Light Rail Stage 2: Minister leaves wiggle room on more direct route to Woden

Ian Bushnell 26 October 2018 17

Stage 2: Government remains committed to Commonwealth Avenue route but Barton may be in doubt.

As one of the strongest supporters of light rail called for the ACT Government to re-evaluate its preferred route for Stage 2 through Barton, Transport Minister Meegan Fitzharris has left the door open to taking a more direct path to Woden.

The Planning Institute of Australia says the Government should use the recent report from the Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories to abandon its deviation through the Parliamentary Triangle and return to the 2015 Light Rail Network Plan which proposes a route from Kingston along Wentworth Avenue, Brisbane Avenue and across the Triangle as a future stage of the network.

It argues that the proposed Barton ‘dog leg’ removes the route’s effectiveness as a rapid inter-town public transport system and could limit options for a spur serving Barton, Kingston and beyond.

Its submission to the inquiry said: “A diversion from the most direct and legible route at Barton will penalise many kilometres of route beyond Woden Town Centre … a diversion from the primary spine would likely reduce both the incentive and the real-world ability to interchange as future stages of light rail come on-line.”

The committee recommended a two-stage approval process to resolve route consistency, and then assess the detailed alignment. It also suggested that the Barton route would result in delays and extra costs.

The Institute sees this recommendation as an opportunity to reset the project objectives.

“Ideally, the 2015 Light Rail Network Plan would be incorporated into the National Capital Plan to ensure the Parliamentary Zone and Barton are well served by and form integral parts of a comprehensive and sustainable light rail network,” the Institute says.

“Ultimately such a network would provide direct services from Parliament House and Barton to City centre, Russell, the Airport, Kingston and beyond.”

The Institute says that by deviating to improve patronage in Barton, the ultimate success of the light rail project as part of a network will be diminished.

“The project must deliver on clear non-contradictory objectives,” it says.

Ms Fitzharris said the Government remained committed to Stage 2 crossing Lake Burley Griffin via Commonwealth Avenue Bridge but created some room to manoeuvre when asked on ABC radio whether the Barton route was being re-evaluated in light of the committee’s findings.

She said the Government would weigh up the committee’s recommendations and make sure it could deliver light rail to Woden.

“That’s our highest priority, we’ll need to make sensible decisions, and sensible decisions that gets light rail to Woden and are good value for taxpayers’ money,” she said.

The Government had been discussing Stage 2 with the National Capital Authority for the past two years and it had not said that it would not support the preferred route.

Ms Fitzharris said the important thing was the Federal Government response to the committee report but she backed Chief Minister Andrew Barr’s contention that getting stage 2 approved will be easier if Labor won next year’s Federal election.

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17 Responses to Light Rail Stage 2: Minister leaves wiggle room on more direct route to Woden
Lyn Kemp Lyn Kemp 10:28 am 01 Nov 18

I support the tram. Great to have some forward thinking for a change

Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 1:19 pm 29 Oct 18

I hope Andrew Barr and Meegan Fitzharris have staff investigating the development of “trams on tyres” that have been mentioned in the media and may be set to supersede clumsy overhead-rail powered versions of light rail within a few short years. This conversation about a static light rail route probably isn’t needed.

chewy14 chewy14 8:54 am 29 Oct 18

Of course it shouldn’t run through Barton, it should have always been a direct Civic Woden route.

Serve the parliamentary triangle with a loop bus until a light rail spur line becomes viable.

Woden Valley Community Council Woden Valley Community Council 10:05 pm 28 Oct 18

Should the light rail be built to Woden, the WVCC believes the best public transport outcome for the people in the south is the direct alignment which maintains the intertown rapid service.
Residents south of the bus interchange, including Tuggeranong, will have time penalties from changing from bus to tram at Woden and then a slower journey through the Parliamentary Triangle.
If you would prefer the direct alignment with a future stage servicing the Parliamentary Triangle (as originally planned), sign the petition at:
The Government has not released any information about their patronage forecasts and will not commit to the retention of the blue rapid should they build the light rail dogleg through the Parliamentary Triangle.
Will the Government spend $1.6 billion of a light rail and run the blue rapid as well?
Are we at risk of losing our intertown rapid service from the south?

drfelonious drfelonious 7:38 pm 28 Oct 18

Running light rail through Barton was an episode of Utopia waiting to happen.
As a Woden commuter I pray the government sees some sense on this.

Anthony Beck Anthony Beck 7:29 pm 28 Oct 18

It won’t happen because stage 1 won’t last long...

Heather Gordon Heather Gordon 6:59 pm 28 Oct 18

Along the path that the express buses take there isn’t really a lot of housing on either side past Deakin and will there be building overhead pathways to tram stops in the middle of the road or traffic lights?

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 10:59 pm 28 Oct 18

    That's the conundrum. Build it fast and direct, it's a high capacity Woden - Civic service.

    Build it the long way, it serves people but doubles travel time.

    I actually think that the ACT Government has chosen a poor model light rail vehicle. They have a top speed of 70 which is vastly inadequate for longer express runs down Adelaide Avenue and Yarra Glen. Even the buses consistently do 80 without too many problems.

David Jackson David Jackson 6:40 pm 28 Oct 18

If you are going to show a picture at least show what it really looks like and include all the ugly overhead power lines

    Morgan Hitchcock Morgan Hitchcock 7:44 pm 28 Oct 18

    It’s wireless for this section using batteries.

    David Jackson David Jackson 9:38 pm 28 Oct 18

    Morgan Hitchcock I'll believe it when I see it. The pictures for the first stage didn't show the lines either.

    Can't believe people are supporting this ridiculous waste of taxpayer funds to get a slower service

    Morgan Hitchcock Morgan Hitchcock 11:09 pm 29 Oct 18

    David Jackson it’s a non-negotiable NCA requirement for the sections in the triangle. Read the articles not just the headlines.

    David Jackson David Jackson 7:49 am 30 Oct 18

    Morgan Hitchcock and is it non negotiable to be a slower service than a bus?

Warwick Bradly Warwick Bradly 6:38 pm 28 Oct 18

Perhaps it could take the path of the express bus. To save a billion or two, replace the steel wheels with rubber tires.

John Moulis John Moulis 4:43 pm 28 Oct 18

Just run it down Commonwealth Ave, State Circle and Adelaide Ave. Why does it have to go thru Barton? The NCA has already said they don’t want it.

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