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Katy calls for junk food ad ban

By GnT - 13 December 2007 92

The ACT government has joined the call to ban “junk food” advertising to children, in a bid to curb the “major endemic problems of overweight and obesity”.

I have two problems with this. First of all, define “junk food”. There are many borderline foods which are nutritious in moderation. Who is going to decide which foods fit the “junk” category, and on what criteria? Secondly, where do parents’ responsibilities lie? Surely offereing a free toy with a food purchase is a legitimate promotion, and it’s up to parents to say “no” to the foods they don’t want their child consuming.

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92 Responses to
Katy calls for junk food ad ban
justbands 2:29 pm 14 Dec 07

Yeah….right on barking toad! I mean, it’s not like smoking kills you, or alcohol abuse is a big problem, or that our environment is struggling, or that we’re turning into a mob of fat bast&rd heart attacks waiting to happen or….oh, hang on…

barking toad 2:24 pm 14 Dec 07

Well the social engineers have had their way with smoking and tried to control how we hammer the piss.

They’re using the weather to try and stop us from driving cars and using electricity and breathing but this stopping the weather changing business is getting a bit hard.

So, now they’ve latched onto eating – “you must eat what I say or the world will end!”

Farking hippies.

barney 10:16 pm 13 Dec 07

Lived in Charnwood as kid. I not was permit to go too scool as my parants not believe in. I never had any issues with diet thow. I been fed good pet food with excerciseing allways ok. I know fat i no thow socialy ok I find lot of influence of bad you know.

ant 8:52 pm 13 Dec 07

Yes, the advertising is cunning and evil. And parents who don’t raise their kids to have respect for the rules that the parents set, get everything they deserve, and inflict on the rest of us some really unpleasant kids. I wonder what kind of adults they’ll become?

jemmy 6:41 pm 13 Dec 07

It’s not as simple as that. Caf is right, esp for young children who take things at face value. Basically the kids are psychologically trained to feel good about McDonalds, nothing to do with food, it’s a Pavlovian response. This is why they chose images to appeal to tots instead of images of say cars or beautiful women for older markets. Coke does the same thing with those images for the youth market. Google ‘advertising emotional transference’ for more.

Deadmandrinking 6:09 pm 13 Dec 07

Don’t take your bloody children to Macca’s every day, for Christ’s sake! Problem solved.

Sure some guy ate it for a month straight or something and got really bad health problems – but, f-k, if you do that, you deserve it.

Kids get fat when you FEED them too much. The answer to childhood obesity is so bloody simple, it hurts.

Ingeegoodbee 4:51 pm 13 Dec 07

Would the beer be green?

Thumper 4:49 pm 13 Dec 07


Shrek beer and chips….

it’s a winner by me!

Ingeegoodbee 4:44 pm 13 Dec 07

I have no problem syaing no to my kids when it comes to crap food – it’s me that can’t resist. Beer and chips … mmmmmmm, and when was the last time you saw an add for beer and chips?

Mr Evil 4:34 pm 13 Dec 07

Yeah, but this pie-in-the-sky crap takes the heat off Katy and her piss poor management of the local health system…….

God I’m cynical! 🙂

Thumper 3:18 pm 13 Dec 07

Very true caf, but parents can also turn off TVs, and say no everytime a kid wants to buy a Shrek chocolate bar or whatever.

Besides, unless it’s an agreement NSW wide it will be totally unworkable.

caf 3:00 pm 13 Dec 07

Advertising, inasfar as it is psychological manipulation, can certainly stand to be better regulated in regards to children, who don’t have the same level of psychological defences as adults.

Thumper 2:53 pm 13 Dec 07

Nanny state politics…

Mælinar 2:50 pm 13 Dec 07

Too much time on the baby, not enough time reading important documents Katy.

Mr Evil 2:47 pm 13 Dec 07

Yes, think of the children; ban everything bad, and don’t expect them to develop any form of self-control, eh Katy.

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