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Life is looking up

Legal Hash

By Overheard - 2 September 2008 32

I’ve mentioned this mob that I run around with (pun intended) before, but a discussion with a Rioter at the Sim Challenge at ABN last week prompted me to mention it again. Don’t fret, as the guitarist said to his instrument, it won’t be a regular update.

The Hash House Harriers is/are a world-wide social running/walking/drinking phenomenon that have been in operation for 70 years. For all the back-story, see here:

There are about six or seven groups in Canberra/Queanbeyan (including a bike hash) and they provide an opportunity for anyone to come along and join in sociable run/walks all around the Canberra region and surrounds. There’s a (Master) Batemans Bay Hash run once a month too, and I’ll mention this weekend’s details in the DIY Guide on Thursday.

Don’t be put off if you’re not fit; there’s always a walking option and Hashers come in all shapes and sizes, from whippets to walruses.

The main element is the social side of things. The Hash motto is: drinkers with a running problem, though the groups include teetotallers, so don’t feel like you have to empty a keg to be part of it. (That is a possibility if you feel so inclined. After a few you may be inclined to incline anyway.)

A list of Canberra/Queanbeyan-based Hash groups is here: (click on ACT).

Just one minor warning: if you have easily offended sensibilities, it might not be for you as Hashers are mostly a rather irreverent bunch. First run is free, thereafter it’s a couple of bucks or upwards (check the individual “kennel” page for more details). If you hang around, you’ll eventually get a nickname (or Hash name) for life. I stress that mine was all a shocking misunderstanding, but you never complain about your Hash name or you’ll just get something five times as bad!

I’m setting a WACT (Wednesday ACT) Hash run this Wednesday from the Civic Pub, Lonsdale Street in Braddon at 6.10pm. WACT typically starts and finishes at a pub or club so those who want to can hang around for a feed afterwards.

There’s a link on the ACT HHH page mentioned above for more info on WACT.

If you can make it, I’ll see you if I’m looking at you.

FishAr$e (aka Overheard)

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32 Responses to
Legal Hash
jakez 10:26 am 03 Sep 08

After reading the Wikipedia article, this actually sounds pretty cool.

Granny 9:22 am 03 Sep 08

So did you get ‘named’ in a circle somewhere?


Absolutely love the name, by the way!! What is the background? Sounds a bit ‘fishy’ to me.

*boom boom*

Overheard 9:10 am 03 Sep 08

I’ve had some funny looks from home-owners, shop proprietors and security guards and the occasional quizzical, ‘What are you doing?’ Especially when using the ‘stamper’; mine’s an empty 5lt oil container filled with flour, with holes drilled in the bottom so you can walk/run along, ‘stamp’ the pavement or dirt and get a Hash symbol come out in biodegradable flour. (If you check the Wikipedia link you’ll see how that got some of the OS Hashes into strife during the anthrax scares!)

And yes, Granny, there is the ‘Circle’ after every run. A bit of ritual, good-natured ridicule and a few down-downs. The exception is my home Hash (Canberra Hash) which has been going strong here since 1969 (third in existence in Australia, and 2,040 runs to date) but has never once had a circle. Just a couple of beers, a feed and the usual bullsh!t and banter afterwards.

Visiting hashers are occasionally horrified — some Hash Circles elsewhere can last up to an hour, involve run report, charges, parish notices, and CAN involve any miscreants being required to…. but no, I wouldn’t want to scare you off. Suffice to say we don’t have the practice I was about to mention on any of our regular runs, but they’re a staple at Nash(ional) Hash and Inter(national) Hash meets. I’ve got a separate flickr site with some pics; I’ll drag the link out later — it’s all letters and numbers in the title so it’s not one I know off the top of my head. But if you whack ‘Red Dress Run’ or ‘Nash Hash’ or ‘Interhash’ into a web search, you’ll get an idea from others’ photos.

nathan 9:03 am 03 Sep 08

“I’m a walrus and I Hash” bumper stickers coming soon, I hope?

Granny 8:39 am 03 Sep 08

Hope you don’t get arrested for graffiti, you green phantom, you! Do you do the mysterious ‘Circle’ stuff too?

Overheard 8:32 am 03 Sep 08

ant said :

the Harriers do walks? That’s welcome news. achilles tendonosis I thought had put paid to hash house harrier activities.

time to look them up.

For sure. Hashing really hit its heyday in the 70s, so you can imagine that not every Hasher is up to a fast jog, so there’s always a walking option. There’s a mob out at Queanbeyan too which you’ll find through that original link (probably under NSW, though). Even for the runners, it’s not a straight out run; you have to stop at check marks (“Wait for the pack!”) and fan out to find where the run continues.

Granny, they’re mostly ‘dead’ trails (i.e. set before the pack takes off). In fact I had to set mine for tonight in the early hours of this morning, so if you see any green chalk marks around the city today, that’ll be me. Always a risk with ‘dead’ trails that kids and others will stomp out your trail. Please don’t!

If it rains and the trail gets washed out or the hare doesn’t turn up to set the trail, there’s occasionally a ‘live’ trail where the hare sets out about five minutes before the pack and basically makes it up on the run, as it were.

Belconnen Town Centre is popular for hash runs, in fact, a hasher actually owns a watering hole there somewhere up near the car yards and the bus depot.

It’s all for sh!ts and giggles and so long as the beers are cold and frosty afterwards, who cares about the trail?!

PM 2:57 am 03 Sep 08

Even I’m a member (technically – long story).

No actual hash, although I once saw the notice for a run from the Pot Belly in Belconnen commencing at “Weed On” (ie “Weedon”) Close.

Granny 12:30 am 03 Sep 08

This is all quite fascinating, Overheard. So do you do “live” or “dead” trails?

Deadmandrinking 12:28 am 03 Sep 08

Overheard said :

There’s one in Mexico City and one in San Miguel de Allende, but not in Marijuana as far as I can tell.

The fret thing was clinging to a rope, but that one is a no no, mate.

ant 12:18 am 03 Sep 08

the Harriers do walks? That’s welcome news. achilles tendonosis I thought had put paid to hash house harrier activities.

time to look them up.

Overheard 9:36 pm 02 Sep 08

There’s one in Mexico City and one in San Miguel de Allende, but not in Marijuana as far as I can tell.

jakez 8:40 pm 02 Sep 08

…Sooo this isn’t about marijuana?

Overheard 8:02 pm 02 Sep 08

@ Lilli. Will be happy to see you (plural or singular) there. Look for the people in the blue polar fleeces either out the front or in the front bar.

@ Joe C. Plenty of other days covered. There’s a Harriettes run this Thursday night in Duffy, Canberra Hash are on Sunday morning this week at Chapman, Capital Hash next Monday at Belconnen, Belconnen Hash at… er, get back to you on that one as their dates on their site are a bit how’s your father. There’s also a Tuesday night once a month at full moon, and the Sunday bike hash as well.

(Unfortunately I’ll miss all of the above this week due to radio, coast and trivia quiz hosting commitments.)

All details available by following the link.

Joe Canberran 6:46 pm 02 Sep 08

Can’t make wednesdays but I’ll be inclined to come along some other nights

Lilli 5:25 pm 02 Sep 08

Oh – I’m too excited to finish reading the post before I comment! I actually read a bit about this after you mentioned them in another thread and was trying to work out how to quiz you about it. But, lo and behold, all the information is just above for me to read! Sounds like an awesome idea, and if I can wrangle my other half into coming along we’ll be there – if not for this WACT then for one coming up soon. Thanks for providing all the info, this organisation seems like a really well kept secret that I’m glad I found out about – cheers!

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