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Jorian Gardner goes down on Andrew Barr MLA – And it is enourmous!

johnboy 27 April 2006 33

CityNews seems to be going through a kick with putting bylines on their puff pieces. You’d think having arts impressario and Canberra Review editor Jorian Gardner bylined on a politics story would be the funniest thing about their profile on new MLA Andrew Barr. But just down the page a candidate for “oddest paragraph in the history of writing” rears its head.

And it is enormous.

Also a public policy degree makes one “Super Qualified” in Jorian-world (rather than merely “having qualifications”).

The article does finish with some Super! Enthusiastic! Stuff about Andrew’s sexuality.

He said Anthony had handled the whirlwind of publicity surrounding his new appointment in his stride. “I think he gets teased at work a bit because my ugly mug is in the paper and on the telly so much, but he’s pretty good about it. ”

Given that the ACT Government is considering legalising same-sex unions, have Andrew and his partner considered formalising their relationship under the new laws?

“We have only spoken very briefly about it, but to be honest, I am still waiting to be asked!” Andrew roared with laughter and his infectious smile flashed across his face.

Andrew roared with laughter and his infectious smile flashed across his face. I think Anthony needs to be a little careful, sounds like Jorian’s quite taken…

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Jorian Gardner goes down on Andrew Barr MLA – And it is enourmous!
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simto 8:33 am 11 May 06

In support of Won – the point of the thread had moved towards Jorian’s general competence as a writer (his competence as an arts administrator are not in question, by the by – as noted in the Bunch of Fives threads, people seem happy with him in that capacity). And that’s what Won’s addressing.

wonsworld 11:02 pm 10 May 06

err yes it was a tangent. I stated that at the begining becasuer you suggested that what was said was only said due to someone’s sexuality. I replied in detail so as not to confuse you

dontdoit 9:49 pm 10 May 06

wooahh nelly!!! Talk about a tangent!! thanks for the mini essay…but i believe the subheading of this page is “Jorian Gardner goes down on Andrew Barr” and not “..titanic the musical… blah blah blah…supa productions…winning CAT Awards…oh, and rabbits….” were u tryin to prove a point….sigh…. like talking to a brick wall. And yes….this is my first posting ….under THIS nickname anyway 🙂 🙂

wonsworld 12:38 pm 08 May 06

Ok then dontdoit, how about this? Forgetting all about peoples sexuality and who is doing what to who and for how long. In terms of a demonstration of pure sloppy journalistic skill, this item is “reported” in the current issue of the City News and on the Canberra review website under his by-line.

“A PROFESSIONAL production of the Musical “Titanic” has been announced for Sydney later in the year. Canberra theatregoers will remember the popular success (but not so much critical success) Supa Productions had with their production of this musical in 2004, which at that time was one of the first productions of “Titanic” in Australia.”

Now, apart from actually winning the 3 big CAT awards for Best Musical, Best Director and Best Musical Director. The local production also won the Canberra Critics Circle Award 2005 for Musicals for “fine ensemble production of Titanic – The Musical, which achieved a considerable level of excellence in performance, design and staging”.

The show also managed 6 non-paid for and independent press reviews/articles (Canberra Times – About Town – Capital Life – Times 2 – City News – ARTLOOK – Ozshowbiz).

Now, with only ONE negative paragraph in all of the reviews mentioned (which BTW was at toward the end his OWN review of the show, after which he stated that the production “deserves a wide audience and a successful run”). Is that a better demonstration of doing a job badly?

I may not be the fastest rabbit in the patch but I am left wondering what he would define as a show that does have a “critical success”?

johnboy 10:20 pm 07 May 06

You’re either a shill, or easily confused, but we were mocking a badly written puff piece of what could have been advertorial.

Not Andrew Barr beyond his lack of wisdom in going along with it.

As this was your first commenting on the site your credibility is rather low.

dontdoit 10:13 pm 07 May 06

hang on a sec? who am i supposed to be abusing for their opinions? was it yours? would that be the opinion that you or others are doing their jobs badly? now now – my private thoughts are not what we are debating here, dont get personal. were talking about you making fun of a mans sexuality, remember?

johnboy 5:45 pm 07 May 06

My, such a clever riposte, I am left speechless before your wit.

You’re welcome to your opinion. That you abuse people with a differing opinion reflects more on you than anyone else.

dontdoit 5:41 pm 07 May 06

People doing their jobs badly – and in public” HILARIOUS coming from you… I can taste the irony.

LadyoftheLake 4:10 pm 06 May 06

I read said article and found it a good read. I thought Jorrian did a fabulous job! 😛

johnboy 12:48 pm 06 May 06

People doing their jobs badly, and in public.

dontdoit 10:22 pm 05 May 06

what? You dont seem to follow? I find it hard to understand that ppl would be so petty as to target people doing their jobs. this site has it in for City News, maybe someone has had a failed interview/job app there? Hmm? Whatever the case, I’m all for slander, but only when its deserved!

RandomGit 4:32 pm 04 May 06

So your saying if it was a wife or girlfirend that said it, we wouldn’t be joking?

Oh, I think we would.

dontdoit 3:17 pm 04 May 06

what im saying is – im sure if barr wasnt gay – you wouldnt mention a thing

wonsworld 12:28 am 04 May 06

Ahh sorry Jamius.

Thought you were taking the piss outta one of Thesaurus Rex’s more famous comments on nude bathing at Lady Jane Beach… “We dont need male and female genitals rammed down our throats… to use a colloquialism”.

*sigh*… I miss Rex

johnboy 9:55 pm 03 May 06

thought you were over making gay jokes at every opportunity?

Why did you think that? Actually mostly it’s the gay people who make those jokes around here.

dontdoit 9:52 pm 03 May 06

thought you were over making gay jokes at every opportunity? its pretty pathetic that u have slandered two ppl (and their partners)here. they are just doing their job. dont find negatives in that.

jamius maximus 12:45 pm 28 Apr 06

I was making a bad allusion to oral sex wonius, not being conservative.

simto 12:23 pm 28 Apr 06

Urgh! I really don’t want to think about Jorian Gardiner having any kind of sexuality, if I can possibly avoid it.

wonsworld 11:34 am 28 Apr 06

thank you Jamius “Rexus Mossopus” *L*

Ari 3:09 pm 27 Apr 06

Jorian clearly Barr-ed up during the interview.

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