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Legal Hash

By Overheard 2 September 2008 32

I’ve mentioned this mob that I run around with (pun intended) before, but a discussion with a Rioter at the Sim Challenge at ABN last week prompted me to mention it again. Don’t fret, as the guitarist said to his instrument, it won’t be a regular update.

The Hash House Harriers is/are a world-wide social running/walking/drinking phenomenon that have been in operation for 70 years. For all the back-story, see here:

There are about six or seven groups in Canberra/Queanbeyan (including a bike hash) and they provide an opportunity for anyone to come along and join in sociable run/walks all around the Canberra region and surrounds. There’s a (Master) Batemans Bay Hash run once a month too, and I’ll mention this weekend’s details in the DIY Guide on Thursday.

Don’t be put off if you’re not fit; there’s always a walking option and Hashers come in all shapes and sizes, from whippets to walruses.

The main element is the social side of things. The Hash motto is: drinkers with a running problem, though the groups include teetotallers, so don’t feel like you have to empty a keg to be part of it. (That is a possibility if you feel so inclined. After a few you may be inclined to incline anyway.)

A list of Canberra/Queanbeyan-based Hash groups is here: (click on ACT).

Just one minor warning: if you have easily offended sensibilities, it might not be for you as Hashers are mostly a rather irreverent bunch. First run is free, thereafter it’s a couple of bucks or upwards (check the individual “kennel” page for more details). If you hang around, you’ll eventually get a nickname (or Hash name) for life. I stress that mine was all a shocking misunderstanding, but you never complain about your Hash name or you’ll just get something five times as bad!

I’m setting a WACT (Wednesday ACT) Hash run this Wednesday from the Civic Pub, Lonsdale Street in Braddon at 6.10pm. WACT typically starts and finishes at a pub or club so those who want to can hang around for a feed afterwards.

There’s a link on the ACT HHH page mentioned above for more info on WACT.

If you can make it, I’ll see you if I’m looking at you.

FishAr$e (aka Overheard)

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Legal Hash
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Granny 5:32 pm 05 Oct 08

Oh, goody!! ‘Cause I’m kind of excited about it!

: )

Overheard 5:23 pm 05 Oct 08

Hey, Granny. Yeah, I read that on the other thread but didn’t have enought bandwidth to reply, perched on the dash of my car, parked at the beach of my coastal getaway and threatening murderous death (metaphorically, y’unnerstan?) to a telecomms company that rhymes with ‘Chopped Us’.

Seriously, if this three-ring circus of ar$e klowns doesn’t do something to amaze and delight the living fark out of me in the next three working days, they are going to be on the wrong end of a viral campaign that will make heads swing and roll from here to Singapore. Could not organise a **** in a bro**** with a fistful of fifties. I’m just so mad that I let them **** me around so badly for the last six months, to say nothing of the previous TEN (10) years.

Wait for it, I’m going to give them a lesson about democracy on the internet they will never forget!

(But I’ll — seriously — be checking my limitations with a defamation lawyer first.)

And leaving RA out of it as it’s hardly a Canberra-based issue per se.

Where were we? Granny, “if that is OK?” is an illegal phrase in Hash. Anyone and everyone is welcome, you doubly so.

Granny 5:04 pm 05 Oct 08

I will be coming, Overheard, if that is OK?

Overheard 5:01 pm 05 Oct 08

Oh, en meneer, het is ‘lose’ wat je moet geschrijven.

Written like a true Dutch man!

Overheard 4:59 pm 05 Oct 08

Oh dear. Thank you, Roy. Didn’t know you were so technically adept as to post on the RiotACT. Funny, you didn’t remember leaving me the voicemail on this subject when I rang via satellite phone earlier this morning.

Just to let the rest of you in on the in-joke (if you’re in anyway interested), but there’s a time-honoured tradition in our Hash ‘kennel’ (Canberra Hash) that if any item of your personal belongings is left unattended, then it’s fair game for poachers and you may not see it again for anywhere from five minutes (e.g. a wallet) to over three years (e.g. a blue ‘Sydney Paralympics’ peaked cap left hooked on a chair at the Gelbisson Italian restaurant in Bondi on the night before the the 2005 — hmmm, maybe 2006 — City to Surf.) I’d given it up for lost long ago — even rang the restaurant the day after the run to a ‘no, maaaate, we don’t have’.

Hashtoberfest on Wed 22 October at the Zierholz Brewery from 6.10pm, by WACT Hash. Be there (and get a lift!)

Cheers, FishAr$e

boyroy 12:15 pm 05 Oct 08

hey fish arse
what colour cap did you loose?

Granny 5:53 pm 03 Sep 08

Ok, so now I have got to at least spectate!


Overheard 5:42 pm 03 Sep 08

Granny said :

Did you hit on them?

; )

I shouted out to a few on the way past, dropping the voice down to the deepest, darkest bass/baritone: “G’day, daaaaaarlin’. What’s your name, handsome?!”

I’d never seen such wide-eyed fear in my life!

Granny 5:37 pm 03 Sep 08

Did you hit on them?

; )

Overheard 5:29 pm 03 Sep 08

Granny said :

Yes, but you were barely flashing the delicate turn of an ankle.

Ha ha! I was on WIN News that night, demostrating to the reporter how I had to lift my skirt up in order to run as it was a bit tight. There was footage of us running through various parts of the city in our red dresses, including one inglorious shot of yours truly, skirt hitched up around the knees, hairy legs, football socks and running shoes, making a mad dash across Hobart Place, making sure the ear-rings and headband stayed intact.


The construction workers around Acton didn’t know what had hit them.

Granny 5:23 pm 03 Sep 08

Yes, but you were barely flashing the delicate turn of an ankle.

Overheard 5:18 pm 03 Sep 08

Granny said :

That Floosie sure is hot, but you are so much more classy!


‘Classy’ and ‘Hash’ are rarely uttered in the same sentence, paragraph or postcode.

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