Jack Waterford – Canberran of the Year

johnboy 12 March 2007 12

Our Brave Leader has announced that he’s named Jack Waterford the Canberran of the Year for being so gosh darn iconic (and quite supportive of the Chief Minister we might ad).

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope presented Mr Waterford for the award in recognition of his services to local journalism — particularly in the areas of politics, public administration and the law — and to the community.

“Mr Waterford has informed this community — not to mention dissecting and analysing it — for many decades, as a reporter, editor, columnist and leader-writer for this city’s daily newspaper,” Mr Stanhope said today. “He is a household name, whose contacts and connections span political, religious and social divides.

Jealousy? Of course not, I was Canberran of the Year in 2003 when Mr. Stanhope forever cheapened the award by giving it to all of us (still waiting for the certificate Jon).

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12 Responses to Jack Waterford – Canberran of the Year
HA HA 11:36 am 14 Mar 07

Jack’s a has-been. Florid prose, but lives in the 60s. Rarely makes sense after about 12noon. Plays absolutely no leadership role at the Crimes. Is only kept on because he knows the combination to the bar fridge. Honest!

Al Al 1:23 pm 13 Mar 07

And a big kiss for you too bonfire…
So quick with the insults – work for the diplomatic corps do we?
Wasn’t aware that the size of one’s dining table equated to depth of the owner’s intelligence. You must have a really big dining table hey?

Can’t see where in my post I said anything about tabloid content. So just why is it that the size of a sheet of paper should automatically equate to dumber content? If a journo can’t get a story across in a 2-page tabloid spread, they would need to go back to writing school.

And basing your entire assessment of my suggestion on the fact that CT on Sunday is crappy doesn’t wash. For some reason papers around the ENTIRE country put different teams on for Sunday editions, and they are ALL crap and I’d never go pay for it if it wasn’t included in my daily delivery. Why, when Sundays are when we have more time to get into meaty issues I’ll never know…Perhaps its the training ground for wannabe editors?

bonfire bonfire 11:55 am 13 Mar 07

i hate the tabloid format.

i note the sunday version is often barely 20 actual pages long.

excluding the hollywood insert (for some reason it always features some starlet and her insights) with the tv guide.

its not good value for money at all.

the saturday edition is becoming better. i notice they have a few new journos. cathy alexander has written a few interesting pieces. i liked the one on iraqi refugees in oz.

the broadsheet version allows for better pictures, an indepth article on one page.

tabloid size means tabloid versions of journalism. reduced stories, reduced information.

if you are too stupid to be able to read a broadsheet newspaper without having a thousand pieces of paper flying around, then i suggest you listen to rph.

ant ant 11:26 am 13 Mar 07

I didn’t realise he’d been elevated onto a Cloud.
poor old CT. It’s got Pryor (a national treasure) and not a lot else. Oh, I guess Ian Warden. Bring on the Sunday format, tabloid shape with horoscopes, cooking, gardening and what about a decent gossip column? I think that tall woman was the last good one they had (what was her name? Very political). That art guy gave it a good go but he hit his high point with a long meat pie contest (and I can’t remember who won it anyway).

Very Good Very Good 11:11 am 13 Mar 07

He hasn’t had anything to do with the running of it in years. Since it started going downhill really. He’s on board as an editorialist/elder statesman. I think they call him an editor-at-large

Al Al 11:07 am 13 Mar 07

Having lived within circulation of a number of different regional dailies over a few years, I think that Canberra Times has a lot going for it. It has one of the most solid editorial contents, and I hold Waterford’s work in pretty high regard.
There is one thing I absolutely hate about the CT though – the damn broadsheet format.
The Courier Mail has switched to Tabloid size without impacting its content (it was already crap!) and I’m sure CT could change too. It is farcical seeing people in planes all trying to read the damn paper at once…and our dining table is much the same of a morning.

caf caf 10:49 am 13 Mar 07

ant, I thought he’d been pushed aside from the day-to-day running of the newspaper?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:29 am 13 Mar 07

rather Jack than Jorian, eh?

Thumper Thumper 8:04 am 13 Mar 07

Yeah, he may be a bit of a Stanhope apologist but I have no problems with the nomination.

As you mentioned JB, we are all Canberran of the year 2003. But not my dog and goldfish and errant itinerant blue tongue lizard.

ant ant 2:49 am 13 Mar 07

Shame he runs such a woeful newspaper. maybe they should convert it to something like the Sunday version, which I quite enjoy. Right now it’s just not attractive when you look at it lying next to the SMH at the newstand. same price…

teddy bear teddy bear 12:04 am 13 Mar 07

I agree with Pandy.

Pandy Pandy 10:32 pm 12 Mar 07

Jack deserves it. Well done mate!!!

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