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Lisa Milat running for ACT Senate seat

By Mr Evil 24 October 2007 48

Did anyone else see this piece of news on the idiot box last night?

Lisa Milat (sister-in-law of Ivan) is running on the Liberty and Democracy Party ticket as a candidate for an ACT Senate seat – and surprise, surprise she favours loosening gun control laws!

Lisa’s website

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Lisa Milat running for ACT Senate seat
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sepi 1:00 pm 31 Oct 07

In the US every year a number of people are shot and killed by dogs, toddlers and cars (gun in the backseat). Guns are dangerous, in the hands of maniacs, or even just on their own.

Thumper 12:13 pm 31 Oct 07

If you stare into mirror and say ‘scary mary’ three times will someone leap out and gouge your eyes out?

Or is that an urban legend…

scarymary 12:04 pm 31 Oct 07


I noticed on the page you suggested we visit that all these people got hauled in and turned into criminals for what were ‘technicalities’. These were not people that threatened anyone with a gun or let it off in a public place or in a dangerous way. These were people targeted by a selective predudicial campaign intended to score political points for some pollie sucking up to the anti-gun do-gooders, at others expense.
In the US more people are killed with “bare-hands” than are killed with guns or knives. So we should outlaw hands – everyone with hands should be locked up.
Gun Control is a knee-jerk reaction by pollies that want to get votes by being seen to do something whilst trampling on the rights of a minority.
Almost every house in switzerland has a gun, issued to people when the do national service, but you don’t see the murder rate in switzerland being quoted by the gun-control lobby.

Stop trying to tell me what I can and can’t do. Stop making laws that make inocent people criminals.

Kramer 1:12 pm 27 Oct 07

I have two problems with relaxing gun laws:
The first is more people owning (and carrying) guns leads to an arms race within the community. Good people occaisionally turn bad – if they own a gun then the consequences are much higher.

The second is that gun owners do not always secure their guns. Many legally owned guns are stolen from legitimate gun owners – these end up in the hands of criminals.

Ordinary citizens do not need to own guns. Only 5.2% of Australians own and use guns (I think that’s too high), so why doesn’t the govt just tighten the laws further – that’s only 5.2% of the population they will piss off.

BTW – have a look at this…

Deadmandrinking 3:31 pm 25 Oct 07

Drugs and guns are different things, Ralph. Drugs don’t need to be made in factories. They can be made in backyards, provided you have an idea of how to do it.
Also, in the US, a shitload of gun deaths come from accidents within the home, i.e. people keeping them in the drawer, where the kid can reach, people trying to shoot at intruders but hitting a member of the family or letting Dick Cheney have a gun.
And the ‘defending yourself from the government’ line, although I’m sure Mr. Evil used it jokingly, is stupid beyond belief. Does anyone really think a bunch of rifles and hand-guns is going to hold off a fully equipped military?
The black market will always exist for guns – but at least it’s a little more difficult for them to fall into the wrong hands.

Gungahlin Al 2:38 pm 25 Oct 07

Not making any comment about the sister, but I ran into Ivan Milat’s brother a while back – freaky.
He came to a community workshop about planning sports facilities. He got up and said we needed to set aside bushland for groups to conduct militia-style training. And he wasn’t joking.
Right…far far far right…

dalryk 2:02 pm 25 Oct 07

I’m not a fan of the LDP’s ideas on guns. Nor their ideas about voluntary voting. However neither of those things matter because they’re not going to be in any position to affect those laws in the forseeable future.

What they will be able to do however, is make a stand for libertarianism generally, and put the other parties on notice that there are people out there who think it’s ideals are valuable and worth supporting. And maybe that will go some way towards reversing the nanny-state trend that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society.

Lord Mælinar 8:11 am 25 Oct 07

There’s a big call on PhD Economics to man cash registers at JB HiFi.

Don’t knock the Silent Bobs.

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