Liberals wont build a new Canberra Stadium

Jazz 10 October 2012 9

CT brings us the news that the Canberra Liberals will shelve Labor’s plans for a new Canberra Stadium in the city should they be elected, instead focussing on refurbishing the existing stadium in Bruce. Built in 1977 it was constructed with a 50 year lifespan in mind which is coming up soon.

In theory a refurbishment along the lines of Forsyth Barr stadium in Otago NZ will be cheaper than building a new stadium from scratch. The ‘extra’ money being put towards health and education.

New stadium or refurbish?

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9 Responses to Liberals wont build a new Canberra Stadium
Chop71 Chop71 8:58 am 11 Oct 12

Frustrated said :

The ACT doesn’t need another rectangle stadium, and especially if using my Tax dollars thanks.

As mentioned, Manuka is not big enough for AFL and Cricket into the future. We need an oval stadium.

or turn Bruce back into an oval and build a new rectangle. …and that Otago stadium roof looks impressive

Pandy Pandy 11:04 pm 10 Oct 12

Libs wont spend money we do not have?

Vote the can’ts in!!!

Frustrated Frustrated 10:07 pm 10 Oct 12

The ACT doesn’t need another rectangle stadium, and especially if using my Tax dollars thanks.

As mentioned, Manuka is not big enough for AFL and Cricket into the future. We need an oval stadium.

Duffbowl Duffbowl 7:22 pm 10 Oct 12

Had a quick play with Google Maps, and the existing undeveloped locations that *could* host a stadium the same size as Canberra Stadium in or near the City.
– The Civic Pool and adjacent car park, City.
– Commonwealth Park, City.
– Reid Oval, Reid
– North Oval, Turner.
– Masson Street Oval, Turner.
– Rugby League Park, Braddon.
– The rather large block of vacant land opposite Anzac Park East, Campbell.

The following locations are almost big enough:
– Civic Hill, City
– Western side of Acton peninsula, Acton.
– Land next to CSIRO, corner of Limestone Ave and Quick Street, Campbell.

Duffbowl Duffbowl 6:55 pm 10 Oct 12

If we follow a previous discussion on wanting it in the City, the question is: where? This is Canberra, and if it’s not got parking right next to it, the petit bourgeouise won’t go.

Forgive any spelling errors, I’m celebrating the fact we have homebrewers standing in the election 🙂

miz miz 6:13 pm 10 Oct 12

Refurbish Bruce and build new one in Tuggers. I am fed up always having to travel north, to Bruce, Hawker, Lyneham, etc etc for sports fixtures.

Hint: there’s an awful lot of spare land on the east side of the hyperdome!

bd84 bd84 4:35 pm 10 Oct 12

Well the current stadium will probably need to be semi demolished anyway so whatever we get will be new in a way. Other than the issue that the ACT Government doesn’t own Bruce Stadium, I don’t see why they cannot continue using the current site. It’s difficult to see a valid reason to fork out of a large amount of money to establish a completely new site just for the sake of it, when the current site, with some improvements, would continue to be adequate.

Either way, whatever they build should be an oval not the stupid rectangle as it is currently. Half the problem with the lack of use is that it is inhibited by its shape. Sports like cricket and AFL, which have a comparable following in the capital to the couple of thousand who rock up to rugby games, should also be catered for at the stadium. Persisting with Manuka, which is severely space restricted, is not viable in the long term.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 3:48 pm 10 Oct 12

New stadium.

A stadium in the city would be fantastic, easy to get to via public transport, close to amenities – restaurants, bars etc.

Would be great to knock off work of a Friday, have a couple of beers, a bite to eat and walk to a stadium to watch a game of football.

bugalugs bugalugs 1:41 pm 10 Oct 12

Nominally I’m a Liberal supporter though I don’t consistently vote that way.

The building of a new stadium is a key policy for me.

Note necessarily for sport watching rather to see whether Zed’s Libs actually stand for anything remotely ‘business” or “economical development” related.

To give Brendan Smyth has banging on for years about a Conference centre for Canberra and I put a sports stadium/precinct in the CBD in the same boat.

To broaden our economic, employment and tax base we need these sorts of initiatives.

I went to the Raiders semi-final along with 22,000 other people and all I could think before and after the game was what a lost opportunity it was that these people had no where to eat drink and socialise before and after the game.

You effectively have 15,000 people for 20 Raiders/Brumbies games per year that drive to Bruce, watch the game and then drive home again.

Just imagine the atmosphere and movement in the CBD if people could meet with family and friends have a meal then walk to the game in the CBD together.

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