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Is that the new intercha… Oh hang on!

papadoc 12 June 2009 11

Just came across this chestnut on centre stage at Westfield in Belconnen. Although a simple bit of public mischief, it must have taken some work. Think of the planning involved!

    Step One: Hate new Belconnen arrangements, means I can’t get to my mundane office job as easily as before.
    Step Two: Taking a long lunch, I’ll just duck over to the mall and get a sandwhich. Can’t have too many carbs though…
    Step Three: OMG! Is that a display for the new traffic lights that I hate. Grrrr. Hey, they put a new elevator in though, neat!
    Step Four: How can I be like those cool Chaser guys and vent my anger at the establishment? Wait a second…
    Step Five: Sorry Boss, forgot to shut down my Excel spreadsheet with lots of numbers on it. *Opens Word and writes Un* Hehehe…
    Step Six: Golly, I hope security don’t catch me. I’ll throw them off by calling in a Massey sighting in K-Mart.
    Step Seven: Tape up sign and power walk away knowing just how evil I am.
    Step Eight: Tell wife what I did and although she calls me an immature idiot, I like to pretend that I can still be cool.

Or that’s how I reckon it would have happened 🙂

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11 Responses to Is that the new intercha… Oh hang on!
miz miz 4:31 pm 13 Jun 09

Had a Dilbert moment of my own at work recently – someone stuck a capital letter F in front of the ‘utility room’ sign in our new building. Most appropriate given that the utility rooms (containing printers, fax machines, photcopiers etc) have been fraught with software ‘teething problems’!

ant ant 11:45 am 13 Jun 09

There is still the odd larrikin among the sanctimonious population. How long did the alteration stay up?

emd emd 11:36 am 13 Jun 09

Love it! And no real harm done, it could be easily fixed (and probably has been by now).

astrojax astrojax 8:05 am 13 Jun 09

[apologies double post] but actually, i initially thought, with the active human rights on show at the new hume hotel, that the united nations were getting in among the debacle that is belconnen mall and making it a place for all people… ban ki moon is so everywhere!

astrojax astrojax 8:03 am 13 Jun 09

aww, and there we were thinking we had a bona fide chaser-like activist amongst us. ; )

i loved the ‘power walk’ – how we miss l’il johnny…

papadoc papadoc 8:29 pm 12 Jun 09

Just so we’re clear, it wasn’t me who did it. The step by step was a pisstake.

Tempestas Tempestas 8:08 pm 12 Jun 09

Immature, probably. Evil definitely not
Funny hmm a little
Making a point? I’ll give it 7.5 out of 10 there.

Are they town-centre improvements or is it a way to allow Westfield in Belconnen to expand and try to compete with Civic/Gunghalin?

Even once they are complete are we going to have a inwards focussed monolithic mall surrounded by the urban wasteland of offices with little foot traffic?

If we do they can only be described as improvements in the same way that the new bottleneck on GDE/Glenloch is an improvement of the bottleneck that used to be on Caswell Drive/Glenloch

madjimmy madjimmy 7:23 pm 12 Jun 09

I agree with your wife….you’re an immature idiot…just like those “cool Chaser guys”.
Doesn’t mean it’s not funny though. Good one !!

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 7:09 pm 12 Jun 09

That’s fantastical. I love it!!

Ozi Ozi 6:57 pm 12 Jun 09

I like that our alleged offender uses the word “golly” and a ‘Massey Sighting’ is the decoy of choice… hehe

jessieduck jessieduck 5:26 pm 12 Jun 09

I like it

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