Kids locked out at Tharwa

kimba 22 January 2007 56

I went for a drive to the soon to be ghost town of Tharwa over the weekend.

Of course it is a longer trip than normal as Nero has failed to fix the bridge cutting the village’s most important lifeline to Canberra.

I was speaking to a couple of locals who told me that the primary school had organised an excursion on the last day of school (last year) and when they returned that afternoon the school had been ‘chained and locked’ by Nero’s ‘imperial guards’. The students were LOCKED OUT!

They also said that Nero’s guards stayed around the school for a few more days to make sure the good citizens of Tharwa did not ‘rebel’ and claim their school back.

Well done Stanhope!

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56 Responses to Kids locked out at Tharwa
el el 11:22 pm 26 Jan 07

Ditto with seepi’s and miz’s comments about Melrose being a shitehole…also interested to see if they still do the car-smashing thingo at the end of year – woulda thought there was public liability issues associated with those sorts of shenanigans these days.

diprotodon diprotodon 8:33 pm 26 Jan 07

I meant couldn’t get to Tharwa.

diprotodon diprotodon 8:32 pm 26 Jan 07

With the Bridge closed – is it reasonable to expect parents of Tharwa children to drive 25km when previously the trip to Banks would have been less than half of that. If the Minister for Drink Driving (aka Hargreaves) actually got his shit together and fixed the Tharwa bridge, Barr might have a reason to close the school.
And talking of long detours because of the closed bridge – would Hargreaves be culpable if somebody dies because the ambos could get to Tharwa in a reasonable amount of time?

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:58 pm 25 Jan 07

Thumper, I missed you by a year or two :P~

I was the same – moved to another school.

Thumper Thumper 11:23 am 25 Jan 07


about 2001 for a month or so.

Hated it and went back to the PS.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:29 am 25 Jan 07

Go further south if you want to see a “hole” or two.

seepi seepi 9:24 am 25 Jan 07

I remember Melrose as an absolute hole. I’m not surprised nothing has changed – although carpet sounds civilised.
Do they still smash a car on the oval with sledgehammers every year for fun?

midnitecalla midnitecalla 12:22 am 25 Jan 07

bring back the bridge too much has gone by the by
and id love to drive over the cobble bolts one more. shoulda killed the driver of the truck that took it out and it was rated for weight but the bogan “chose” to proceed any way prolly late for a couple of coldies back at the hovel, thus ignoring expert opinion and signage .

Pandy Pandy 12:05 am 25 Jan 07

Sammy, they are now. replace it with a concrete job like at the Cotter.

nyssa76 nyssa76 12:00 am 25 Jan 07

miz, Melrose isn’t so bad. Besides, they can’t access 1/2 of the bottom floor and if memory serves 2 classrooms on the 2nd floor due to ACTDET commandeering the rooms for the counselling centre (rather than moving it to Stirling College which has more room).

3 years ago they got new carpets and furniture, plus they had a lift installed for a child with disabilities.

Besides, the school isn’t in a “new” area so it won’t get the “best” of everything including airconditioned classrooms and believe me the English Rooms in Summer are hell.

Thumper, when did you leave Lanyon??

Thumper Thumper 11:19 pm 24 Jan 07

Hehe… I used to teach at Lanyon. Yep it looks and feels like a gaol….

Thank God for the public service. I salute teachers, I’d rather be a grunt in Iraq than be a teacher.

miz miz 11:15 pm 24 Jan 07

Sammy I like Chisholm High’s buildings. Much nicer than Melrose, which is shockingly run down, filthy and daggy. I have one child at both these schools and Chisholm wins hands down.

Thumper Thumper 11:03 pm 24 Jan 07

Nothing wrong with wooden bridges, they just need to be reconstructed carefully, something that didn’t happen with Tharwa.

Why, oh why, does this government seem to be intent on wiping out European culture yet kwwps pushing the Indigenous line?

Surely there is room for both? After all, it is our heritage, white or black or whatever. It is all important.

Sammy Sammy 10:58 pm 24 Jan 07

Wooden briges are just shite

They weren’t 100 years ago.

Pandy Pandy 8:56 pm 24 Jan 07

About 15 years ago they spent a lot of money on the bridge. I knew the engineer in charge. It was white anted then. Wooden briges are just shite.

Sammy Sammy 6:41 pm 24 Jan 07

They could not have spent too much “good” money

There is only so much money you can throw at a 100 year old bridge that was never designed to cope with heavy traffic.

Tharwa will just have to wait until the new bridge is constructed.

kimba kimba 11:44 am 24 Jan 07

They could not have spent too much “good” money or trucks and buses would be able to cross the bridge.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:53 am 24 Jan 07

emd, don’t forget that under the Education Act you have to register to homeschool with ACTDET and have checkups done on what you are teaching your child.

Aeek Aeek 9:51 pm 23 Jan 07

re the bridge, they spent good money getting it usable again, just weight limited. But people just had to drive overweight vehicles across. A cement truck was mentioned. The final straw was a bus that got itself stuck. Blame the selfish drivers for the failure of the bridge.
Sorry, I forget the Hansard link.

emd emd 8:01 pm 23 Jan 07

I believe the whole Towards 2020 thing was just a conspiracy to make us all homeschool. Witness the fiasco that is pre-school for 2007.

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