Let the jokes begin!

johnboy 17 August 2010 15

bridge building for dummies

Thanks to Troll-sniffer for sending this in.

If you’ve got more on the great bridge collapse be sure to share: john@the-riotact.com

UPDATE: And on the subject of jokes the Canberra Times has this from the builders responsible specifically Mick Boyle of Abergeldie:

He had even ordered the concrete pour that was under way when the collapse occurred to be delayed for a week so that there ”was no rush or panic”. ”We’d prepared the concrete, we’d made the checks, we’d submitted the documentation,” Mr Boyle said. ”A lot of effort went into making sure that what happened, didn’t happen.”

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15 Responses to Let the jokes begin!
farnarkler farnarkler 8:16 pm 20 Aug 10

Al-Qaeda did it.

I’ll bet Kate Carnell and her stooges wish they could’ve used that excuse for the RCA debacle.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:18 pm 18 Aug 10

Barton Bridge has fallen down, fallen down, fallen down.

Barton bridge has fallen down, blame Workchoices.

justin heywood justin heywood 8:43 pm 17 Aug 10

You philistines! Any fool can see that this pile of twisted concrete is a ‘companion piece’ to that pile of twisted steel girders up the road.

Poor Stanhope, cursed to forever govern such an uncultured rabble.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 8:34 pm 17 Aug 10

What does Mick Boyle of Abergelde have in common with a platypus?
Both can stick their bill up their arse.

Anna Key Anna Key 8:30 pm 17 Aug 10
LMR LMR 7:29 pm 17 Aug 10

OMG! I just realised the implications! I hope that big monstrosity of an artwork is ok.

thy_dungeonman thy_dungeonman 6:30 pm 17 Aug 10

Apparently the Titanic wasn’t meant to sink either, we live and learn, we live and learn.

cegee cegee 6:21 pm 17 Aug 10

Lazy I said :

This is old news, build a bridge and get over it.

… thanks.. i’m here all night.

ashamed to say that i LOL’d.

nazasaurus nazasaurus 5:52 pm 17 Aug 10

Hmm I’ve heard rumours from someone who works on the project they were using ‘second hand beams’ which might have played a part…

Nick Sundance Nick Sundance 3:40 pm 17 Aug 10
Lazy I Lazy I 3:05 pm 17 Aug 10

This is old news, build a bridge and get over it.

… thanks.. i’m here all night.

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 1:53 pm 17 Aug 10

Well they made a brige fall down that was not supposed to fall down.

I wonder what they do for thier next trick ?

bd84 bd84 1:13 pm 17 Aug 10

I’ve heard rumours that the cause was the cement pump accidentally giving the formwork a nudge, judging by the way it looks like it has collapsed it could be a good bet.

p1 p1 12:10 pm 17 Aug 10

The Romans built bridges two thousand years ago that didn’t fall down. Humans went to the moon in the ’60s. Canberra can’t even have divided roads without something collapsing.

JessP JessP 11:31 am 17 Aug 10

But it happened Mick!!

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