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KRudd opens Bungendore Wind Farm

By RiotPost - 19 November 2009 29

Anyone who has driven past Lake George since construction began in 2006 would have been hard pressed to have missed the majestic view of sleek modern wind turbines gracing the hills across the lake in nearby Tarago.

Well despite ABC Online stating Bungendore not Tarago (it’s close) Renewable Power Ventures Capital Wind Farm is the largest in NSW with 67 turbines.

As almost expected these days’ India PR Wire has more actual details than most of the local coverage, possibly in this case because the Chairman of Suzlon Energy, turbine’s supplier, is non other than Tulsi Tanti – India’s ‘Wind Man’ (pictured).

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29 Responses to
KRudd opens Bungendore Wind Farm
OYM 11:10 pm 19 Nov 09

Davo, I think your maths may be a little out. Each of those turbines can produce 2megawatts, therefore 350 would be required, not 24,000. Using the same cost per windmill you used, the total cost for a 700mW wind farm would be a little over 1billion.

I saw a recent comparison where the cost per mW of solar is now less than the cost of a nuclear power plant. And the risk factor is about several bazillion times less.

The biggest challenge for the future won’t be the cheap renewable energy it will be ways of storing this power to match with peak demand periods. That’s just an engineering problem though; it can be solved with a variety of technologies such as flywheels, compressed air, water to hydrogen for fuel cells etc. Or you could just use the renewable part of your power for variable applications such as desalination etc.

georgesgenitals 8:44 pm 19 Nov 09

George said :

I don’t mind the wind farm but it does annoy me that the power generated from the turbines will be used to power Sydney desalination plant. Once again the Sydney-centric government rapes resources from the country for the city.


Davo nsw 7:41 pm 19 Nov 09

Here ya go lets see what “green” power will cost you, a little snippit from an email that I received from a relative who works in a power station in QLD (of which 100% of the power goes directly in to NSW)

It takes 24,000 windmills to produce 700megawatts they cost 3mill each so the cost is $72,000,000,000 for 24,000 windmills.

Kogan Creek cost 1.2billion for 750 megawatts

A gas turbine costs about 1mill for every megawatt

Expect electricity cost to skyrocket if we are going for green power.
Yep gotta love them windmills

Mr Evil 5:52 pm 19 Nov 09

Thumper said :

I hate them, they make bats explode.


It’s all okay: Kevin will just add them to the list of groups he needs to say sorry to.

George 4:00 pm 19 Nov 09

I don’t mind the wind farm but it does annoy me that the power generated from the turbines will be used to power Sydney desalination plant. Once again the Sydney-centric government rapes resources from the country for the city.

Holden Caulfield 3:44 pm 19 Nov 09

This old (2006) article from the Crimes shows there’s probably a few unhappy folks at the moment:

I don’t have a problem with wind farms, I think they actually look pretty cool. Although, I’m largely unaffected here in my Canberra home, haha.

I’ve also had a few close up looks at the Millicent farm (SA) and the one on the range near Gunning. Can’t say the noise has ever been too noticeable, but then a quick tourist visit is a lot different to living next door 24/7.

A Noisy Noise Annoys 3:40 pm 19 Nov 09

Is there any truth in the rumour that Rudd was told to face the turbines before delivering his speech?

Trunking symbols 2:52 pm 19 Nov 09

I think they look nice behind Lake George when returning from Sydney. They seem to signal that the long journey is almost over and soon we’ll be home again. I know someone on this site a few months ago described them as “ludacris” (sic) but they seem to compliment the landscape and are photogenic as well. Whether they do the job they’re intended to do remains to be seen.

fnaah 2:34 pm 19 Nov 09

I agree with CapitalK *and* thumper – they’re simply breathtaking.

(thankeee, i’ll be here all week…)

dvaey 2:32 pm 19 Nov 09

Just out of interest, has there been (or will there be) some sort of open day or tour of these things, for those interested in seeing a little ‘behind the scenes’, or is there not really much to these things other than a turbine on a pole, connected to the grid?

caf 2:20 pm 19 Nov 09

The Tarago area is hardly known for its extensive bat colonies.

Thumper 1:36 pm 19 Nov 09
Thoroughly Smashed 1:35 pm 19 Nov 09

Wow, that man is a giant.

Thumper 1:32 pm 19 Nov 09

Mr Rudd seems to have recently gotten a tan…

CapitalK 1:30 pm 19 Nov 09

I love the wind turbines – I think they look fantastic. I have also seen some off shore in the UK and they look particularly majestic.

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