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Lisa Milat running for ACT Senate seat

By Mr Evil - 24 October 2007 48

Did anyone else see this piece of news on the idiot box last night?

Lisa Milat (sister-in-law of Ivan) is running on the Liberty and Democracy Party ticket as a candidate for an ACT Senate seat – and surprise, surprise she favours loosening gun control laws!

Lisa’s website

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48 Responses to
Lisa Milat running for ACT Senate seat
sandwich 2:24 pm 24 Oct 07


We by no way have guns everyone. Most people don’t own guns. But for those few of us who value the precious touch of those silent double barrels of steel, a gun is more like a lover.

I love my hardware and I wish that all Australians could feel the love I feel right now.

Australians for the betterment of shotties!!!

Kramer 2:23 pm 24 Oct 07

Most americans aren’t worried about defending themselves against the govt, they are too worried about the other people walking down the street legally toting full auto handguns.

NH 2:21 pm 24 Oct 07

I would change my last name if I didn’t want attention about dastardly things a family member may have done if I was really keen to try out politics and didn’t want attention from that.
They certainly have some wacky ideas!
She is none too bright to say the least. Must be publicity driven.

Mr Evil 2:15 pm 24 Oct 07

“The last thing we want is guns everywhere like the US.”

But then, how will we defend ourselves from the evil Govt????

Kramer 2:08 pm 24 Oct 07

Gun control in the ACT (or even Aust wide) should be under a ratchet system – if it is not already. Just keep tightening the controls and raising the requirements. The last thing we want is guns everywhere like the US.

Mr Evil 2:07 pm 24 Oct 07

“I’m all for guns”

Yeah me too – just not in the wrong hands!

barking toad 2:03 pm 24 Oct 07


she was probably confused and was struggling to talk about “youth in asia”

Absent Diane 1:56 pm 24 Oct 07

pretty sure the sister disowned ivan.

Mr Evil 1:48 pm 24 Oct 07

“I would hate to think people would form an opinion of her based on her surname and relatives by marriage.”

No, I just waited to hear what she had to say once she opened her mouth, and she managed to confirmed to me that she is an idiot.

ACA had a segement about her too, and the little bit I saw while channel-surfing reinforced my opinion of her garned from the news. The ACA reporter asked her opinion on euthanasia, and she made a real mess of answering it because I don’t think she knew what such a big word meant!!!!

barking toad 1:40 pm 24 Oct 07

I’m all for guns

caf 1:24 pm 24 Oct 07

According to she lives in the Southern Highlands, yet is running here in the ACT. It seems probable that the LDP were banking on using her connection with Ivan Milat to gain media exposure that a minor party candidate would otherwise be unlikely to get.

It certainly seems to have worked.

GnT 1:20 pm 24 Oct 07

I would hate to think people would form an opinion of her based on her surname and relatives by marriage.

Adza 12:57 pm 24 Oct 07

There was a documentary on the backpacker murders a few weeks back on Foxtel… they seemed to think his brother was involved somehow, but no real mention of his sister.

Ralph 12:54 pm 24 Oct 07

Formerly known as the Liberal Democrats, who have been talked about on here numerous times before, particularly one John Humphries, who once pulled a political stunt of smoking marijuana outside the Legislative Assembly.

Ralph supports their lassiez-faire policies of small government, lower taxation, free markets and individual choice.

v_man_returns 12:41 pm 24 Oct 07

The sister they thought was involved in the murders died didn’t she? They always thought one of the siblings was invovled.

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