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Jamo Mall Brawl

By Kramer 1 October 2007 31

My family and I were just completing our grocery shop at Jamison this afternoon, when in the middle of the newly refurbished mall a brawl broke out. It seems (from our distanced view) a couple of blokes had a disagreement out the front of Aldi, which became a bit heated and resulted in the younger guy bottling the older guy. Things stepped up from there, with a few mates from either side running in to help; a checkout chick from Coles running in, as it was her dad who was bottled; Aldi & Coles staff stepping in to break things up; and no real form of mall security. The guy was then kicked and hit while on the ground by the main offender. A number of mobiles were pulled out by customers in the area – half I expect were calling the police, while the other half filmed the event for YouTube.

The end result was a puddle of blood, glass, and grog left on the floor in the middle of the newly laid tiles; a couple of police cars outside; a guy with a cold compress on his head and a bit of blood all over; and a guy in cuffs on the curb.

So it’s a new look Jamo, but the customers are still the same.

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Jamo Mall Brawl
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Kramer 1:00 pm 03 Oct 07

Halez – Apologies for misconstruing you dad as one of the derros. He is a hero and should be greatly respected for standing up for decency in our society. I hope someone shouted him a bottle (or case) of wine, after losing his purchase.

Unfortunately I missed the start of incident, I heard yelling and the smashing bottle – hence the assumption about the bottling. Then I saw your dad on the ground being hit. I’m not sure if I would be the best witness, as I was still standing inside Coles, and wasn’t wearing my glasses (so my testimony in court would be useless).

ant 10:19 pm 02 Oct 07

On Commercial radio news this evening, they reported this incident, and asked for witnesses to get in touch with Crime Stoppers to give their info. So Kramer, get on to them!

It’s just so great that these garbage people are out and about in our society. And when someone tries to deal with them, they get done over.

barney 9:09 pm 02 Oct 07

To be honest. I lied about the Iranian Skim Milk.

shauno 9:05 pm 02 Oct 07

Aldi is a German company and German companies have a lot of contacts with Iran. My guess is the Iranian Milk would be Halal certified and they would be cashing in on the Muslim community.

barney 8:54 pm 02 Oct 07

I just love these “stories” about brawls and crime and the like. I’d like amuse myself in the thinking that the fight was over some “highly valued” item from Aldi (they have some really rare items don’t they. Tell me, cause I don’t know~). But considering that there are persons involved within the thread, I’ll just keep it to myself.

Ehr. has anybody ever bought the Iranian skim-milk from Aldi ? My friend went down there to pick up a fabbo DVD player, and came back with a trolley full of it. It must have been on special or something.

princess-halez 8:09 pm 02 Oct 07

Seeing this incident has devastated me, Thank you so much for all the positive comments, this makes me feel better knowing that there are actually civilized and caring people in the community, You’ve helped me get through the day on a positive note.

Dad is on the mend, but it will take some time.

lucym 7:13 pm 02 Oct 07

Maybe its the same guy who, with a mate, was bashing up a girl on the corner of the Jamison carpark nearest to the Jamison Inn the weekend before last. We rang the cops.

Hope your dad is ok princess-halez

asp 5:39 pm 02 Oct 07

“this particular piece of scum gets locked up for a long time”

I hope so too, but given what some people have gotten away with in recent times. Think Miss Westin… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Stung 4:13 pm 02 Oct 07

I guess the lesson here is dont tell derros to stop swearing.

justbands 3:50 pm 02 Oct 07

Sadly, there’s scum all over the place. I hope your Dad is OK princess-halez & that this particular piece of scum gets locked up for a long time…unlikely unfortunately.

Mr Evil 3:31 pm 02 Oct 07

I think since the Jamo Tavern has been cleaned up a bit, that may have helped the local image too.

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