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Jon Stanhope – Rainmaker?

By johnboy - 24 September 2008 45

[First filed: September 23, 2008 @ 11:15]

I’ve been picking up for a while now that there is an unprecedented level of personal animosity to Jon Stanhope out there in voter land. That is to say never has a Chief Minister facing election managed to rile up such large swathes of the electorate.

With Labor matching any promise the tories make (and the ideological differences between the two being imperceptible on outcomes) I strongly suspect this is driving the cult of personality campaign the Liberals are running.

They’re sensing that in a personality contest they’ll come out on top.

So now I’m interested, dear reader, in finding out what you’re feeling towards Mr. Stanhope at the moment.

Yes the shills and spivs from the parties are going to make some noise here, but what do the rest of you think?

In my own mind Jon Stanhope is...

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45 Responses to
Jon Stanhope – Rainmaker?
sepi 2:25 pm 23 Sep 08

I think he messed up with closing too many schools, building on too many car parks in civic (without thinking of any alternative parking spots), removing all public rubbish bins from parks/bustops, approving too many huge buildings in suburbia, and our abysmal health system.

Most people will have been affected by one of these issues.

This govt is too focussed on ‘announcibles’ (new snazzy sleep clinics, computerised time keepers at bustops etc), and not on getting the basics right – hospital waiting times, over full buses.

On schools – the kids at chifley, weston creek, hall and tharwa have to travel a lot further than 2 suburbs, and the chifley, hall and tharwa kids have no buses available either.

S4anta 1:54 pm 23 Sep 08


hee hee. This is best had over another four million beers methinks. and some chops

Affirmative Action M 1:51 pm 23 Sep 08

Arrogant P*%#k with a Capital A & Capital P.

Gives us a Prison & a Human Rights Commission we don’t need but cannot sort out parking in Civic, public transport (buses, airport taxis, gunghalin overpass) & we just about have Australias worst Health system.

Him & Kate Carnell could have been twins.

harvyk1 1:42 pm 23 Sep 08

If you listen to his words directly after the fires he was actually admitting fault. He basically said don’t blame the firefighters, if you want to blame anyone blame me. This of course changed once party politics came back into play a few weeks later.

Kramer 1:34 pm 23 Sep 08

I reckon he’s a positive for Labor. He’s a real bloke, a bit hard headed, stuffs up sometimes, but on the whole has done a good job. Whereas the Zed (and ex buddy Mulchay) come across a bit too slick for me – kinda like used car salesmen.

As JB says the policies are pretty similar, so for some it may be a personality contest, whereas for me it will be a “how far left of right do you go” contest. So methinks with the current scenario Labor will just sneak in before Libs about last & second last on my ballot paper (except for the loony right who score stone cold motherless last).

barking toad 1:11 pm 23 Sep 08

“Like fires”

Too quick for me Thumper

New Yeah 1:10 pm 23 Sep 08

Is Stanhope polling worse than Carnell did? Given that a significant chunk of Canberra’s oft-moving population has never lived under a different CM I doubt that they realize what we had to deal with before the current regime.

Stanhope can seem a bit stroppy but Canberra is better under him than it was under Carnell. I can’t see Zed doing any better than either of them, especially with the bunch of stooges he’s trying to drag over the line. Except Morgo, he seems alright.

PM 1:00 pm 23 Sep 08

I really care about his thoughts on the middle east peace process.

Thumper 12:56 pm 23 Sep 08

Although I will agree that he does speak his mind, something that is generally lacking in politicians in this country.

Thumper 12:53 pm 23 Sep 08

accept responsibility for things

Like fires?

harvyk1 12:48 pm 23 Sep 08

I think Jon Stanhope is a genuinely good leader, and not afraid to speak his mind, and accept responsibility for things which are clearly his fault (he’ll even take the blame for things which are not his direct fault).

The problem with this is that typically voters have little real idea what the pollies truely stand for (beyond labor = left, liberal = right) and they have short memories (and this is on both sides), who can be very easily swayed by a good marketers. Because Jon has been so open and honest it’s given the liberal marketers a lot of room to work with. Admittedly they haven’t yet been too nasty in the TV ad’s but there are still a few weeks to go.

Given the murmurings of other states (which is echoed here in Canberra) the libs may actually have a good shot at winning this election. I guess the big problem for the libs is the fact that Canberra typically votes labor.

PM 12:32 pm 23 Sep 08

S4anta, I disagree…

S4anta 12:00 pm 23 Sep 08

Compared to any other leader the ACT has had, I dare say his record speaks for himself.

Yes he has put his foot in the collective mouth of not only himself, his own party and the general populus but the ACT has matured fairly well.

But the one question that still lingers is; Where is the freaking alternative?

The only bloke with any real chops was spilled out of one party room, walked down the corridor and now is sitting pretty working for the Government.

Unbeliever 11:35 am 23 Sep 08

Stanhope may not be the perfect CM, but as a resident of the Territory I don’t hold him responsible for all the woes of voters in the ACT.

There are some fundamental problems with all sorts of infrastructure in the ACT (transport, housing, health, education) that predates the Stanhope govt. And frankly (as someone who’s lived in 3 other oz capital cities) these are fundamental problems which we in the ACT don’t want a realistic solution to. Things like high density housing (using a Danish/swedish model of liveable cities), which has flow on benefits to great public transport infrastructure and education facilities. I’m sick of hearing the argument that it’s unacceptable for my child to have to travel 2 suburbs away for a school – get real.

Stanhope is sometimes flawed, but much preferred over any libs.

jimbocool 11:35 am 23 Sep 08

If you look at the last election the Stanhope vote, albeit inflated by the Captain Underpants factor, set a record that will never be bettered – 21,929 first preference votes which was a cool 36.9%. In the lead up to the election he was recording Rudd-esque figures in his approval ratings. While undoubtably the shine has come off and his ratings would have come down to more sensible levels, he would still rate the pants of Zed. He’s a big plus for Labor – I can’t stand him myself, but the great unwashed still like him even if the love has gone.

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