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Jon meets geeks [On ACT PS Job Cuts]

Ari 2 May 2006 17

Lovers of acronyms will wet themselves over this rather opaque report about job cuts in the ACT public service.

The lead makes sense – UP to 1000 ACT public service jobs will go and technology will be used to centralise administrative services in one of the biggest shake-ups of the territory’s administration since self-government. – but the report meanders after that.

This par certainly resonates: Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said he did not know how many jobs would be lost or exactly how the plan would be executed.

That’s leadership for you!

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Jon meets geeks [On ACT PS Job Cuts]
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Thumper 4:37 pm 03 May 06

No, that was loitering….

Maelinar 4:30 pm 03 May 06

I don’t know, we were lingering at the same time but at a different booth…

Thumper 4:27 pm 03 May 06

Lingering or malingering?

Maelinar 4:24 pm 03 May 06

I think Thumper’s right Sssanta…

You’ve been seen lingering at a few bars recently…

Thumper 3:50 pm 03 May 06

You only care about beer….

Sssanta 2:50 pm 03 May 06

I care about the aboreta thumper!

VYBerlinaV8 9:25 am 03 May 06

Why don’t we just get the 1000 people they want to sack to go drive taxis…?

Thumper 8:11 am 03 May 06

Busways that won’t work and aboreta that no-one wants or cares about.

I’m sure people would much rather have their jobs.

maria 9:57 pm 02 May 06

and how much would we save if we didn’t build a gaol (let alone a tree zoo)

tallian 8:51 pm 02 May 06

$10m = 1000 jobs. Didn’t realise ACT public servants only get $10k pa. $10m is closer to about 100. Unless they plan to cut 1000 and then waste 90% of the savings on other shit like busways and arboreta? Wait on, thats exactly what is happening.

steveu 7:11 pm 02 May 06

Hi Thumnper, Its all the same bucket of money. But they can terminate contracts quickly if they cant manage their money. Cheers

Maelinar 4:31 pm 02 May 06

Valid point considering that they are scratching their heads at the moment wondering why the bucket is surprisingly dry all of a sudden.

Thumper 4:27 pm 02 May 06

In the books Mael, in the books….

Contractors come out of a different bucket of money. makes it all look good without actually saving anything.

Amazing to think that we have a booming economy and no money.

Well, let me rephrase that, it’s not that amazing given the money wasting we see.

Maelinar 4:20 pm 02 May 06

Hrmm lemme guess…

1000 people earning $50/hr in a PS job…

Nero axes the lot…

1000 people brought in on contract to replace them at $70/hr

And the savings is where ?

Thumper 4:18 pm 02 May 06

Bring back Ted “Wonko the Sane’ Quinlen….

barking toad 4:02 pm 02 May 06

Sooo, he’ll save $10M pa and cut 1000 jobs but doesn’t know how it will be done.. right…..

Sounds a lot like “there will be no child in poverty etc, etc…….

A social engineer in charge of the council coffers – interesting times ahead.

Thumper 3:20 pm 02 May 06

You’ve got to love that strong decisive leadership….

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