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Live music venue rumours?

By Joe Canberran - 15 November 2007 25

Word is that the Green Room and the Ubër hard working Gaz, after earlier this year having taken up residence at the UC bar, are looking at returning to Philip. Why? well it seems that the UC bar has been a little lax in giving the support that they indicated they would when the Green Room first moved there. Considering that the gigs the Green Room put on seem to bring in more patrons each week than all other times put together it seems the UC bar may have shot them selves in the foot with this. Likewise the Green Room’s old venue will be salivating at it’s return if it’s true that the only patrons they have had since the Room’s leaving are two old blokes in blue wifebeaters who couldn’t find the Henry Gratten.

Speaking of shooting themselves in the foot; The Venue may find themselves struggling after allegedly losing the services of Australia’s largest touring/booking agency after failing to meet their financial obligations to them.

Comments from those in the know to either confirm/refute these claims welcome.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Live music venue rumours?
Stung 3:33 pm 15 Nov 07

LOLZ!! omG guyz

Absent Diane 2:55 pm 15 Nov 07

umm because I am using colloquialisms/and silliness to get my points across.

Now shut fck up and sit the fck down! 🙂

fnaah 2:48 pm 15 Nov 07

Lowest common denominator, Stung – I was wailed on for being a grammar nazi, so I thought “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

But the next person to write “slammed on the breaks” is going to get a stern fist-shaking-at. Grr!

Stung 2:30 pm 15 Nov 07

closeded, canbsy, intarwebs … why is it acceptable to talk like a retard online these days?

Let me also dead the following terms while I’m at it:


Thumper 1:06 pm 15 Nov 07



Deadmandrinking 1:02 pm 15 Nov 07

I thought the reason the Greenroom was struggling was because they hiked up the drink prices, therefore loosing the area’s only customer base – students.

If I want to go to a bar to see a band and pay handsomely for drinks, I’ll go to the Basement. Folk are much friendlier up there anyway.

I hope you were joking about the interweb band thing, Diane. I hope.

Look Thumper, double spacing.

Double 🙂

Thumper 12:55 pm 15 Nov 07

Bass is cool.

Especially when you happen to be the lead singer as well….

And we have big balls to go with the big sound 🙂

TAD 12:53 pm 15 Nov 07

Bass players have the musical equivalent of short man syndrome. (Comes from being a failed guitarist)

Absent Diane 12:50 pm 15 Nov 07

no one wants to get stuck watching drummers… its all about ze bass!!

realityskin 12:09 pm 15 Nov 07

Don’t the drummers strong arms turn you on ?

Princess 11:37 am 15 Nov 07

I don’t want to get stuck watching a drummer though.

fnaah 11:16 am 15 Nov 07

Hey, if two people can play Guitar Hero III over the intarwebs together, I don’t see why your idea can’t work. 😉

Absent Diane 10:43 am 15 Nov 07

I don’t think o’shea’s has closeded. I too agree uc lacks a bit of the atmos that philip did. but pretty convenient nonetheless being in los belcos.

I would like to see a chain venue open up… my vision is a little like this. You have venues of the same name all across canbsy. But no matter which one of the venues you go to… you see the same gig? How I hear you ask.. Well one member of the band is situated at each venue to play their instrument. using super quick interweb technology the players are all playing with each other but by internet streaming and huge screens.. then everyone else’s stream is fed across all the other venues..

Now you may say that this idea is crazy, unrealistic and mostly unattainable – and you are completely correct BUT you have to look at the advantages – so that we as people can make this happen.

Pros – Ego in bands becomes a thing of the past because each member gets their own stage, people not attending shows because it is on the wrong side of town is an excuse of the past.

Cons – despite the high quality internet connections available to us I don’t believe that it could be performed without some kind of latency issues.

Now this con can be overcome once we can enhance teleportation technology thus making internet connetion speeds instantaneous.

Thanks I will be here all week.

justbands 10:11 am 15 Nov 07

I heard this week that O’Sheas had closed down?

hk0reduck 9:33 am 15 Nov 07

I saw Angus & Julia Stone at Greenroom@UC which was a sold-out gig. UC had only put on about 3 bar staff.

So I am happy to confirm that UC bar sucks!

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