 11:45 am 25 Nov 05

I’m not that old and I got it, and yes, she was hot.

Although I did (and still do) watch a lot of ABC. Does that make me more like Samuel-GS? “shudder”

Maelinar 10:00 am 25 Nov 05

Oh come on Thumper, I can understand Kerces not even being alive when Felicity Kendal was at her peak and being a water-saving spunky goddess that every male in the country wanted to go start a self-sufficient farm with, but Thumper, you should be ashamed…

Of course, I’m talking about the good life, where Felicity Kendal played that sexy blonde chick, making every move possible to be as environmentally friendly as they could be.

I for one am cursing the age gap between us, cause she was hot.

Thumper 9:11 am 25 Nov 05

Neither do I for that matter but I just thought I was a tad slow….

Kerces 9:05 am 25 Nov 05

I don’t get it Maelinar

ssanta 1:31 pm 24 Nov 05

Right that’s it. I am buying paper plates and sending them Vicki Dunne everytime I use one.
Just like a postcard.

Thumper 11:25 am 24 Nov 05

She really can come out with some stupid stuff can’t she.

By her reckoning we should not be able to wash our dishes as the average sink must hold about ten litres. Or use a dishwasher….

Maelinar 7:55 am 24 Nov 05

Ok Felicity Kendal…

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