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LifeCity responds

By johnboy - 5 February 2007 89

Josh from LifeCity has responded to my concerns about his church.

Wow… I am amazed we are being discussed.

Let me explain a couple things:

‘Shaping the future’(in original comment) – each one of us shapes the future, our own, those in our influence, those far beyond our direct influence.

LifeCity does seek to shape a better future. As a person that has worked in social work (secular based) our society is undeniably in pain through broken families, racial arrogance and ignorance just to begin with.

The ’slogan’ of LifeCity is ‘Real People Real God Real Life’ – whether you like our style which is not traditional european (since when way European 18th century music superior to other cultural music?) but very modern Australian. Our heart is to be authentic – so often the church in general is quick to throw rocks but is often plastic and arrogant.

We are not perfect and you might not agree with our beliefs but that is the beauty of australian society. We can be different and even passionate about what we identify with but by and large we all get along well.

‘2 Launch’ – I find it curious this is something of controversy – I am 26, I have been a youth worker for years – the general crew that do come to LifeCity events are young. That is how I write all the time on the net, that is why we communicate like such. It is actually who we are. I guess when you text you use full words? Our heart is to speak Australian rather than some disconnected ‘religious language’ that has little to do with where each of us really are.

We work together with churches from numerous backgrounds from traditional catholics – to uniting and of course modern churches and everything in between.

We offer a different style that suits some people – if others like the more traditional hymn based services then that is cool. There are plenty of churches for them but for many of us we need something different and LifeCity is that for some.

4 life,


Oh.. and Anthony is a surfy lad that had that photo taken by an artistic photographer with his new baby. It is not my style either but that is who he is and that is cool with me. I think you will find a lot of similar photos in pro photographers galleries with Dad’s and bubs. I actually have one similar by the same professional photographer but I won’t post it. It is a little embarrassing.

Comment by LifeCity — 5 February, 2007 @ 6:18 pm

On the use of numbers where letters might suffice, I maintain it is either a sign of a moron unfit to offer advice on any subject, or a person overly hard to ingratiate with children. But that’s just my opinion. As for taste in ecclesiatical music I’ll defer to Tolkien thanks:

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Winter is coming.

What’s Your opinion?

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89 Responses to
LifeCity responds
gaelhope 9:17 am 06 Feb 07

Not garbage – it’s an oxymoron

Absent Diane 9:07 am 06 Feb 07

christian music is garbage.

Maelinar 8:33 am 06 Feb 07

LifeCity, who was she ?

Are you still together ?

Make your own conclusions.

West_Kambah_4eva 8:23 am 06 Feb 07

“2 Sacred 2 Sanctified”

Thumper 7:58 am 06 Feb 07

I’d like to hear the Sex Pistols….

Or that cool scene from the Simpsons where Bart swaps the sheet music and puts Iron Butterfly’s classic In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida on the stand….

But I defer to John Lennon:

Everybody’s got something to hide
‘cept for me and my monkey….

miz 11:28 pm 05 Feb 07

Any music can be used in church – choices are usually based around what is culturally acceptable though, so the conduit doesn’t actually become a barrier. In Aust ‘cultural’ differences in church music preferences generally outworks in terms of generational preferences (older people liking hymns and more formal styles). It’s OK to use pop tunes/ beats – I have been told that some of the Psalms were based on popular tunes (eg one is set to something called ‘Lilies’, apparently a well-known ditty in OT days).
Hey, I think we should just be appreciative that this country has freedom of religion. And I dips my lid to any org (religious or not) that gets out amongst it with the needy ones. There are plenty out there with a hard row to hoe. Good on ya.

bubzie 10:29 pm 05 Feb 07

lolz, lik omg datz so sad! (i actually know what your talking about!!!)

rly, lik no one uses txt shorthnd nymore! soo lik lst yr.


threeze 10:20 pm 05 Feb 07

delate? i think you mean “d-1337”

Sammy 10:10 pm 05 Feb 07

i can’t remember the last time i received or saw a message in txt shorthand

If any of my acquaintances sent me an SMS featuring ‘2morrow’ or ‘l8r’, i’d show it the respect it deserves, and hit the ‘d-L-8’ key.

threeze 10:02 pm 05 Feb 07

i have only ever used full words in my text messages. none of my friends use “txt speak” unless they are being ironic or attempting it.

in fact, i can’t remember the last time i received or saw a message in txt shorthand. 1998 maybe?

Gentleman Farmer 9:47 pm 05 Feb 07

I have long been of the opinion that there is much more interesting and challenging spirituality to be found in non-declared-Christian pop/rock/contemporary/whatever music than what’s on offer from a lot of evangelical and Pentecostal churches that have a focus on youth. I couldn’t “worship” to the self-centred “Jesus is my boyfriend” lyrics found in the vast majority of such and frankly I find the music really uninspiring. If you (collective-you) like inoffensive pop-rock and pre-digested words, well, great, but I certainly hope you eventually mature in taste.

And perhaps you might take a few moments to learn about ‘traditional’ church music – you could discover a lot of things that explain a lot. Those 500-year-old hymns by Martin Luther? They were originally pub songs. The hardcore garage band songs of their day, if you will. 🙂

I resent the implication that classical music is tame or boring. If you bother to understand just a little bit about it and the times in which it was written, it’s a damned sight more challenging than most of the bland crap around today. (Which is not to say there wasn’t bland crap around in 1801 or whenever, it just didn’t get played much any more.) But hey, learning’s hard.

Frankly the best pop music I’ve heard that’s been obviously Christian is from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (before Andrew Lloyd Weber went bland). Catchy music, lyrics that don’t presume you have the intelligence of a rock. Good one there.

johnboy 8:34 pm 05 Feb 07

Anytime you want to go head to head in a new music quiz I’m more than happy to give you a go.

I’ll wager I’ve done a lot more to promote original music than your church ever will. I crave the new.

Having said that, to think that you can overnight re-invent 2,000 years of inspirational music is stunning hubris.

And thanks for the offer but where and when I worship doesn’t need a happy clappy who uses myspace through incompetence to intercede for me.

LifeCity 8:27 pm 05 Feb 07

Thanks for the comment – each to their own I guess.

I know some good traditional churches that you might like if you are interested. I could even chat to one of the ministers personally if you are interested in going to one.

I don’t listen to ABC classical personally so I don’t sing alot of classical european based music in church (we do have a little by not alot)

You can of course can hold whatever opinion you want – that is the great thing about diversity in all sections of life. It gaurantees survival and even a a thriving landscape.

I think spring is actually here – but if you like winter? fair enough

LifeCity 8:13 pm 05 Feb 07

That’s cool for you then – however as I am sure you are aware the vast majority of people do not.

I guess you are more of a traditional anglican guy (that goes very occassionaly) rather than a LifeCity sort of fella and that is fine.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:45 pm 05 Feb 07

I guess when you text you use full words?

Actually yes, I do. I like my text messages to be comprehensible.

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