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    Has anyone else noticed the slip lane leading north onto the Tuggeranong Parkway from Lady Denman Drive.

    You have the situation where cars coming off Lady Denman to go to Belconnen have a Give Way sign when turning right. Across the road from them you have cars exiting the Arboretum which have a Stop sign when turning left or going straight. And to add to the confusion there is the slip lane from the Parkway to get onto Lady Denman Drive, which says you must turn right, but you see people driving straight through that point all the time.

    So whats the go. Who has right of way? The Stop sign turning left or going straight? The Give Way sign turning right, or what about the car going straight?

    Coming off Lady Denman

        Arboretum Side

            Slip lane, heading north

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                20 Responses to Left, Right or Wrong
                cyborgr cyborgr 8:15 pm 20 Nov 09

                Spectra, my apologies, you are right. There is no give way sign on the slip lane. Think I suffered a brain fart when I typed my last comment.

                JC JC 1:55 am 19 Nov 09

                TP3000 smartest thing I have ever heard you say! It would solve all the problems there and would actually improve traffic flow. Been stuck many a time at that point turning right onto William Hovell.

                TP 3000 TP 3000 9:06 pm 18 Nov 09

                There is an easy fix to this:

                For that small intersetcion construct a roundabout-as in the future more cars will access the tree place.

                For the Tuggeranong Parkway/William Hovell Lane, make traffic entering from Lady Denman Drive merge into the Parkway & then left cars veer left onto William Hovell Drive

                JC JC 7:20 pm 18 Nov 09

                Spectra you are right, there is no give way sign on the exit ramp from the parkway (it isn’t a slip lane, they are different). There is a right turn only sign. Cars coming that way still have right of way over all other traffic, but have no right to go straight ahead, or turn left!

                Spectra Spectra 3:01 pm 18 Nov 09

                “My understanding is that the giveway sign on the slip lane…”

                Wait, the what? That’s the first time anyone’s mentioned a Give Way sign there. I can’t see one in the photos, and the road markings on the map certainly don’t suggest that such a thing exists. Are you sure you know what you’re on about?

                If such a thing existed, it would indeed confuse matters, particularly if there was also still a Give Way sign on the road coming from Lady Denman. I suspect, however, that it doesn’t.

                cyborgr cyborgr 1:38 pm 18 Nov 09

                My understanding is that the giveway sign on the slip lane was put in to stop people overtaking the west belconnen bound traffic on the parkway. People trying to save a extra 30 seconds on the trip home. Now they have to giveway to the traffic coming from Lady Denman. About time they put that in.

                OverreACT OverreACT 12:34 pm 18 Nov 09

                Have you ever seen roads in Italy? no lanes etc and they drive fine

                caf caf 11:28 am 18 Nov 09

                damien haas said :

                remove all the signs.

                from chaos comes order. – Mao Tse Tung, revered road engineer.

                Have you seen the roads in China?

                Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 9:28 am 18 Nov 09

                Depending on the amount of traffic coming out of the Aboretum, they might put Temp traffic lights in as they do on Commonwealth Avenue for Floriade. It seems that the gates to the Aboretum wont be open to the public unless its a special event or open day.

                Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 9:26 am 18 Nov 09

                Don’t you have to know this to get your licence?

                OverreACT OverreACT 8:27 am 18 Nov 09

                It’s basic road rules.

                The cars on the slip lane coming off the parkway have right of way and then it is like any intersection. Only takes some common sense and politeness.

                dr phil dr phil 8:20 am 18 Nov 09

                close your eyes and hope for the best.

                That’s what my wife does!

                Spectra Spectra 8:19 am 18 Nov 09

                As has been noted above, it looks like a pretty simple 4-way intersection to me, the only “complications” being there’s no traffic arriving from the NE and that coming from the SW is only meant to turn right (for all that that rule is actually followed). Our road rules cover what you’re meant to do at an intersection pretty clearly, I thought. bd84 and JC have already covered what should happen – Cameron, if you’d be kind enough to stay off the road until you have brushed up on right of way rules that’d be great.

                Thumper Thumper 8:11 am 18 Nov 09

                I’ve never had a problem there…

                Fiona Fiona 7:32 am 18 Nov 09

                I’ve never gone anywhere but off the parkway, right and onto lady denman at that intersection

                damien haas damien haas 12:33 am 18 Nov 09

                remove all the signs.

                from chaos comes order. – Mao Tse Tung, revered road engineer.

                JC JC 12:33 am 18 Nov 09

                I gather from your post the only point on contention is where one side has a give way sign with the ability to go straight or right and on the oposite side there is a stop sign with the ability to go straight or left?

                If so then it doesn’t matter if it is give way or stop. The difference between the two is the car facing the stop must bring their car to a complete stop before crossing the line.

                So the order would be: Car coming down slip road from the Parkway. Ie is irrelivent that they must turn right, as they need to enter the intersection anyway to make the turn.

                Next would be cars turning left or going straight from the forest facing the stop sign, as well as cars going straight from the giveway sign.

                The last priority would be cars turning right across everything else from the giveway sign.

                PS Good to see the slip road now has right turn only on it. It used to give me the irrits coming along the parkway in peak hour heading to Belco doing the right thing, only to find cars using the slip road as a bypass thus making it difficult to get off the parkway onto William Hovell drive to belco. If only those doing that stopped and thought for a second they would realise that their actions were half the problem in the first place.

                bd84 bd84 11:43 pm 17 Nov 09

                to clarfy the last point – cars turning right at an intersection controlled by stop/give way are required to give way to cars turning left or going straight (for the Canberra drivers amongst us)

                bd84 bd84 11:32 pm 17 Nov 09

                Heh I’d say they’d stuffed up with the Stop sign from the Arboretum instead of a Give Way. Though it would make little difference, other than cars from the Aboretum being required to come to a complete stop, the usual give way rules would apply.

                Parkway traffic can only legally turn right they do not have to give way to anybody.I’m guessing they will change the signage once the arboretum opens.

                Arboretum traffic could turn left giving way to Parkway traffic (need to be sure that cars are turning even if illegal to go straight ahead)

                Lady Denman traffic gives way to Arboretum and Parkway traffic.

                Cameron Cameron 11:31 pm 17 Nov 09

                Seriously? Pretty simple, no?

                Right of way would work in this order:
                People exiting the Parkway, either into the Arboretum or onto Lady Denman Drive. Or “Authorised Vehicles” travelling straight.
                People turning onto the Parkway or entering the Arboreturm from Lady Denman Drive.
                People exiting the Arboretum.

                Anyone using the Parkway exit to jump straight back onto the Parkway is just circumventing traffic and is doing so illegally. I’d give way to them anyway.

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